Bowls: Week is more than good for Goodwoods

Award winning members of the Nyetimber short mat bowls team.'''Photo Louise Adams  C130138-1 Bog Spt Bowls awards
Award winning members of the Nyetimber short mat bowls team.'''Photo Louise Adams C130138-1 Bog Spt Bowls awards

A great week for Goodwood Greens leads off this week’s indoor bowls digest.

Goodwood Greens 38 Clapham & Patching 35

Goodwood Greens just failed to take all six points against Clapham and Patching after losing by one shot on the final end on mat two.

E Jones, E Cook, F Kaucher and skip B Mills were leading by one shot going in to the last end, but conceded two to give their opponents a one-shot win.

On mat one, D Fair, M Fair, M Steel and skip B Jones built up an eight-shot lead going in to the last, which they needed as the visitors grabbed four shots for a final score of 20-12. Goodwoods took four points and Clapham & Patching two.

Lavant Green 32 Bognor Goodwood Silvers 40

There was a welcome return to winning ways for Silvers when they visited Lavant Green for what was to prove a close match.

On mat one, G King, J Harbut, D Lovell and skip B Williams were trailing by nine shots at the halfway stage, and although they pulled back well in the second half, were not quite able to make it and lost 19-18. On mat two, D Dray, M Williams, P Smith and skip L Dray scored heavily on the last five ends, 10 shots to the two scored by Lavant to achieve a match-winning margin of 22-13.

Goodwoods also won the friendly mat 29-9, as D Fair, M Steel, F Kaucher and skip B Mills were helped by scores of six and seven on consecutive ends early in the match.

To round off a great spell for Goodwoods, Brenda and Eric Jones won the West Sussex over-60s’ competition, going eight games undefeated in the all-day event.


Nyetimber Green played host to Arundel Mullets in what turned out to be an excellent, but nail-biting game.

Nyetimber got off to a good start leading on all three mats for most of the game, but an unfortunate couple of ends lost this lead on mat two and it was all square at end 19. Arundel got two on each of the last ends to win 20-24.

Mat one kept their lead most of the way through and on the penultimate bowl of the last end were four points ahead. The last bowl secured a win of 24-19, giving a 44-43 result. The friendly was close-run but Nyetimber won 25-21.


Arun members held another of their popular open days at their Nyewood Lane base (above and left).

It attracted 25 newcomers and organisers were delighted to see a number of youngsters try the sport. They thanked the volunteers who made the day a success.

Arun 104 King Alfred 127

Arun entertained King Alfred with a friendly match winning on three rinks but losing over all by 23 points.

Scores: J Watson, D Young, PJ White, I McCrae lost 15-25; P Langridge, P Easterbrook, D Ford, R Friday won

20-19; T Jennings, B Jones, D Spink, J Pickard lost 12-25; G Cook, J Dyke, PJ Brown, D Adams won 19-15;

N Waddock, W Bradford, D Winchester, R Gardner Lost 15-23; R Lincoln, G Herrington, B Fitch, J Muffett won 23-20.

Arun 69 King George 178

Arun played away to King George Field on Saturday and lost on all six rinks.

Scores: N Waddock, B Fitch, B Jones, J Weatherall lost 12-36; C Chester, M Adams, C Burnard, M English lost 13-30; T Jennings, J Gilpin, D Spink, J Pickard lost 12-23; J Watson, W Branford, B Stanford, D Ford lost 7-26; J Cook, D Winchester, J Morris, D Adams lost 19-23; A Harrison, B Fitch, G Harrington, J P Brown lost 6-40.

Arun 101 Langley 136

Arun lost by 35 points to Langley in a friendly.

Scores: E Fitch, P Green, P J White, J Brown lost 13-24; A Harrison, L Saunders, R Osment, V May lost 7-27;

A Harrison, W Branford, J Cook, B Sanford won 22-17; B Why, H Steel, C Pestle, D Sayers won 27-19; G Harrington, A Bateman, C Radord, D Latter won 17-16; B Jones, B Britz, E Mc Crae, I McCrae.