Bowls: Chichester motor to top spot

The Sussex and IoW bowlers enjoy their visit to Crablands
The Sussex and IoW bowlers enjoy their visit to Crablands

We’ve action from ten local clubs as we continue our coverage of a busy summer of outdoor bowls.

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Chichester 42 Norfolk 25

Chichester secured their place at the top of the BM Mixed Triples League by winning on both rinks and taking all six points in this their last game of the season.

Scores: Debbie Hogg, Betty Spicer & Mike Bayfield won 20-12; Jean Hole, Wendy Adams & Brian Butler won 22-13.

Chichester 102 Worthing Grasshoppers 89

Chichester got off to a good start in their friendly at home to the Grasshoppers. Chichester held their advantage and won by 13 shots.

Scores: A Daines, B Hole, B Butler (skip) won 17-11; B Money, D Seeley, D Schofield (skip) won 20-11; K Ball, M Schofield, C Porter (skip) won 18-11; L Etherington, R Anscombe, B Talmage (skip) lost 24-13; T Wiseman, G Beagley, T Gaffney (skip) lost 17-14; A Deller, P Merritt, P White (skip) won 20-15.

Chichester 36 Pagham 67

Pagham took control in the second half of this friendly to win by 31 shots.

Scores: G Buckle, M Davis, PJ White (skip) lost 21-12; N Dearman, B Hole, T Gaffney (skip) lost 33-9; P Doust, D Seeley, C Wade (skip) won 15-13.

Chichester’s club finals saw a wide range of category winners.

In the men’s singles, Malcolm Bowden went 6-0 up against Keith Burt and went on to take the title 21-10.

Bowden was receiving three shots from Clive Keedwell in the men’s singles handicap final. Bowden took the last three ends to triumph 21-17.

In a close men’s two wood singles final Jim Larkin and Nick Anderson were tied at 15-15 with two ends left, before Larkin took it 17-15.

Dave Schofield took the men’s veterans singles final after a close battle, while Derek Leach was ahead of Michael Hannant in the men’s singles plate final but Hannant had a strong finish to win 22-18.

In an evenly-matched men’s drawn pairs final between Ian Linfield and Simon Tooley and John White and Peter Whale, Linfield and Tooley took the trophy 24-16.

Kevin Ball and Brian Talmage were too strong for Terry Wiseman and Dave Schofield in the men’s invitation pairs final, winning 22-14.

In a new competition organised by George Beagley between the members of the Tuesday and Thursday morning roll-ups the top six players were organised by draw into two triples.

Mike Bayfield, Terry Haigh and Richard Smith beat Kevin Ball, Bob Manning and Rosemary Manning 17-16.

Wendy Adams is this year’s ladies’ champion. She was 11-4 down to Betty Spicer but after picking up two consecutive fours went on to win 21-13.

She also won the 100up competition after a close-fought game against Chris Hobbs.

Jean Hole won the handicap singles against Chris Hobbs. After a slow start, Jean picked up 15 shots over ten ends to win 22-21.

An extra end was needed to decide the winner of the two wood singles between Chris Hobbs and Betty Spicer. Chris took the extra end shot to win 15-14.


Petworth won 3-2 against the West Sussex tourists with several very close rinks and some fine bowling.

Scores: Jim Dormer, Dave Mustard and Marc Lancaster won 16-13; Mike Craft, Nigel Flynn and Bob Turner won 17-15; Peter Miles, Carol Hall and Mick Booth won 19-16; Eileen Warrington, Selwyn Hall and Len McRae lost 24-10; Ron Elliott, Bill Bryder and Kevin Mitchell lost 21-9.


Two friendly triples beat Chichester 32-29.

Scores: J Fox, J Burke, D Spink won 20-13; B Hensman, B Mumford, D Lovell lost 16-12.

Three friendly rinks faced Bognor but lost 63-35.

Scores: P Burrell, P Quilter, R Hilder, J Pickard lost 20-14; D March, G Cutts, D Spink lost 18-8; D Westcott, J Fox, J Newell lost 25-13.

Three friendly mixed triples beat Fishbourne 57-41.

Scores: C Penny, J Stocker, J Fox won 23-6; D Westcott, D Lovell, S Stocker won 21-11; A Boucher, G Ireland, F Ireland lost 21-13.

A men’s four-rink league match against East Preston ended in an 81-64 loss and only two points.

Scores: T Plows, M McCafie, J Fox, J Pickard won 21-17; B Sales, D Lovell, R Hilder, J Newell lost 23-16; R Donaldson, P Quilter, G Stevens, J Stewart lost 17-14; N Terry, B Smith, D Spink, M English lost 24-13.

Four rinks played in the men’s league versus Crablands but lost 75-74, taking four points.

Scores: D Lovell, J Turner, T Plows, J Pickard lost 21-18; T Wells, P Quilter, J Burle, P Mayoss won 17-16; N Terry, R Hilder, D Spink won 25-17; R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, J Stewart lost 21-14.

Three friendly rinks faced Bognor but lost 63-35.

Scores: P Burrell, P Quilter, R Hilder, J Pickard lost 20-14; D March, G Cutts, D Spink lost 18-8; D Westcott, J Fox, J Newell lost 25-13.

Three friendly men’s triples beat Chichester 67-36.

Scores: N Terry, P Burrell, P Quilter won 33-9; J Turner, D Westcott, M Adams lost 15-13; T Plows, G Cutts, J Stewart won 21-12.

Four friendly mixed triples defeated Flansham 64-62.

Scores: M Rees, R Hilder, D Vaughan won 19-14; G Stewart, E Shine, J Stewart lost 16-14; B Quilter, P Quilter, S Hart won 16-15; D Ellis, I Brooker, J Taffurelli lost 17-15.


Bognor 92 Sussex VPs 72

Bognor had a very good win in this friendly on the superb green at Worthing Pavilion, winning on three rinks and by 20 shots.

Scores: G Herrington, N Waddock, J Parry, J Edwards (skip) won 21-20; B Daley, R Philpot, D Parker, T Gaskin (skip) lost 28-17; D Jackson, S Webster, D Ford, J Blacow (skip) won 32-6; B Harvey, A Knight, M Johnson, R Gardner (skip) won 22-18.

Bognor B 91 Tarring Priory B 67

The last game of the season for Bognor ended with a win by 24 shots and six points in this Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match.

Bognor cannot get promoted this season.

Scores: R Bobbett, G Dunham, J Parry, J Jackson (skip) lost 22-13; T Love, T Mussell, J Blacow, A Hall (skip) won 34-16; R Penny, P Hasler, D Matkins, J Edwards (skip) lost 22-16; G Herrington, D Dalton, N Burchfell, K Taylor (skip) won 28-7.

Bognor A 88 Worthing Pavilion A 53

This was another good win against Worthing Pavilion A for Bognor A in their last Littlehampton Gazette League division-one match of the season, taking eight points and winning by 35 shots.

Scores: D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) won 20-9; K Hellyer, P Lichfield, D Parker, S Soames (skip) won 29-11; R Bobbett, K Taylor, B Hey, T Gaskin (skip) lost 19-14; B Daley, J Christensen, A Richardson, R Bell (skip) won 25-14.


West Dean 52 Southbourne 51

In a very close match, West Dean won by one shot.

Scores: John Elliott, David Turner, Jim Sharrod (s) beat Mary Thornton, Margaret Baylis, John Staker (s) 22-14; Ann Hiscock, Andy Woods, David Harding drew 19-19 with Colin Bulbeck, John Hardy, Margaret Odell (s); Pam Sharrod, John Butterworth, Tony Boxall (s) lost 18-11 to Irene Jennings, Jim Jennings, Malcolm Keane (s).

West Dean 43 Graffham 47

Scores: Andy Wood, David Turner, Jim Sharrod (s) won 26-9; Pam Beardmore, John Butterworth, Davia Harding (s) lost 17-9; Ann Hiscock, Pam Sharrod, Tony Boxall (s) lost 21-8.


Witterings 32 Bognor 45

Scores: J Mulligan, V Hooker, D Leach, M Aylward (s) lost 17-15; J Bangs, J Derkatsch, R Hanbury, C Horsley (s) lost 28-17.

Witterings 59 Middleton 58

Two rink wins each saw Wittering beating the visitors by just one shot in a mixed triples game.

Scores: A Miles, B Smethurst, B Barnes (s) won 20-14; S Dobson, K Slogrove, S Hooker (s) lost 16-13; S Smethurst, R Prior ,M Corbett (s) lost 18-10; M Gough, G Dobson. C Horsley (s) won 16-10.

Witterings 23 Maltravers 48

Witterings lost on both rinks in this C&M League match.

Scores; J Mulligan, V Hooker, D Leach, M Aylward (s) lost 19-13; A Miles, B Newman, M Mulligan, C Tuffin (s) lost 29-10.

Witterings 29 Maltravers 13

Wittering borrowed a player from Maltravers for this friendly and managed a win.

Scores: P Nixon, Anne (Maltravers) K Nixon, C Horsley (s) won 29-13

Witterings 98 West Tarring 57

Wittering won on all four rinks and gained ten points in this LG League match.

Scores: M White, F Knotts, G Morgan, J Hostler (s) won 22-16; F Bray, J Langworthy, E Shoyer, J Slogrove (s) won 25-13; C Brooks, S Hoker, R Stephens, B Horsley (s) won 19-16; P Chivers, K Clark, C Jelf, D Bell (s) won 32-12.

Wittering 54 Maltravers 72

Scores: B Smethhurst, S Currell, D Leach, G Morgan (s) drew 15-15; A Miles, G Dobson, V Hooker, M Mulligan (s) won 24-10; M Gough, R Prior, T Nixon, B Newman (s) lost 23-8; S Dobson, L Swift, J Clapton, S Hooker (s) lost 24-7.


Crablands 85 Vice-Presidents 136

A friendly against the VPs proved too friendly with Crablands winning only one rink.

Scores: R Neate, L Lewendon, R Eastland, P Farrow lost 21-17; N Crump, P Blackman, C Pestle, I Jones lost 33-17; E Willcocks, R Shambrook, A Humphreys, A Blyth won 33-19; B Jones, T Ford, A Bateman, M Heasman lost 40-5; J Tyrrell, N Reynolds, J Saunders, D Adams lost 23-13.


Sussex County 132 Bowls I.O.W 120

Crablands hosted Susse’s game against the Isle of Wight on a lovely afternoon.

In a close-fought game, Sussex came out winners.

A county badge was presented by Jackie Rawlins, the Sussex president and a member at Crablands, to Margaret Phillips of Bognor.

Crablands 42 Uckfield 23

Crablands ladies travelled to Henfield for the final of the Sussex Double Rink contest.

With many supporters cheering them on and with the sun shining it was a well-deserved and first for Crablands as they won.

Scores: C Lewendon, J Rawlins, S Jones, C Bowles won 18-13; G Humphreys, M Back, S Blyth, C Ruler won 24-10.

Crablands Ladies 53 Pagham 28

A good win for the ladies saw them take six league points.

Scores: G Humphrey, M Back, S Blyth, C Ruler won 30-13; C Lewendon, J Lindley, J Rawlins, S Jones won 23-15.

Crablands 32 Pagham 47

Pagham got their own back on Crablands in the BM League.

Scores: P Osborn, J Taylor, R Osborn lost 38-13; J Harman, D Aylward, N Reynolds won 19-9.

Crablands 62 Worthing Pavillion 102

In this league game, Worthing Pavillion won on all four rinks.

Scores: D Martin, R Shambrook, A Blyth, K Bailey lost 19-17; J Tyrrell, J Saunders, A Bateman, M Heasman lost 22-16; A Humphreys, L Lewendon, J Harman, R Humphrey lost 31-15; N Crump, C Pestle, I Jones, D Adams lost 30-14.

Crablands 51 Stedham 49

There were mixed results in this friendly.

Scores: M Whittle, P Blackman, N Reynolds, A Blyth won 21-16; D Aylward, L Tuck, J Saunders, M Heasman lost 16-13; N Crump, B Chandler, I Jones drew 17-17.


With three weeks to go to the end of the C&M women’s league, the race for the second promotion place could hardly be tighter with just six points separating four clubs.

Middleton are fourth on 32 points with three matches to play but these are against the top three.

Middleton’s prospects were not helped last week when they suffered a surprise loss to Marine Gardens.

Middleton Ladies 34 Marine Gardens 54

Scores: L Hills, J Mathieson, P Eccles, R Gregory lost 29-18; D Jenkins, P Holly, A Steventon, M Wootten lost 25-16.

The Middleton men have lost their past five matches, but have played hard and picked up four points every time.

Middleton 67 East Preston 86

Scores: K Walker, D Wilkins, K Graham, K Baker lost 29-15; I Hart, P Lush, J Graham, J Wilson won 22-8; P Ramsden, R Eccles, G Steventon, R Wootten won 20-19; K Jenkins, D Gower, T Finch, G Smith lost 30-10.

Mixed friendlies produced a win against Witterings but a loss against RAFA.

Middleton 44 Witterings 39

Scores: J Green, M Wootten, R Wootten lost 16-10; K Baker, T Bridge, R Gregory won 18-10; R Green, J Graham, G Smith won 16-13.

Middleton 55 RAFA 70

Scores: J Jackson, P Ramsden, J Graham drew 15-15; B Reed, L Lush, P Lush lost 20-10; S Jackson, I Hart, M Fox won 22-16,; A Chandler, T Bridge, N Robertson lost 19-8.


Sutton 30 Midhurst 32

Scores: Lally Mercer, Sue Ralph and Phil Wells lost 14-13; Jack Jarado, Delphine Clark and Roy Ralph won 19-16.

Headley 70 Midhurst 61

Scores: Sue Ralph, Delphine Clark and Phil Wells lost 22-18; Stella Tait, Mike Ryan and Margaret Sole lost 17-11; Lally Mercer, June Barnard and Gerald Dixon won 20-13; Jack Jarado, Roy Ralph and Peter West lost 18-12.


Worthing Pavilion A 87 Southbourne 69

Southbourne finished their Littlehampton Gazette League season with four league points from a loss at Worthing Pavilion.

Congratulations go to team captain Andy Smith and the Southbourne squad for their tremendous achievement in finishing second in division one.

Scores: Alan Williams, Pete Garrard, Dave Fewell, John Simmonds (s) lost 35-17; John Hardy, Eddie Neuts, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) lost 22-12; Pete Jasinski, Dave Walter, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 19-18; Richard Galloway, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) won 21-12.