Bognor tennis line-up is mixed - success of tournament isn’t

The line-up for Bognor LTC's mixed tournament
The line-up for Bognor LTC's mixed tournament

Bognor Tennis Club’s closed mixed doubles tournament attracted 12 pairs, including new member Scott Heyburn, who teamed up with Pru Ide.

The pairs were divided into one of two mixed-ability groups and, during the morning, each played seven games against the other pairings in their group.

With 11 players categorised as regular team members with experience of competing in the Sussex Tennis Leagues, the standard of play in some of the matches was highly competitive.

By ranking the pairs according to the number of games won during the morning, three performance-based groups of four pairs were created.

The pairs rotated on and off the court in the course of playing a further three matches of seven games.

As expected, the four pairs in the top group were very evenly matched and the rallies were long and arduous. When all the matches were complete the difference in total games won by all four pairs was negligible but nevertheless there was an out-right winning pair.

That was Sue Osborne and Laszlo Sagi with 12 wins, narrowly beating runners-up Ruth Hendren and Paul Sabin with 11.

Close behind were Jean Mugleston and Paul May with ten, and Sharon Porter and Steve Pollard with nine. Osborne and Sagi were delighted to win andretain the trophy they had won the previous year.

Group two winners were Maree Loversidge and Stuart Loversidge, runners-up Jenny Loversidge and Malcolm Ridley, while group three winners were Sue Hodges and Neil O’Boyle and runners-up Tracey Callingham and Simon Peers.