Charlton’s bid for Cuestars title is snookered

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BOGNOR snooker star Jon Charlton lost in the final of the first leg of the Cuestars South of England Championship Tour in Swindon.

Host town cueman Seb Worrall improved throughout the day and accounted for 2012 Cuestars champion Charlton 3-0.

Worrall said: “I wasn’t expecting to win at all as I only practise once a week now.”

Worrall - who compiled a maximum 147 break on Stephen Lee’s practice table in April 2010, a feat witnessed by the Trowbridge professional - cruised to a 1-0 lead in the final but was forced to scrap in the next.

Charlton (Aldwick RBL), who had also qualified from his group in second place, needed just the last red and a colour in the key second frame.

Charlton said: “Seb took the last red and colour, potted the yellow but snookered himself on the green. In escaping from the snooker, Seb hit the green and fluked it in the corner and went on to pot a very good long brown followed by a long blue in the corner. He then potted the pink to win the frame.”

Already leading in the third, Worrall reaped the benefit of a good safety shot and wrapped up the victory with a 40-plus break.

“Seb played well and scored consistently through the match,” said Charlton.

“The second frame, I feel I should have won. But that is just the way it can go sometimes. Even with a bit of luck at the right time, he still potted three good shots that followed it.”

A 24-strong field at Jesters returned 15 half-century breaks. The second leg of six in the annual contest is at The Crucible Sports & Social Club in Newbury on Sunday, November 18.