Bowls: Arun ladies say ‘make ours a treble’

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There’s action involving Arun, Donnington, Bognor Goodwoods and Fittleworth - plus news from the West Sussex rep teams - in our latest indoor bowls round-up.

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Arun Ladies played Preston IBC in the league and won 107-82.

Scores: D Mitchell, S Pickard, B Spicer, D Latter won 23-15; J Simmons, M Fair, G Conley, B Jones lost 16-13; D Anderson, V Greenaway, L Napper, M Richards drew16-16; P Rampton, S Stocker, B Collins, M Brown won 18-11; J Foster, I Brooker, J Taffurelli, W Adams won 14-13; C Hobbs, B Bonnar, J Whitfield, C Horsley won 23-12.

Arun ladies won 115-98 in a league match against Adur.

Scores: J Boucher, J Connor, J Taffurelli, M Brown won 22-17; D Mitchell, J Lindley, G Conley, W Adams lost 15-14; D Anderson, E Cooke, B Spicer, F Ireland won 18-16; P Rampton, I Brooker, B Collins, A Janman won 29-9; V Greenaway, S Judd, S Hart, D Latter, lost 17-16; M Potter, M Phillips, B Jones, M Richards lost 24-16.

Arun ladies played a league match against Horsham IBC, winning 129-93.

Scores: C Hobbs, I Brooker, P Terry, W Adams won 26-9; J Boucher, S Pickard, B Collins, C Horsley won 27-10; D Mitchell, M Bacon, S Hart, M Richards won 19-13; E Fitch, S Judd, G Conley, A Janman won 18-17; D Anderson, M Fair, B Spicer, M Brown won 28-14; J Foster, S Stocker, J Taffurelli, B Jones lost 30-11.

Arun 130 London Transport BA 107

Arun hosted this annual match with London Transport BA and won on four rinks, drew on one and lost on one.

Scores: C Chester, A Stewart, D Spink, D Adams won 21-18; S Leftwich, G Ball, H Forsyth won 23-17; J Watson, B foyle, A Avery, I McCrae lost 26-18; J Dyke, E Fitch, C Burnard, B Sanford won 24-16; K Hellyer, M Parker, E Chapman, J Pickard won 30-16; N Waddock, W Branford, S Payne, R Gardner drew 14-14.

Falaise 137 Arun 100

Arun travelled to Falaise IBC in Hastings for a league match. After the halfway stage of the match Arun started to pull back, but found it hard against good bowling from Falaise. Arun won on three of the six rinks and took three league points.

Scores: B Why, D Ford, R Hobbs, T Sayers lost 36-8; D Parker, I McCrae, R Bell, P Hannam won 20-19; V May, J Weatherall, B Horsley, L Corne lost 22-11; D Sayers, M Johnson, A Anderson, P Lillford won 20-15; A Simmons, PJ White, E West, M English won 23-13; P Green, B Napper, F Taylor, B Butler lost 32-18.

Arun 123 Sutton IBC 104

Arun entertained Sutton IBC in a friendly match and won on four rinks and lost on two.

Scores; K Moody, G Arnold, J Dyke, D Winchester lost 20-15; D Taffurelli, R Osment, D Spink, K Burt won 27-16; P Hamnett, B Jones, A Humphreys, L Corne won 21-13; J Watson, P Lichfield, N Waddock, M English lost 21-16; T Jennings, J Gilpin, PJ White, J Pickard won 22-16; F Smith, M Campell, B Sanford, R Gardner.

Adur 126 Arun 92

Arun travelled to Adur for their penultimate league match of the season. Although it was a very close match, Arun lost on five rinks and won on just one,taking just one point.

Scores: I Linfield, PJ White, F Taylor, B Butler won; D Sayers, M Johnson, A Anderson, P Lillford, lost 21-12; R Leggett, B Why, R Hobbs, C Spicer, lost 19-14; P Miles, E West, J Weatherall, L Corne lost 23-12; D Jackson, D Ford, G Leaman, T Sayers, won 19-18; D Parker, B Napper, R Bell, P Hannam lost 22-20.

It was a weekend of mixed results for the West Sussex representative teams.

The Premier team played Essex in the quarter-finals of the inter-county championship at Northampton. Against a strong Essex team they started well, sharing the points in the first and second sessions to be 8-8 and 80-73 up on shots at lunch.

In the afternoon West Sussex were unable to maintain their form and could manage only one point in the third session, leaving them needing to win all four games in the final session for victory.

For much of the session this looked a distinct possibility but over the final few ends Essex pulled away to win 26-14.

In the pairs Lavant’s Peter Whale won 13-7 and drew 11-11 while in the other pair The Martlets’ Malcolm Rollings won 9-8 and lost 19-7.

In the triples The Martlets’ Jack Rollings lost 10-7 and 10-8 while club-mate Chris Blackman won 16-8 and lost 12-9. In the fours Lavant’s Peter Winter and John Simms, with the Martlets’ Barrie Fitch lost 6-4 and won 15-5.

West Sussex hosted the annual triples shield match against old rivals Kent. This match is played at B and A level and West Sussex were anxious to reclaim the trophy they had lost last year in Kent.

West Sussex had a poor start winning only two of the six games in the first session,, but pulled it back in the second session to be

12-12 and 115-108 up on shots at lunch.

A good third session with four wins saw them needing just two wins and a draw from the final session for victory and they won three and drew one for a 27-21 win which sees the shield back in West Sussex.

The Crablands triple of Joyce Abel, Mollie Back and Martin Hunt won 14-5 and 13-11. Lavant’s Rob Peirce lost 11-8 and 16-4. Bognor’s Pam Smith lost 18-3 and won 11-9. Bognor’s Derek Fair and Marlene Steel lost 11-6 and drew 8-8.

The Bognor triple of Eric Jones, Freddie Kaucher and Brenda Jones lost 10-9 and 11-10. Bognor’s Mary Fair won 12-8 and 12-6. Lavant’s Ray Harding won 10-6 and 12-5 and Bognor’s Les Dray won 12-10 and 12-8.


Donnington visited Nyetimber and were beaten by the home team 80-37.

Donnington took time to get used to the fast mats at Nyetimber and the home side took full advantage of their difficulties.

An enjoyable afternoon was had by both teams, culminating in a fine tea supplied by the Nyetimber ladies.

Donnington’s teams were Terry Taws, Vic Mitchell, Maggie Maggs and Peter Skinner; Brian Aston, Innes Taylor, Tony White and Ron Beasley, and George Beagley, Wendy Dean, Joan Jones and Brian Taylor.

Donnington members gathered at Donnington Hall to take part in an internal spoon drive.

Each team of four played each other for five ends, then moved on to the next team with different members, enabling all members to meet each other.

The competition was organised by Maggie Maggs, who also provided refreshments

The winner was Terry Taws, with the runner-up Peter Skinner.

It was a great afternoon which enabled club members to meet others who may bowl at different times.


Bognor Goodwoods Silvers played host to Walberton in a league match and secured a valuable 4-2 win.

D Dray, M Williams, P Smith and L Dray (skip) had a comfortable 26 -14 win with the help of six shots just four ends from home.

Their margin of victory was sufficient to overcome the loss by G Roope, D Lovell, J Harbut and J Hanson (skip), who went down 25-21 despite a last-end four.


Two very good wins for Fittleworth at Clapham & Patching earned them a 50-29 victory.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Bernard Adsett, Gina Barnfield, Sue Judd won 24-14; Alvar Hetherington, Jane Adsett, Alan Jordan, Dave Herbert won 26-15.