Bowls: Witterings welcome Jersey boys (and girls)

Witterings bowlers line up with their Jersey tourist visitors  Picture by Louise Adams
Witterings bowlers line up with their Jersey tourist visitors Picture by Louise Adams

Witterings hosted an enjoyable match against St Saviour’s tourists from Jersey, losing 116-100.

After a lot of rain, it was a major achievement to have the green in a playable condition. The match was played in glorious sunshine.

St Saviour’s won by 16 shots with Witterings winning on only one rink.

Scores: M Lillywhite, K Nixon, J Derkatsch & J Slogrove (s) lost 23-21; P Chivers, A Miles, L Bangs & M Aylward (s) won 18-17; B Curtis, M Thresher, P Lillywhite & C Horsley (s) lost 16-15; M Corbett, R Hanbury, E Shoyer & B Horsley (s) lost 19-14; J Bangs, T Nixon, C Tuffin & D Bell (s) lost 20-13; J Edwards, P Wiggins, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) lost 21-19.


Southbourne started their summer season on with a mixed friendly against the Polar Bears – bowlers from clubs around the area who’d been bowling on Southbourne’s new all-weather green in the winter.

Scores: E Keane, F Heil, J Staker lost 9-7; K Shelley, W Coates, S Heil lost 14-2; M Odell, F Armstrong, D Young, R Armstrong won 18-3; T Dewing, A Grief, J Jennings, D Alner drew 8-8.

Southbourne 95 Arundel 63

For their first home Littlehampton Gazette League match of the season Southbourne took eight points to Arundel’s two.

Scores: D Walter, F Brimecome, A Smith, A Bull won 24-16; K Lockyer, M Soper, D Fewell, J Simmonds won 29-9; E Dewing, F Heil, R Bull, D Alner lost 23-18; C Petchey, M Ayres, R Armstrong, P Butler won 24-15.

Southbourne 20 Arundel 18

A ladies’ friendly was also held against Arundel, which Southbourne won.

Scores: K Alner, E Keane, S Heil, M Odell won 20-18.

Southbourne 49 Fishbourne 39

Southbourne had an enjoyable mixed-triples friendly at home to Fishbourne, which finished just in time to avoid the rain.

Scores: I Jennings, D Young, B Coates won 19-7; E Johnson, A Shelley, M Odell won 17-15; D Hibberd, K Shelley, P Garrard lost 17-13.


Crablands 60 West Tarring 91

Crablands men played their first league game of the season but took only one point.

Scores: A Blyth, M Campbell, M Heasman, D Adams lost 24-21; D Clacey, E Potz, D Muncey, R Humphrey drew 17-17; B Jones, R Osborn, J Saunders, K Bailey lost 23-14; D Martin, L Lewendon, I Jones, J Harman lost 27-18.

Crablands 79 Chichester 79

The game was a friendly - and so was the result.

Scores: D Martin, L Lewendon, R Osborn, M Heasman won 22-19; R Neate, B Jones, R Eastland, J Harman lost 20-16; D Jonas, E Potz, M Campbell, J Saunders lost 23-22; A Blyth, R Shambrook, A Bateman, D Adams won 19-17.

Crablands 68 Little Spain 82

Crablands ladies had their first chance of a match but the result was disappointing in a rain-truncated game. Scores: R Neate, L Tuck, Jackie Rawlins lost 24-12; M Whittle, L Lewendon, S Blyth lost 24-9; S Brooks, V Tyrrell, A Bateman won 19-7; C Lewendon, D Jonas, A Blyth lost 18-14; R Osborn, R Eastland,

B Chandler won 14-9.

The first round of the Top Club competition saw Crablands lose at Norfolk on all formats.

Scores: Two-wood singles - D Clacey lost 18-13; four-wood singles - R Humphrey lost 21-14; pairs - D Adams, A Blyth lost 17-16; triples - K Bailey, D Muncey, M Campbell lost 21-19; fours - J Harman, Jones, J Saunders, A Batemen lost 17-12.

Crablands’ open day for new members was a washout, with the green unplayable.

Anyone considering taking up the sport who would like to see what the club offer should ring Jim Saunders on 01243 606172.


Bognor’s first competetive match was a division-one game at home to Norfolk A.

A hard-fought match saw the rinks shared 2-2, with Norfolk taking the match 82-76. Norfolk took six points, Bognor four.

Scores: D Jackson, T Rextrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 33-13; D Parker, T Moore, J Parry, T Gaskin won 25-14; N Waddock, K Taylor, B Sanford, J Weatherall lost 21-14; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson won 24-14.


Chichester 55 Arundel 23

Despite poor conditions in Priory Park, Chichester ladies got the season off to a good start in their quest to retain the C&M League title.

Chichester had a ten-shot lead after ten ends. They continued to pull away and finished with a 32-shot win and took all six points.

Scores: Pam Rampton, Penny Hannett, Jean Hole, April Janman won 22-7; Chris Hobbs, Maggie Maggs, Bridget Collins, Wendy Adams won 33-16.


A ladies’ C&M League match at Aldingbourne ended in a 46-35 loss and two points.

Scores: Janet Boucher, Eileen Terry, Gill Conley, Frances Ireland won 23-20; Iris Brooker, Chris Mayoss, Sheila Stocker, Maureen King lost 26-12.

The ladies’ lost 48-24 in a friendly at Aldingbourne.

Scores: Sabina Livermore, Jackie Sales, Ann Calvert, Marlene Steel lost 20-13; Doreen Ellis, Valerie Paul, Judy Warner lost 28-11.

Pagham ladies also sent two rinks to Arundel in the C&M League but lost 44-33.

Scores: Iris Brooker, Val Ryan, Chris Mayoss, Maureen King lost 21-18; Sabina Livermore, Annie Ross, Gill Conley, Frances Ireland lost 23-15.

n An open morning to encourage new bowlers will be held at Swansea Gardens bowling green from 10am until midday this Saturday.

Free coaching and instruction is available and members will be serving free tea, coffe and biscuits. All welcome.


Aldingbourne won 75-70 against Pagham’s men in the Littlehampton Gazette League. Aldingbourne took eight points, Pagham two.

Scores: W Tribe, G Arnold, A Hutt, R Sparrow beat Brian Calvert, Alan Boucher, Paul Mayoss, Roy Livermore 19-17; S Hayter, D Page, D Meakins, R Wyatt beat Daniel Lovell, Gerry Stevens, Peter Quilter, Eric King 20-15; J Beeston, D Brooks Kibble, D Anderson, F Mulholland lost 21-12 to Peter Green, Brian Sales, Ian Paul, Ron Friday; A Carter, H Gear, K Robini, R Macer beat Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith, John Newell, Mike English 24-19.


In the Brooks League, Arundel won 33-29 at Middleton. Arundel took four points to Middleton’s two.

Scores: R Wooten 15 J Rose 23, J Wilson 14 B Heal 10.

In the ladies’ C&M League, Arundel lost 42-33 at Middleton.

Scores: A Stevenson 20 M Wallinger 14, J Gower 22 A Olliver 17.

In a men’s league match at Chichester, Arundel lost 83-68.


Div 1: Middleton 42 (6pts) Arundel 31 (J Gower 22 A Olliver 17; A Stevensen 20 M Wallinger 14); Aldingbourne 46 (4pts) Pagham 35 (2pts) (J Hamilton 26 M King 12; J Whetstone 20 F Ireland 23); Chichester 55 (6pts) Arundel 23 (W Adams 33 M Wallinger 16; A Janman 22 A Olliver 7); Arundel 44 (6pts) Pagham 33 (P Gear 23 F Ireland 15; A Olliver 21 M King 18).