Boxing: Ide celebrates best win - but it’s not all good news

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CALLUM IDE, Bognor’s light heavyweight boxer, has had mixed results of late.

He enjoyed a cracking win against Battlebridge’s Jamie Fitzgerald.

From the start, Ide caught Fitzgerald with his long-range jab and only once did he get caught against the ropes, taking a heavy body shot in the first round.

After instructions from his coaches, Ide went out throwing hard left and rights in round two. By round three he was enjoying himself, landing double right hands and Fitzgerald was lucky to survive the attacks.

It was Ide’s best win so far.

The following week, Ide was back in action representing Sussex against Kent in Ramsgate, a completely different fight for him as he is 6ft 5in tall and this was a very small ring.

He was up against a short stocky lad from St Mary’s, Oliver Edwards.

Round one saw Edwards pressurising Ide and stoppnig him using his long reach. In round two Ide started to find his range but the Kent boxer still did the better work.

In the third and last round it was all Ide, but it was too late to salvage the contest.