Bowls: Chichester making early inroads in double title hunt

Jersey captain Clarry Noel and Witterings captain Lindsay Bangs meet before the teams' recent clash   Photo Louise Adams
Jersey captain Clarry Noel and Witterings captain Lindsay Bangs meet before the teams' recent clash Photo Louise Adams

Chichester Bowling Club’s A team are division-one champions and have started as they finished last season, avergaing nine points over both games

They beat Arundel 83-68 for eight points, and defeated Southbourne 110-54 for a full ten points.

The B team have had an equally-good start, with their goal this season promotion to division two.

They defeated Tarring Priory B 91-70 for eight points and Marine Gardens 85-77 for the same return.

It’s early days, with another 16 matches to play, but it certainly bodes well for the coming weeks.

In the national double fours, both Chichester teams are through the first round, with wins over Homefield Park and Tarring Priory A.

If Chichester B beat Tarring Priory B in the next round, both Chichester teams will have to play each other in the following round.

In the national top club, Chichester beat Norfolk 4½-½, with wins in both singles disciplines, pairs, triples and an honourable draw in the fours.

Chichester Ladies 18 Mackie Ladies 14

Pam Rampton, Jean Hole, Betty Spicer and April Janman entertained Mackie Ladies in the first round of the Gladys Rowland competition, winning a very close-fought game by four shots.


Bognor’s B team got their league division-three campaign under way at Middleton.

At halfway they seemed dead and buried, losing on all four rinks and by 14 shots.

As the weather improved so did Bognor as they pulled back to share the rinks at 2-2 and end only one point adrift, 68-67. Middleton took six points, Bognor four.

Scores: A Harrison, A Knight, M Philpot, J Blackow won 21-14; K Taylor, A Lewis, P Dale, B Hey lost 19-16; R Bobbit, T Love, D Dalton, S Somes won 18-12; T Mussell, D Matkins, G Verinder, J Parry lost 23-12.

A mixed triples match versus Petworth resulted in a fine win for Bognor, who won on all five rinks for a 122-79 triumph.

Scores: Brenda Seabrook, A Oliver, D Matkins won 24-11; D Dalton, Ann Parry, R Gardner won 24-11; Jean Taylor, D Parker, J Weatheral won 28-9; T Rexstrew, Beryl Charlesworth, A Richardson won 24-20; Jane Taylor, Pauline White, J Parry won 20-18.


Grasshoppers 64 Southbourne 81

Southbourne had an enjoyable match away to the Grasshoppers on the excellent Worthing Pavilion green. Southbourne and the Grasshoppers won two triples each, but Southbourne managed a win overall.

Scores: E Dewing, J Jennings, F Heil won 32-8; W Coates, S Heil, R A Bull won 15-12; A Williams,

P Garrard, J Staker lost 28-19; M Odell, A Selley, M Keane lost 16-15.

Chichester 110 Southbourne 54

In their first Littlehampton Gazette League away match, Southbourne had a difficult game with Chichester winning on all four rinks, probably reflecting the fact that for most of the Southbourne bowlers this was their first outing on grass of the season.

Scores: D Walter, R Bull, D Alner, A Bull lost 30-15; K Lockyer, M Soper, D Fewell, J Simmonds lost

29-7; A Williams, C Petchey, W Coates, F Brimecome lost 24-15; S Soper, A Smith, R Armstrong, P Butler lost 27-17.

Chichester Ladies 15 Southbourne Ladies 16

Southbourne ladies had a much better result in their friendly at Chichester, winning by one shot.

Score: I Jennings, M Odell, S Heil won 16-15.


Worthing Pav C 68 Witterings 79

Witterings men had an excellent result in their first Littlehampton Gazette League match of the season away to Worthing Pavilion C.

Witterings won on three of the four rinks and by 11 shots overall. Witterings gained eight points.

Scores: P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & D Bell (s) lost 26-9; F Bray, J Langworthy, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) won 22-15; J Hardy, L Bangs, R Stephens & B Horsley (s) won 30-11; M White, G Morgan, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 18-16.

Aldingbourne 45 Witterings 27

Witterings played in a four triples mixed friendly at Aldingbourne. The match was stopped after ten ends because of poor weather.

Both clubs won on two rinks and the home side won overall by 18 shots.

Scores: G Morgan, D Leach & M Mulligan (s) won 11-10; M Lillywhite, C Jelf & M Aylward (s) lost

17-5; J Mulligan, P Chivers & P Lillywhite (s) won 9-6; J Edwards, J Derkatsch & J Hardy (s) lost 12-2.


Pagham’s men won 81-57 at home against Norfolk in the Littlehampton Gazette League and took nine points

Scores: Graham Ireland, Bagsy Smith, David Spink, Mike English won 17-16; Nick Terry, Robert Hilder, Paul Mayoss, Roy Livermore won 29-7; Daniel Lovell, Gerry Stevens, Peter Quilter, Eric King drew 19-19; Peter Green, Douglas Vaughan, John Newell, Ron Friday won 16-15.

Pagham ladies sent four friendly rinks to play Maltravers but lost 60-44.

Scores: Diana Mitchell, Judy Warner, Joan Wells, Maureen King lost 23-13; Janet Boucher, Louise Saunders, Pat Friday, Chris Mayoss drew 16-16; Margaret Rees, Doreen Ellis, Iris Brooker, Shirley Hart lost 21-15.

Pagham’s men won 78-68 at home against Storrington in the Littlehampton Gazette League and took six points.

Scores: Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith, David Spink, Mike English lost 17-16; Nick Terry, Ian Paul, Paul Mayoss, Roy Livermore won 25-14; Daniel Lovell, Gerry Stevens, Peter Quilter, Eric King lost 21-15; Peter Green, Douglas Vaughan, John Newell, Ron Friday won 22-16.

Pagham sent four friendly triples to Hayling Island and won 78-74.

Scores: Margaret Rees, Pat Friday, Ron Friday won 22-19; Doreen Ellis, Roy Osment, Eric Mitchell won 34-8; Louise Saunders, Dave Westcott, Annie Ross lost 24-10; Brian Sales, Jackie Sales, Gordon Courtney lost 23-12.


Crablands Ladies 55 Witterings Ladies 53

Witterings played a three-rink friendly at Crablands.

Witterings won on two rinks, lost on one rink and the home side won overall by two shots.

Scores (Crablands names first): G Humphreys, M Back, J Harman, J Lindley lost 17-16 to J Edwards, R Hanbury, M Corbett, C Horsley (s) won 17-16; M Pocock, S Brooks, L Tuck, B Chandler lost 30-9 to J Mulligan, K Nixon, D Leach, C Tuffin (s); C Lewendon, V Tyrrell, S Blyth, M Brown beat G Porter, L Swift, P Hutton, M Mulligan (s) 30-6.

Telepost 50 Crablands 69

Crablands travelled to Telepost for four mixed triples and had a comfortable win.

Scores: C Lewendon, V Tyrrell, D Adams won 23-10; L Lewendon, R Shambrook, B Chandler won 25-9; J Harman, D Jones, J Lindley lost 15-13; P Jones, I Smith, J Saunders lost 16-8.


Aldingbourne hosted a C&M League match and a friendly versus Pagham. The league match resulted in a 46-35 win for Aldingbourne, giving them four points to Pagham’s two.

Scores: J Heasman, J Robini, M Taylor, J Hamilton won 26-12; A Howson, B Cunningham, L Hathaway, J Whetstone lost 20-23.

The friendly rinks brought a 48-24 win for Aldingbourne.

Scores: M Kelly, B Carpenter, H Lewis, M Richards won 28-11; O Fidgeon, A Holland, J Hayter,

D Tappenden won 20-13.

In the C&M League at home to Crablands Aldingbourne won 49-29, meaning four points for Aldingbourne, two to Pagham.

Aldingbourne also beat Crablands 111-54.

Scores: S Jones, V Tyrrell, S Blyth, M Brown beat A Howson, B Cunningham, L Hathaway, J Whetstone 21-15; M Back, C Lewendon, J Lindley, J Rawlins lost 34-8 to P Wyatt, J Robini, M Taylor, J Hamilton; A Blyth, M Campbell, L Jewiss, D Adams lost 23-11; L Lewendon, C Garland, J Brown, J Saunders lost 31-11; B Berry, R Osborn, R Eastland, J Harman lost 37-11; D Martin, E Potz, A Bateman, M Heasman won 21-20.

A friendly at home to Norfolk resulted in a 107-77 win.

Scores: E Taylor, D Tappenden, F Mulholland, F Taylor won 25-11; T Tappenden, D Meakins, R Lewis, R Wyatt won 23-18; J Smith, P Wyatt, D Anderson, J Robini won 17-15; R Macer, John Heasman, M Taylor, K Robini won 31-14; A Stiles, Janet Heasman, D Brooks-Kibble, J Whetstone lost 19-11.

At home to RAFA, there was a 110-27 win.

Scores: P Wyatt, D Brand, R Wyatt won 24-4; D Cote, John Heasman, J Robini won 33-11; J Smith, B Cunningham, Janet Heasman won 32-3; A Stiles, M Taylor, W Tribe won 21-9.


Royal Wootton Bassett travelled to Arundel for a friendly on their way home from a tour of the Isle Of Wight. Arundel won 133-90.

Scores: J Lee 21 A Dewry 18; A Olliver 26 J Daniel 16; P Gear 22 A Small 13; B Heal 21 D Clough 10; B Murray 25 G Insall 13; R Cairns 16 N Walkey 20.


Div 1: Bognor Regis 20 Middleton 49 (6pts)

(J Spiers 10 J Gower 21; A Parry 10 M Wootten 28); Aldingbourne 49 (4pts) Crablands 29 (2pts) (J Hamilton 34 J Rawlins 8; J Whetstone 15 M Brown 21).

Div 2: Worthing Pavilion 20 (1pt) Storrington 48 (5pts) (J Lewis 12 J Ackerman 30, D Merrett 18 B Philpott 18); Maltravers 37 (4pts) Marine Gardens 30 (2pts) (B Butcher 16 G Colbourn 8; J Shelden 21 J Pearson 22).


The two Goodwoods teams playing in the West Sussex Summer League started by playing each other and Rocks scored the narrowest of victories over Magpies, winning 51-50 and scoring nine points to five.

In the triples, Magpies won one and drew one while in the singles Magpies’ Brian Goodland beat Marlene Steel, repeating his victory of three days earlier in the club’s champion of champions competition. Rocks won both pairs contests.