Bowls: There’s no separating Petworth and Middleton

The Petworth bowls team Picture by Kate Shemilt C140657-1
The Petworth bowls team Picture by Kate Shemilt C140657-1

There’s action from no fewer than 11 clubs in our latest bowls round-up.


Petworth BC had an unusual tied match at home with Middleton, ending 2-2 in rinks and 72-72 in shots.

Scores: Jim Dormer, Nigel Flynn, Kevin Mitchell and Mick Booth won 19-10; Pete Miles, Ron Elliott, John Steele and Nick Dudman won 24-18; Selwyn Hall, Bill Bryder and Ron Turner lost 24-12; Mike Craft, Denis Caisor and Alan Potter lost 20-17.

Petworth travelled to Grasshoppers in Worthing for a five-rink friendly triples match on a lovely summer’s evening.

Scores: Selwyn Hall, Eileen Warrington and Bob Turner won 16-14; Carol Hall, Nigel Flynn and Alan Potter lost 22-13; Pete Miles, Denis Caisor and Mick Monk lost 21-12; Mike Craft, Ron Elliott and Len McRae lost 26-16; Jim Dormer, Eileen McRae and Mick Booth lost 21-12.


Chichester B 68 East Preston B 59

Chichester B added a further seven points to their tally with a nine shot win away to East Preston B in division three of the Littlehampton Gazette League.

Scores: A Daines, B Hole, T Haigh, L Shipp (skip) drew 15-15; P Doust, B Money, P Garner, T Hardgrove (skip) won 19-16; J Walters, T Wiseman, B Taylor, M Hannant (skip) won 19-10; A Deller, J Williams, R Anscombe, P Merritt (skip) lost 18-15.

Chichester B 93 Norfolk B 73

Chichester B produced their eighth straight win in the LG League with a 20-shot victory at home to Norfolk B, adding another seven points.

Scores: A Daines, B Hole, T Haigh, S Tooley (skip) drew 17-17; A Deller, J Williams, R Anscombe, P Merritt (skip) won 21-12; P Doust, G Beagley, B Money, T Hardgrove (skip) lost 30-20; C Hulbert, T Wiseman, B Taylor, M Hannant (skip) won 35-14.

Aldingbourne 77 Chichester A 87

In a Littlehampton Gazette League division-one match, Chichester won on only one rink the other games were close with two rinks losing by two shots and a one shot defeat on the other rink they returned with four points.

Scores: G Buckle, M Bayfield, D Schofield, T Sayers (skip) lost 17-15; I Linfield, B Talmage, B Butler, J Larkin (skip) lost 25-23; N Anderson, C Keedwell, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 29-14; P Whale, M Lewis, P White, K Burt (skip) lost 21-20.

Chichester A 86 Worthing A 88

A late fightback by Chichester A secured them four points in their home LG League match against Worthing A, but they fell just two shots short.

Scores: G Buckle, P Howick, B Talmage, B Butler (skip) lost 27-13; N Anderson, C Keedwell, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 33-19; T Hardgrove, C Porter, P White, M Hannant (skip) lost 24-17; P Whale, R Anscombe, S Meyer, T Sayers (skip) won 23-18.

Chichester 104 Little Spain 89

In a mixed friendly, Chichester edged away over the second half of the game to win.

Scores: A Deller, M Maggs, C Porter (skip) lost 19-18; P White, F Downing, T Haigh (skip) won 25-11; I Taylor, B Money, L Etherington (skip) won 17-15; A Daines, D Hogg, T Gaffney (skip) lost 16-10; S Goddard, P Hannant, M Hannant (skip) won 23-9; M Davis, B Manning, R Manning (skip) lost 19-11.

Chichester 103 Witterings 61

Chichester won a friendly by 42 shots.

Scores: A Deller, PJ White, B Butler (skip) beat F Bray, T Nixon, J Slogrove (s) 16-14; J Walters, T Wiseman, L Etherington (skip) drew 17-17 with P Wiggins, A Somerville, B Horsley (s); B Money, C Hulbert, T Haigh (skip) beat R Prior, C Jelf, G Morgan (s) 24-12; D Coleman, B Taylor, L Shipp (skip) lost 14-13 to M King, J Paul, F Knotts (s); A Daines, T Gaffney, K Burt (skip) beat M Thresher, B Barnes, S Hooker (s) 33-4.

Chichester 104 Stedham 45

Chichester won a mixed friendly at home to Stedham on all four rinks.

Scores: J Hole, P Hannant, M Hannant (skip) won 28-11; L Etherington, D Hogg, T Haigh (skip) won 24-13; P Johnson, I Taylor, M Bayfield (skip) won 33-7; B Hole, A Hulbert, C Hulbert (skip) won 19-14.

Lancing 35 Chichester 41

In the C&M League, Chichester ladies picked up ten shots over the last three ends to take all six points.

Scores: Bridget Collins, Margaret Schofield, Sue Miles & April Janman won 23-20; Rosemary Manning, Pam Rampton, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer won 18-15.

Chichester 53 Maltravers 29

Chichester ladies played Maltravers in the C&M League and took all six points.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Pam Rampton, Bridget Collins & April Janman won 20-14; Debbie Hogg, Maggies Maggs, Betty Spicer & Wendy Adams won 33-15.

Chichester 20 West Hoathly 7

Chris Hobbs, Pam Rampton, Betty Spicer and April Janman had a good win against West Hoathly to go through to the next round of the Gladys Rowland competition.

Chichester 35 Henfield 40

There was disappointment for Chichester ladies in the County Double Rink as they narrowly lost at home and away to Henfield.

Scores: Home – Bridget Collins, Margaret Schofield, Sue Miles & April Janman lost 18-16; Away – Chris Hobbs, Rosemary Manning, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer lost 22-19.


Arundel 75 Bognor 66

Bognor shared the rinks but Arundel came out the narrow winners in this friendly.

Scores: D Jackson, B Daley, G Herrington, J Jackson (skip) won 20-11; A Charlesworth, J Johnton, G Dunham, J Edwards (skip) lost 31-10; G Cook, R Philpot, K Taylor, T Moore (skip) lost 20-17; A Harrison, J Colebrook-Taylor, N Waddock, J Parry (skip) won 19-13.

Bognor A 63 Chichester A 95

Bognor struggled in this LG League division-one match, drawing on one rink and losing on three – with Chichester A winning by 32 shots overall.

Scores: D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) drew 20-20 with M Lewis, B Talmage, M Bowden, T Sayers (skip); D Parker, J Whitfield, J Blacow, T Gaskin (skip) lost 27-7 to C Porter, P Doust, P Howick, B Butler (skip); R Lincoln, J Christensen, B Hey, A Richardson (skip) lost 28-19 to N Anderson, C Keedwell, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip); T Arnold, P Lichfield, K Hellyer, S Soames (skip) lost 20-17 to P Whale, S Meyer, P White, K Burt (skip).

Bognor B 76 Petworth 72

A second LG League division-three win in a week came for Bognor B in a close match against Petworth.

Scores: A Harrison, T Mussel, D Purse, J Parry (skip) lost 26-11 to Mike Craft, Denis Caisor, Russell Stallibrass and Marc Lancatser; B Daley, R Philpot, P Hasler, K Taylor (skip) beat Selwyn Hall, John Steele, Ben Haulkham and Bob Turner 27-8; G Cook, D Dalton, J Johnston, J Jackson (skip) lost 22-18 to Pete Miles, Nigel Flynn, Alan Potter and Dan Blackman; R Bobbett, T Love, G Herrington, A Hall (skip) beat Nigel Short, Jim Dormer, David Mustard and Mick Booth lost 20-16.

Bognor 64 RAFA 60

This friendly with neighbours and fellow club members was very close with both teams winning on two rinks.

Scores: R Philpot, Margaret Phillips, A Hall (skip) won 17-11; Jenny Gibson, G Dunham, G Cook (skip) lost 14-12; Joan Shaw, J Jonston, P Dale (skip) lost 22-15; J Colebrooke-Taylor, Christine Dunham, J Edwards (skip) won 20-13.

Bognor 83 Croydon 77

The annual friendly with Croydon saw Bognor winning by six shots.

Scores: A Harrison, Barbara Reardon, M Johnson (skip) drew 17-17; T Love, Beryl Charlesworth, J Parry, S Soames (skip) won 24-21; Edna Keywood, V Bailey, N Waddock, J Edwards (skip) won 34-14; R Philpot, Pauline White, J Johnston, G Dunham (skip) lost 25-8.


West Dean 52 Fishbourne 70

West Dean won on only one rink in their loss to Fishbourne.

Scores: Chris Warrington, Bob Holman, David Harding (s) won 16-14; Brian Adams, Pam Sharrod, Tony Boxall (s) lost 14-13; Yvonne Squires, Ian Morrison, Jim Sharrod (s) lost 17-15; Ann Hiscock, Andy Woods, John Butterworth (s) lost 25-8.

Lavant SMBC 43 West Dean 57

Although West Dean won the outdoor leg of their match with Lavant by 14 shots, they lost the short-mat match by 21 shots earlier in the season. Therefore, Lavant won by seven shots and hold the Sid Hitchman Trophy until next season.

Scores: Pam Sharrod, Ian Morrison, Tony Boxall (s) won 25-11; Brian Adams, Andy Woods, Jim Sharrod (s) won 15-14; Yvonne Squires, John Butterworth, David Harding (s) lost 18-17.


Crablands 59 Arundel 76

The men struggled againat Arundel, taking only two points.

Scores: N Reynolds, R Shambrook, K Bailey, A Blyth lost 19-17; D Martin, L Lewendon, A Humphreys, M Heasman lost 27-9; E Potz, P Farrow, J Saunders, D Adams lost 17-11; R Osborn, C Pestle, A Bateman, J Harman won 22-13.

Crablands 60 East Preston 110

A very disappointing league game for Crablands men saw them lose heavily on all four rinks.

Scores: M Campbell, C Pestle, J Saunders, D Adams lost 28-14; D Martin, T Ford, R Eastland, K Bailey lost 27-13; P Blackman, A Humphreys, P Farrow, A Blyth lost 27-19; D Jonas, N Reynolds, R Osborn, M Heasman lost 28-14.

Crablands 120 Fishbourne 56

In a friendly against Fishbourne, Crablands won comfortably.

Scores: N Crump, C Lewendon, C Ruler won 31-8; R Neate, B Chandler, A Blyth won 22-10; M Whittle, C Pestle, I Jones won 20-9; D Martin, P Osborn, M Back won 27-17; B Neate, T Ford, S Jones won 20-12.

Crablands 101 West Tarring 54

Crablands men took ten league points with a convincing win.

Scores: E Potz, P Farrow, A Humphreys, M Heasman won 20-18; P Blackman, C Pestle, I Jones, K Bailey won 32-6; L Lewendon, D Jonas, A Blythe, D Adams won 24-12; B Berry, J Saunders, R Eastland, R Humphrey won 25-18.

Crablands 43 Popes Mead 32

Crablands had a good win in the County Double Rink and will meet Henfield in the next round.

Scores: C Lewendon, J Rawlins, S Jones, C Bowles won 29-9; G Humphreys, M Bateman, S Blyth, C Ruler lost 23-14.

Crablands 80 East Preston 84

The close score did not reflect the fact Crablands took only two points.

Scores: D Martin, P Farrow, C Pestle, I Jones lost 27-17; P Blackman, N Reynolds, R Eastland, D Adams lost 23-22; T Ford, J Saunders, A Blyth, K Bailey lost 23-19; D Jonas, L Lewendon, A Bateman, R Humphreys won 22-11.

Crablanbds’ Chris Lewendon reached the county semi-finals in the two-wood singles at Preston. She played a confident game against Amy Truran but lost 14-9.


Southbourne 104 Worthing Pavilion B 46

Southbourne’s men had a comfortable home win against Worthing Pavilion B in the Littlehampton Gazette League to take the maximum eight points.

Scores: Dave Walter, John Staker, Dave Fewell, Dave Alner (s) won 22-20; Pete Jasinski, Peter Garrard, John Simmonds, Antony Bull (s) won 26-8; John Hardy, Eddie Neuts, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) won 31-7; Richard Galloway, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong won 25-11.

Southbourne 82 Worthing Pavilion A 82

When Southbourne met Worthing A in the Gazette League, the result could have gone either way right up to the very last wood.

Southbourne managed a win on only one rink.

Scores: Dave Walter, E Dewing, Titch Ayres, Dave Alner (s) lost 31-16; John Hardy, Eddie Neuts, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) won 36-14; Pete Jasinski, Dave Young, John Simmonds, Antony Bull (s) lost 16-14; Alan Williams, John Staker, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong lost 21-16.

Storrington 27 Southbourne 40

In the BM League, Southbourne had a good win on the triple skipped by John Staker and pulled ahead of Storrington on the triple skipped by Margaret Odell to take maximum points.

Scores: Mary Thornton, Dave Young, John Staker (s) won 24-12; Margaret Baylis, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) won 16-15.

Southbourne 85 Field Place 72

In the first round of the PC Cup, good wins on three out of the four rinks played clinched victory.

Scores: Liam Walter, John Staker, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) won 22-13; Dave Walter, Ted Dewing, Mark Soper, Dave Fewell (s) won 22-19; John Hardy, Colin Bulbeck, Alan Shelley, Paul Butler (s) won 28-18; Dave Young, Alan Williams, Eddie Neuts, Andy Smith (s) lost 22-13.

Southbourne 55 Graffham 38

In a pleasant friendly, Southbourne came out the winners – but Graffham will hope to get their revenge when the teams meet again on grass at Graffham in August.

Scores: Joan Frost, Margaret Baylis, Dave Young (s) drew 13-13; Colin Bulbeck, Kathy Shelley, John Staker (s) won 19-14; Mary Thornton, Len Mates, Ted Dewing (s) won 23-9.


Middleton 42 Sutton 20

A mixed friendly against Sutton saw Middleton came out ahead.

Scores: R Green, P Ramsden, M Feneley drew 17-17; J Green, L Lush, J Graham won 25-3.

Middleton 48 Chichester 92

If you are going to suffer your first home defeat of the season, it might as well be to the LG League division-three runaway leaders. Three-quarters of the way through there was nothing to choose between the teams in three of the games – but Chichester pulled away to claim victory.

Scores: C Pratt, N Robertson, T Finch, M Feneley lost 26-12; K Graham, K Jenkins, J Graham, G Smith won 15-14; T Bridge, R Eccles, K Baker, B Colvin lost 30-15; I Hart, L Oldridge, D Gower, A Nurse lost 22-6. Middleton 2pts, Chichester 8pts.

Two draws in a week came in Middleton’s two latest LG League matches.

Middleton 72 Bognor 80

Scores: K Graham, I Hart, K Baker, B Colvin beat A Knight, T Rexstrew, G Cook, J Parry (skip) 20-13; C Pratt, P Ramsden, T Finch, M Feneley drew 20-20 with S Webster, J Johnston, D Purse, D Matkins; J Bumfrey, R Wheeler, G Steventon, J Graham beat A Harrison, P Phillips, G Herrington, A Hall (skip) 22-21, T Bridge, L Oldridge, K Jenkins, D Gower lost 26-10 to T Love, P Hasler, G Dunham, K Taylor (skip). Middleton 5pts, Bognor 5pts.

Middleton 72 Petworth 72

Scores; J Bumfrey, J Beavan, K Walker, G Steventon lost 19-10; I Hart, K Jenkins, T Finch, G Smith won 24-12; R Payne, N Robertson, B Bravington, J Graham lost 24-18; P Ramsden, S Jackson, K Baker, B Colvin won 20-17. Middleton 5pts, Petworth 5pts.

In a ladies’ triples friendly against Maltravers, Middleton won one, lost one and drew one.

Scores: D Jenkins, P Eccles, L Hills won 26-15; H Wheeler, J Mathieson, T Galloway lost 16-14; L Burrage, L Simpson, I Smith drew 15-15.


Three friendly mixed triples lost 52-37 at Aldingbourne.

Scores: J Stocker, Ron Gibson, A Ross lost 24-10; S Read, P Burrell, S Stocker lost 14-13; A Boucher, A Burrell, E Shine drew 14-14.


Wittering 50 Crablands 40

There was a good win for Wittering in this C&M League match.

Scores: J Mulligan, V Hooker, D Leach, M Aylward lost 30-16 to C Lewendon, M Back, S Jones, C Bowles; J Bangs, J Derkatsch, R Hanbury, C Horsley beat E Sadler, M Bateman, S Blyth, C Ruler 34-10.

Wittering 56 Crablands 31

It was a convincing win for Wittering in a BM League match.

Scores: A Miles, G Morgan, C Tuffin beat P Osborn, B Chandler, I Jones 21-11; C Brooks, M Corbett, S Hooker beat B Neate, J Lindley, D Adams 35-20.

Wittering 79 Worthing 59

Wittering won this LG League match and took six points.

Scores: J Paul, G Murphy, R Stephens, B Horsley (s) lost 16-13; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs, D Bell (s) won 27-9; M King, G Morgan, S Hooker, J Hostler (s) won 22-15; F Bray, J Langworthy, E Shoyer, J Slogrove (s) lost 19-17.


Headley 35 Midhurst 55

Midhurst returned to winning form winning on two rinks and losing on one in the Three Counties League at Headley.

Scores: Peter West, Margaret Sole and Dave King lost 15-13; Malcolm Hutchings, Stuart Largan and Gerald Dixon won 15-14; Roger Brindle, Jack Lee and Terry Berry won 27-6.

In a friendly, Midhurst led Sutton 34-9 but it was abandoned through rain.


Frances Etherington, Jane Adsett and Tony Broughton won all their matches to claim the President’s Cup. Runners-up were Arthur Ellcome, Audrey Hodgson and Alvar Etherington.

Norfolk 67 Fittleworth 37

Scores: Frances Etherington, Mike Ryan, Gina Barnfield lost 18-12; Audrey Hodgson, Pauline Gilpin, Sue Judd lost 27-12; Tessa Clegg, Jane Adsett, Alvar Etherington lost 22-13.

Fittleworth 48 Tarring Priory 51

Scores: Muriel Cook, Brian Ball, Sue Judd lost 18-17; Judy Reed, Peter Cook, Sheila Allen lost 26-8; Arthur Ellcome, Pauline Gilpin, Gina Barnfield won 23-7.