Bowls: Arun rinks are rolling along nicely

Donnington and Nyetimber bowlers line up before their recent match
Donnington and Nyetimber bowlers line up before their recent match

We’ve all the action from Arun, Donnington, Bognor Goodwoods, Crablands, Fittleworth, Nyetimber and Hunston in our latest local indoor bowls round-up. Get involved by sending your reports to


Arun 151 Ad Finem 91

Arun entertained Ad Finem bowling association for a six-rink annual men’s fixture. Arun comfortably won on all six rinks and by 60 shots.

Scores: P Langridge, BAG Smith, L Hall, PJ White won 26-18; J Watson, D Taffurelli, B Fitch, T Sayers won 24-17; N Waddock, S Wilson, P Easterbrook, K Burt won 27-18; D Goodenough, W Branford, B Sandford, G Leaman won 21-13; R Osment, G Herrington, C Burnard, J Muffett won 29-14; G Finch, G Whitaker, A Avery, M Johnson won 24-11.

Arun 146 Petworth 91

Petworth’s outdoor bowlers visited Arun for a six-rink men’s fixture. Arun won on four rinks, lost on two and won by 55 shots.

Scores: P Hammett, S Wilson, D Young, J Weatherall won 30-7; C Chester, J Watson, B Foyle, PJ White lost 25-15; M Campell, P Easterbrook, J Dyke, M Johnson lost 24-16; K Moody, W Branford, A Avery, B Sandford won 29-13; G Whitaker, E Chapmen, G Herrington, D Adams won 29-14; G Arnold, T Jennings, D Spink, K Burt won 27-8.

Arun Ladies 150 SCWIBA 99

Arun enjoyed a fine victory over the Sussex women’s indoor bowling association.

Scores: D Mitchell, S Hart, M King, M Richards won 37-15; J Simmons, B Collins, B Spicer, A Janman won 27-13; C Hobbs, A Briault, J Taffurelli, W Adams won 25-13; J Boucher, L Napper, P Terry, M Brown won 22-19; P Rampton, M Bacon, J Whitfield, F Ireland lost 25-16; J Foster, S Stocker, D Latter, C Horsley won 23-14.

Arun 88 IoW 75

Arun ladies won another round in the national Yetton Trophy.

Scores: Home - D Mitchell, S Stocker, M King, M Richards won 31-10; I Brooker, L Napper, G Conley, D Latter won 24-19; Away - D Anderson, B Collins, B Spicer, A Janman won 25-12; C Hobbs, S Hart, P Terry, W Adams lost 34-8.


Donnington hosted Nytimber and won a very enjoyable match 51-30.

Donnington were represented by Les Stewart, Peter Skinner, Marjorie Beasley, Brian Taylor, Ron Beasley, Alan Banham, Terry Taws and Brian Aston.

Nyetimber’s line-up comprised Ted Moore, Frank Williams, Jean Leage, Marian Hatch, Nigel Plummer, Francis Hollebone, Jean Lyons and Reg Hatch.

On rink one Donnington were well behind but fought back to lose only 24-19. On rink two, Donnington ran out 32-6 winners.


Crablands visited Fittleworth for a friendly, losing on one rink and winning on two.

Scores: Jan Obermayer; Anne Threlkeld; Ted Murrell & Wally Obermayer won 25-10; Stevie Brooks, Rod Shambrook, Charlie Threlkeld & Lil Tuck lost 21-16; Doe Berry; Joan Taylor; Brian Berry & Mollie Back won 25-14.

Crablans Bitterns hosted the Norfolk Lions and took two points from a win on one mat.

Scores: Brenda Howes; Jim Saunders; Peter Latchford & Lil Tuck lost 21-16; Jean Tolhurst; Iris Brown; Geoff Brown & Roy Tolhurst won 23-20; (friendly): Stevie Brooks; Yvonne Clifton; Joan Taylor & Les Howland lost 21-19.

The Bitterns visited Storrington but lost on both rinks to go down 45-27.

Scores: Jean Tolhurst; Iris Brown; Geoff Brown & Roy Tolhurst lost 16-12; Peter Latchford; Brenda Howes; Lil Tuck & Jim Saunders lost 29-15; (friendly): Stevie Brooks; Joan Taylor & Ted Murrell won 20-17.

Crablands Cormorants hosted Lavant Blue, winning on one mat for a 39-38 which yielded four valuable league points.

Scores: Patricia Tucker; Lew Lewenden; Mike Tucker & Chris Lewenden lost 21-20; Joyce Abel; Doe Berry; Derek Eggleton & Joyce Heritage won 24-15; Jan Obermayer; Terry Axworthy; Tony Heritage & Brian Berry lost 23-15.


Fittleworth got the better of Sutton in a friendly.

Scores: Norman Goodyer, Pauline Gilpin, Alan Jordan, Dave Herbert won 23-20; Murial Cook, Alvar Hetherington, Tony Broughton, Gina Barnfield lost 20-18; Audrey Hodgson, Pat Perry, Sue Judd won 25-11.


Martlets proved much too strong against Goodwoods Greens when the sides met in the league.

B Williams, E Cook, M Steel and B Jones trailed virtually throughout to lose 22-10. On mat two, Goodwoods’ D Fair, E Jones, F Kaucher and B Mills fell away after conceding six shots on end 18 and lost 29-18. The overall score was 51-28.

In the friendly, there was still no joy for the home side and G King, D Lovell, R Weidenhoft and G Roope lost 22-13.


Nyetimber hosted a friendly with Bognor Goodwoods, Nyetimber winning on two mats 21-10 and 18-15 but losing one 23-13.


In a friendly with Barnham, Hunston won on all three mats for a 60-39 vbictory. They had to work hard for the win, though.

Scores: F Franklin, J Stubbs, B Hodnett, R Stevens won 23-14; T Hack, J Hodnett, S Clay won 14-11; D Greenfield, A Hack, F Guyatt won 23-14.