Bowls: Martlets quartet give the opposition what fours

The Martlets team who won the county fours
The Martlets team who won the county fours

THE West Sussex County Short Mat Bowls Association’s fours championship featured 19 teams.

After the round-robin group games, the quarter-finals saw The Martlets beat Norfolk 7-6, Bognor beat Ashington 15-1, Chanctonbury beat Southbourne 9-7 and Slinfold Infinity beat Lavant 7-1.

In the semi-finals The Martlets’ team of Chris Blackman, Chris Rolph, Jack Rollings and Marc Lancaster beat Bognor’s Rose Jalley, Eric Jones, Brenda Jones and Brian Mills 11-2 and Chanctonbury’s Jim Noton, Adam Homewood, Steve Paine and Keith Hawkins beat Slinfod Infinity’s Mel Haulkham, Ben Haulkham, Chris Page and Dan Blackman 5-3. In the final The Martlets retained their title with a 5-3 victory.


Lavant Green played Nyetimber Green and enjoyed excellent wins on both mats. The friendly was drawn.

Scores: T Bleach, B Copeland, D May, C Beardmore won 28-8; B Cooper, V Frost, W Cooper, S Meyer won 34-10; (friendly) P Winter, D Shears, P Lee, Y Squires drew 19-19.

A good evening’s work saw Lavant Blue win on all mats against Bognor Goodwoods Silver. Following a 13-shot lead after three ends from Bernard Wallsgrove’s team, the game was evenly matched with Blue winning by 15 shots.

Tony Boxall’s team had to fight all the way to a five-shot win. Peter Whale’s friendly team scored well in the middle stage to take an eight-shot win.

Scores: B Wallsgrove, P Massey, M Winter, J Lee won 26-11; T Boxall, K Fancy, S Lillywhite, J Conway won 17-12; (friendly) P Whale, B Copeland, V Frost, P Lee won 28-20.

Lavant Red failed to take any points away to Upper Beeding.

A tight game by Peter Winter’s team saw them only one shot down after end 18 but five shots against them on the next end sealed their fate.

Peter Whale’s team held a one-shot lead after 15 ends but could not stop ten shots against to lose by eight.

Scores: P Winter, R Peirce, J Sharrod, J Simms lost 19-13; P Whale, T Boxall, P Beardmore, R Harding lost 28-20.

Lavant Blue were up and down away to Crablands Auks. Bernard Wallsgrove’s team scored steadily taking 15 ends to win by 15 shots. Tony Boxall’s team lost 15 ends against steady scoring to lose by 20 shots.

On the friendly mat, Peter Winter’s team won by four shots.

Scores: B Wallsgrove, P Massey, M Winter, J Lee won 25-10; T Boxall, K Fancy, S Lillywhite, J Conway lost

32-12; (friendly) P Winter, J Heasman, P Sharrod, P Lee won 21-17.

At home to Norfolk Lions, Lavant Green’s team skipped by Viv Frost won by four shots. Bill Cooper’s team lost by four shots.

Scores: V Frost, B Copeland, D May, C Beardmore won 19-15; B Cooper, D Shears, W Cooper, S Meyer lost

25-21; (friendly) P Whale, J Lee, Y Squires, R Kent won 39-8.


Playing away at Walberton in south west division two, Nyetimber won on two mats and drew on the third.

Scores: D Merritt, E Moore, B Boiling, A Foot won 32-13; L Griffiths, R Hatch, F Hollibone, A Guppy drew 21-21; C Foot, P Pitts, A Watson & N Plummer won 15-14.


Bognor Goodwoods Silver won their home league match against Lavant Reds to earn six points.

Mat one turned out to be Goodwoods’ ladies against Lavant’s gents and the ladies – Joan Simmons, Betty Williams Marlene Steel and Brenda Jones (skip) – beat Lavant’s John Simms, Jim Sharrod, Rob Peirce and Peter Winter (skip) 21-12.

Mat two was much more tense with Goodwoods’ Eric Jones, Edna Cooke, Rose Jalley and Brian Mills (skip) trailing by four shots at end 14 against Ray Harding, Pam Beardmore, John Heaseman and Peter Whale (skip).

However, Goodwoods’ perseverance paid off and they won six of the last seven ends to win 21-15 helped by a four on the last end to give Goodwoods Silver a 42-27 victory.

There was better luck for Lavant on the friendly mat, where Goodwoods’ Marion Goodland, Grace Roope, Daniel Lovell and Brian Goodland (skip) were no match for Lavant’s Jean Conway, Muriel Winter, Keith Fancy and Peter Massey (skip), who were helped by a score of seven on end six on their way to a 26-17 win.


The club’s Cormorants lost on one mat and drew on the other in a 43-36 defeat at home to Midhurst Eagles.

Scores: Joyce Abel, Gwen Coombes, Derek Eggleton & Wally Obermayer drew 19-19; Jan Obermayer, Joan Homewood, Ron Coombes & Brian Berry lost 24-16; (friendly): Doe Berry, Peter Latchford, Mike Tucker & Mollie Back won 36-9.

Crablands held another spoons drive and fun day.

Team A – Jean Shipp, Patricia Tucker, Denise Dray & Mike Tucker – won all four games and were awarded the spoons. A raffle and refreshments helped the event go with a swing.


A convincing 75-35 win for Fittleworth came at home to Norfolk.

Scores: Tony Broughton, Peter Martin, Bernard Adsett, Gina Barnfield won 31-15; Murial Cook, Alvar Etherington, Alan Jordan, Sheila Allen won 18-9; Jean Lucking, Pauline Gilpin, Roger Lucking, Sue Judd won 26-11.


In the second round of the over-60s’ double rink national championship, Arun A played exceptionally well to avenge the Arun B defeat inflicted in an earlier round by beating the two rinks from the Isle of Wight 41-32.

Scores: Brian Rebbeck, Brian Butler, Colin Spicer, Derek Leach (skip) won 25-15; Peter Miles, Ricky Hobbs, Barry Horsley, Len Corne (skip) lost 17-16.

In the third round Arun A will play Worthing (Field Place) or Victory.

In the first round of the London & Southern Counties single rink competition, the Arun four of David Jackson, David Parker, Robert Pearson and Mike English (skip) played very well but lost 23-13 to a competitive rink from Palmerston IBC in Hampshire.

Bognor’s outdoor bowlers visited Arun for a six-rink mixed fixture. The sides won on three rinks each but Arun snatched a 122-109 victory.

Scores: J Slater, F Hall, K Burt, PJ White won 28-16; O Fidgeon, J Greenfield, I Brooker, L Corne won 27-17;G Finch, E Lawrence, J Muffett, S Blyth lost 22-20; J Swannell, M Potter, A Simmons, R Gardner won 16-15;

K Burnard, A Blyth, J Saunders, J Linley lost 20-14; C Chester, A Greenfield, L Baxter, J Pickard lost 19-17.

East Preston 161 Arun 71

Arun lost by 90 shots on their trip to East Sussex. East Preston won on five rinks with one rink drawn.

Scores: D Taffurelli, H Forsyth, E Mitchell, JP Brown lost 28-12; PR Green, D Hurdle, A Avery, D Sayers lost 34-9; A Harrison, W Branford, B Sandford, R Gardner lost 25-14; P Chivers, J Olliver, A Stewart, B Napper lost 24-12; P Lacy, L Hall, B Jones, A Fisk lost 32-6; J Watson, M Campbell, R Sparrow, D Ford drew 18-18.

Arun 83 Bournemouth 76

Arun Ladies won this Vivienne Cup tie against Bournemouth, with two rinks at home and two away.

Scores: D Rampton, V Greenaway, J Whitfield, F Ireland won 23-17; L Curtis, E Tooley, J Lindley, B Jones lost 18-8; J Foster, M Bacon, S Blyth, C Horsley lost 22-17; J Boucher, S Pickard, J Taffurelli, M Brown won 35-19.