Bowls: Arun ladies so close to national glory

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A TEAM of Arun ladies travelled to Melton Mowbray to take part in the semi-finals and finals of the national Yetton Trophy.

Their semi-final was against a team from Tye Green and Arun won by three shots.

After having only 15 minutes to recover, Arun played the final against a team from Lincoln. They lost – but everyone at the club congratulated them on getting so far.

ARUN: Diana Mitchell, Sheila Stocker, Maureen King, skip Marion Richards, Chris Hobbs Shirley Hart, Sue Miles, skip Wendy Adams, Bridget Collins, Margaret Phillips, Betty Spicer, skip April Janman, Iris Brooker, Lesley Napper, Gill Conley, skip Denise Latter.

Another Arun ladies line-up played in the Vivienne Trophy, another national competition.

They reached the semis but lost to eventual winners Dartford. Again, the club sent congratulations to the ladies.

ARUN: Pam Rampton, Joan Lindley, Janet Whitfield, skip Francis Ireland, Lynne Curtis, Eileen Tooley, Viv Greenaway, skip Brenda Jones, Janet Boucher, Sandra Pickard, June Taffurelli, skip Marion Brown, Audrey Oliver, Chris Mayoss, Irene Morris and skip Chris Horsley.

Arun 122 Arundel 95

In a six-rink mixed fixture, Arun won by 27 shots. The teams won on three rinks apiece.

Scores: E Fitch, S Leftwich, W Bury, P Mayoss lost 24-16; I Brooker, P Lacy, K Burt, PJ White won 15-12; J Watson,

K Burnard, C Burnard, J Lindley lost 22-12; O Fidgeon, K Moody, M Parker, B Sandford won 28-14; F Smith, C Mayoss, B Williams, M English won 29-12; C Chester, E Lawrence, D Spink, S Judd won 22-11.

Arun 207 Sutton & Dist 68

Arun overwhelmed the visitors by a staggering 139 shots, winning on all six rinks. At the halfway stage Arun led by 81 shots and continued that form until last end.

Scores: D Taffurelli, E Chapman, D Ford, L Corne won 42-8; J Watson, G Whitaker, K Burt, PJ White won 36-8; P Lacy,

M Campbell, J Weatherall, B Napper won 30-13; J Olliver, B Jones, D Winchester, A Anderson won 42-10; PR Green, K Moody, M Johnson, B Sandford won 32-15; C Chester, P Phillips, M Philpot, E Dewing won 25-14.

Whiteknights 116 Arun 123

A long away trip to Whiteknights IBC in Reading saw Arun secure a seven-shot win in this annual six-rink men’s fixture. Arun won on three rinks and lost on three.

Scores: N Waddock, V May, D Ford,

B Horsley won 38-7; P Lacy, D Goodenough, J Morris, J Weatherall lost 17-14; J Olliver, W Branford, R Sparrow, R Gardner lost 38-9; G Whitaker, G Herrington, D Matkins, T Gaskin lost 20-15; T Jennings, P Langridge, L Hall, D Sayers won 20-18; J Watson, K Moody, A Fisk, JP Brown won 27-16.

Arun 159 Hayes & Dist 72

In a six-rink mixed game, Arun won on all six rinks.

Scores: K Burnard, F Heil, C Burnard, S Heil won 20-12; P Lacy, M Campbell, M Parker, D Adams won 20-13; O Fidgeon, D Spink, R Wiedeneoft, T Gaskin won 40-10; A Harrison, P Jones, B Sandford, M Richards won 29-11; J Slater, A Olliver,

A Avery, M English won 29-7; D Jackson, M Ray, W Berry, B Jones won 21-19.