Bowls: Chichester get better of Burnham tourists

Chichester line up with their visitors from Burnham on Sea  Picture by Les Stewart
Chichester line up with their visitors from Burnham on Sea Picture by Les Stewart

Chichester entertained a touring side from Burnham-on-Sea on a dull afternoon with three stoppages for rain. Chichester had the better start but were pegged back - then pulled away again to win 112-81.

Scores: J Swannell, G Bealey, J Hole, K Burt (skip) won 21-15; A Daines, M Maggs, P Hague, C Wade (skip) won 27-14; T Jennings, M Jones, J Williams, P White (skip) won 20-17; B Hole, B Manning, B Taylor, L Shipp (skip) won 24-14; A Deller, R Manning, B Money, P Howick (skip) lost 21-20.

Chichester 40 Rottingdean 29

In the second round of the national mixed over-60s fours double rink competition, Chichester were successful against Rottingdean. Scores: Betty Spicer, Wendy Adams, Clive Keedwell, Derek Leach (skip) won 21-14; Daphne Anderson, Bridget Collins, David Schofield, Tony Sayers (skip) won 19-15.

In the third round Chichester will visit Eastbourne BC or Peacehaven BC.

Chichester A 57 Norfolk A 21

Chichester B 33 Worthing Pavilion 39

Both Chichester teams were in action at home in the national club Two Fours competition.

Chichester A were ahead from the start and with Chichester 36 shots up, Norfolk conceded the match. Chichester B were involved in a tighter game with Worthing Pavilion just doing enough to keep in front.

Scores: P Whale, P Howick, T Sayers, M Page (skip) won 40-6; G Jackson, D Schofield, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 17-15; G Buckle, T Hardgrove, R Hobbs, M Edgecock (skip) won 21-15; I Linfield, P White, C Wade, M Bayfield (skip) lost 24-12

Chichester B 59 Field Place 76

Chichester B held a slender two-shot lead after ten ends of their LG League division-three match at Field Place, but the advantage was with the home side in the second half and Chichester returned with three points.

Scores: B Taylor, K Burt, P Baverstock, J Pickard (skip) lost 28-15; J Swannell, B Money, L Shipp, S Meyer (skip) won 17-16; A Daines, J Williams, P White, M Hannant (skip) drew 16-16; A Deller, T Jennings, G Buckle, C Wade (skip) lost 16-11.

Chichester A 116 Crablands 55

Chichester A were in fine form in the LG League division-one at home to newly-promoted Crablands and never looked in trouble as they produced a superb 61-shot victory taking all ten points.

Scores: C Porter, M Lewis, R Hobbs, T Sayers (skip) won 22-15; M Bayfield, B Butler, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 33-13; G Buckle, P Howick, C Keedwell, D Schofield (skip) won 29-14; P Whale, I Linfield, J Larkin, M Page (skip) won 32-13

Chichester A 100 East Preston A 87

Halfway through their LG League division-one match at East Preston A, it looked like Chichester would take all ten points but their fortunes turned - though after a late rally, they collected seven points.

Scores: C Porter, M Lewis, R Hobbs, M Edgecock (skip) won 25-20; M Bayfield, B Butler, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) lost 30-27; G Buckle, P Howick, C Keedwell, D Schofield (skip) drew 22-22; P Whale, I Linfield, T Hardgrove, M Page (skip) won 26-15

Chichester 78 Kingsway 69

Chichester Ladies were at home to Kingsway in the second game of the Sussex Top Club. They lost in two disciplines and had to win the fours.

They were one shot up going into the 21st end and the pressure on the Kingsway skip bowling the last wood proved too much, so Chichester go through to the next round on shot difference.

Scores: Singles - Jean Hole lost 21-19; Pairs - Chris Hobbs & Betty Spicer won 26-13; Triples - Daphne Anderson, Bridget Collins & April Janman lost 19-15; Fours - Pam Rampton, Steph Baverstock, Sue Miles & Wendy Adams won 18-16.

Pagham 32 Chichester 38

Away to Pagham in the BM Mixed League, Chichester won on one rink and lost on the other but won overall by six shots, taking four points.

Scores: Innes Taylor, Bob Manning & Margaret Schofield lost 22-16; Chris Hobbs, Rosemary Manning & Jeff Pickard won 22-10.


RAFA 36 Crablands 70

Crablands won on all rinks and took six points in the BM League.

Scores: V Tyrrell, D Jones, J Lindley won 14-6; P Jones, J Byrne, I Jones won 11-6; V Foyle, J Tyrrell, A Blyth won 28-8; S Jones, M Campbell, S Blyth won 17-16.

Bognor 91 Crablands 60

In a men’s league game at Bognor, Crablands took four points.

Scores: E Potz, A Humphreys, M Heasman, D Clacey lost 29-9; D Martin, R Eastland, J Saunders, D Adams lost 30-13; A Bateman, L Lewendon, J Brown, R Humphrey won 22-19; M Campbell, C Pestle, A Blyth, D Bowles won 16-13.

Southbourne 88 Crablands 56

The carpet at Southbourne proved too much of a challenge for the Crablands bowlers, taking only one point in their league game.

Scores: B Jones, L Lewendon, D Muncey, R Humphrey lost 22-17; E Potz, B Foyle, A Bateman, D Adams lost 26-13; M Campbell, J Saunders, A Blyth, D Bowles drew 16-16; C Pestle, A Humphreys, J Brown, M Heasman lost 24-10.

Pagham 59 Crablands 47

A friendly at Pagham was won by the home team but enjoyed by all.

Scores: R Eastland, R Shambrook, A Bateman won 18-15; L Lewendon, D Terry, A Blyth, J Saunders lost 19-18; D Martin, D Jonas, C Pestle, M Heasman lost 25-11.

Chichester 116 Crablands 55

In a league game at Chichester, Crablands found it too much of a challenge, losing all league points.

Scores: M Campbell, C Pestle, A Blyth, D Bowles lost 32-13; B Jones, E Potz, M Heasman, D Clacey lost 29-14; L Lewendon, R Eastland, J Brown, R Humphrey lost 33-13; D Terry, J Saunders, A Humphreys, A Bateman lost 22-15.

Crablands 62 Norfolk 93

Crablands lost at home against Norfolk, taking two league points.

Scores: C Pestle, J Harman, J Brown, M Heasman lost 21-16; M Campbell, L Lewendon, A Blyth, D Bowles lost 27-15; A Bateman, R Osborn, A Humphreys, D Adams won 18-16; E Potz, J Saunders, K Bailey, I Jones lost 31-13.


Bognor 87 RAFA 83

The Battle of Waterloo saw both teams at home. In a hard-fought match, RAFA won three rinks and Bognor two but Bognor won.

Scores; G Herrington, Jane Taylor, J Johnston won 18-17; Pauline White, G Cook, J Edwards lost 17-15; Lyn Catrhew, Jean Taylor, J Whitfield lost 21-20; R Philpot, Janet Whitfield, P Litchfield lost 21-11; J Taylor, Christine Preston, K Taylor won 23-7.

Witterings 58 Bognor 59

Bognor travelled to Witterings for a four-rink triples friendly. The rinks were shared 2-2 and with one point separating the teams, Bognor took the spoils.

Scores: T Love, R Lincoln, P Phillips lost 18-13; A Knight, N Waddock, A Richardson won 16-11; A Oliver, R Bobbett, J Parry lost; A Harrison, D Purse, R Gardner won 14-9.

Bognor 93 Worthing 65

Worthing were the visitors for this PC Cup match. Bognor took the game with three rinks to one and a shot score of 93-65.

Scores: D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner won 28-10; D Parker, B Napper, T Moore, S Soames won 25-18; R Hellyer, G Cook, J Whitfield, J Roots won 26-17; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson lost 20-14.

Bognor 121 SCBA VPs 90

The VPs came to help Bognor celebrate 90 years of bowling. A great afternoon was spoiled by some very windy and wet weather. Bognor took the match 5-1 in rinks.

Scores: G Herrington, T Rexstrew, J Johnston, T Moore won 19-10; N Burchfell, J Taylor, P Dale, D Purse won 21-10; R Bobbett, N Waddock, D Ford, J Edwards won 23-12; T Love, F Holly, B Sanford, J Blackow won 22-21; G Cook, R Phillpot, K Taylor, J Parry won 24-15; D Dalton, A Knight, A Lewis, R Gardner lost 22-12.

Bognor 73 Worthing 78

A hard-fought division-one match saw Worthing come out on top in shots but with rinks shared 2-2.

Scores: R Hellyer, A Hall, J Whitfield, J Roots lost 21-14; D Parker, B Sanford, T Moore, T Gaskin won 20-19; R Lincoln, B Napper, J Christensen, A Richardson lost 22-19; D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner won 20-16.


Witterings 99 Marine Gardens 67

Witterings men had a very good win in the PC Cup against Marine Gardens. Witterings won on all four rinks and by 32 shots.

Scores: P Wiggins, A Gander, R Stephens & B Horsley (s) won 23-14; T Nixon, M White, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 29-21; P Chivers, A Somerville, L Bangs & D Bell (s) won 26-18; F Bray, M King, J Hardy & J Slogrove (s) won 21-14.

Witterings 58 Bognor 59

Witterings did well against a strong team from Bognor. In an enjoyable four-triples mixed friendly, each side won on two rinks and Bognor won overall by one shot in a very close match.

Scores: K Nixon, C Jelf & J Hostler (s) won 18-13; A Miles, J Hardy & L Bangs (s) lost 16-11; T Nixon, P Lillywhite & D Leach (s) won 20-16; G Morgan, M Mulligan & R Stephens (s) lost 14-9.


Middleton Ladies 47 Bognor Ladies 48

Anyone who thinks bowls is boring should have been at Middleton for a C&M League match in which a one-shot victory for Bognor turned on extraordinary last ends.

Middleton got five shots in one game while Bognor went one better in the other game with six. Middleton took two points, Bognor four.

Scores: P Josephs, L Hills, A Steventon, M Wootten won 29-16; L Lush, J Oldridge, R Gregory, J Gower lost 32-18.

Middleton Ladies 29 Crablands Ladies 43

There was a defeat for Middleton in this C&M League match, although it was much closer than the shot difference suggests. Middleton took two points, Crablands four.

Scores: L Lush, J Oldridge, R Gregory, J Gower won 16-14; P Josephs, L Hills, A Steventon, M Wootten lost 29-13.

Middleton played three friendlies - a mixed-triples match against Fishbourne and games against Bognor and Crablands alongside the ladies’ C&M matches.

Middleton 49 Fishbourne 52

Scores: G Purser, P Josephs, J Graham won 19-10; R Payne, M Bravington, B Bravington drew 17-17; T Galloway, N Robertson, G Steventon lost 25-13.

Middleton v Bognor

Scores: T Galloway, C Graham, M Bravington, M Fox won 24-23.

Middleton v Crablands

Scores: T Galloway, M Bravington, J Mathieson lost 22-11.


Pagham ladies went to play Shoreham in the C&M Trophies League and won 41-27, gaining four points.

Scores: J Boucher, B Bonnar, J Taffurelli, F Ireland won 27-9; I Brooker, E Terry, A Ross, M King lost 18-14.

Pagham men took on Crablands in three friendly rinks and won 59-43.

Scores: R Pearson, R Hilder, B Sales, P Quilter won 19-18; T Wells, J Burke, G Ireland, I Paul won 25-11; P Langridge, B Smith, G Stevens, R Livermore won 15-14.

Pagham men beat Maltravers at home 80-62 in four friendly rinks.

Scores: D Taffurelli, J Stocker, G Courtney, I Paul won 18-13; P Langridge, R Osment, D Levy, G Stevens won 24-14; D Westcott, R Hilder, B Smith, D Vaughan lost 29-9; A Boucher, C Ballard, M Adams, P Mayoss won 29-6.

Pagham men sent four friendly rinks to play Tarring Priory B and won 85-66.

Scores: T Wells, R Read, J Newell, R Friday won 29-11; B Sales, J Stocker, C Ballard, L Hall won 24-16; N Terry, D Westcott, D Lovell, P Quilter lost 23-12; R Pearson, M Adams, G Stevens, M English won 20-16.

Pagham played Chichester at home in the BM League but lost 31-24.

Scores: T Wells, Joan Wells, P Mayoss lost 18-15; R Pearson, Chris Mayoss, M English lost 13-9.


Midhurst 62 Liphook Reds 33

Midhurst took five points from this Three Counties League clash.

Scores: H Seymour, M Sole, D King won 21-11; J Pearce, J Lee, G Dixon won 16-14; P West, C Dixon, S Largan won 25-8.

In the Petersfield Cup, Midhurst travelled to Odiham and won a close match 57-51 on a very wet evening.

Scores: Pairs - C Dixon & G Dixon won 25-19; Triples - D Clark, J Pearce, D King won 16-14; Fours - S Ralph, J Adams, R Ralph, P West lost 18-16.

In two friendlies, Midhurst won at Hindhead and at home to Graffham.

Hindhead 37 Midhurst 65

Scores: J Jurado, D Clark, M Sole won 19-10; L Mercer, J Adams, R Ralph won 26-16; S Ralph, M Ryan, P West won 20-11.

Midhurst 62 Graffham 34

Scores: B Osborne, S Ralph, M Solewon won 20-11; S Tait, D Clark, J Allen won 19-12; J Jurado, J Adams, R Ralph won 23-11.


Stedham beat Petersfield 60-54 in the first round of the Petersfield Cup. The format was a pair, triple and rink, all mixed.

The pair - S Trussler and M Spandley - were 8-8 after 11 ends; the rink of M Symonds, R Symonds, R Pett and T Berry were 10-8 up. But the triple of D Berry, C Hollingham and I Frost were 15-2 up after seven ends.

The Stedham pair and rink won with a combined score of plus 13, but Petersfield made a very strong comeback by holding three shots to win on the last end with one wood to play by Stedham.

But I Frost played his last wood to trail the jack for four shots to win the match for the Stedham.

In the Three Counties League, Stedham A lost 61-45 to Petersfield A, taking no points.

Stedham B, facing Hindhead, picked up four points winning 50-40.

In a friendly against Haslemere, Stedham lost 45-41.

Scores: A Stevens, R Weeks, T Berry won 15-14; D Berry, I Frost, M Spandley lost 19-13; L Stevens, S Glazebrook, C Hollingham won 13-12.


Fittleworth 57 Haslemere 24

Scores: Tessa Clegg, Tony Broughton, Sheila Allen lost 14-10; Nancy Goodyer, Peter Cook, Sue Judd won 21-8; Audrey Hodgson, Mike Ryan, Gina Barnfield won 26-2.

Pulborough 61 Fittleworth 41

Scors: Tessa Clegg, Brian Ball, Dave Herbert lost 16-15; Audrey Hodgson, Mike Ryan, Sheila Allen lost 22-14; Pat Perry, Peter Cook, Sue Judd lost 23-12.


West Tarring 79 Arundel 78 (friendly)

Scores: I King 13 J Lee 29; R Lister 28 M Wallinger 20; R Gore 24 I Mcrae 7; D Hatchard 14 J Rose 22.


Div 1: Middleton (2pts) 47 Bognor (4pts) 48 (M Wootton 29 M Phillips 16; J Gower 18 J Spiers 32); Middleton (2pts) 29 Crablands (4pts) 43 (M Wootton 13 M Brown 29; J Gower 16 S Blyth 14); Lancing (4pts) 50 Aldingbourne (2pts) 27 (L Gry 34 J Whetstone 7; I Hooker 16 L Hathaway 20); East Preston (6pts) 44 Aldingbourne 25 (G Johnston 19 L Hathaway 14; G Robinson 25 J Whetstone 11).

Div 2: Shoreham (2pts) 27 Pagham (4pts) 41 (M Turnidge 9 F Ireland 27; J Daintree 18 M King 14); Worthing Pavilion (6pts) 61 Shoreham 14 (J Lewis 29 M Turnidge 7; M Crayston 32 B Steady 7).