Chelsea pensioners enjoy visit to Bognor bowlers - but when they will be back?

The Chelsea Pensioners and their RAFA club hosts
The Chelsea Pensioners and their RAFA club hosts
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More than 20 Chelsea Pensioners – some of them in their famous ‘scarlets’ – visited the RAFA 381 Club in Bognor.

Among them were with their colonel, Mark Baker, and previous colonel Nigel Gilbert and his wife.

RAFA bowlers treated the Chelsea Pensioners to a lunch of steak and kidney pie.

Irene Lorimer, the RAFA president, showed the photo taken of the group of pensioners taken in 2004, although their first visit had been in 2002.

On the green, the pensioners sang You Are My Sunshine and some lively banter continued throughout what was a very friendly game on all four rinks.

After the bowling, all returned to the club for sandwiches, a raffle and presentations. A RAFA plaque was presented by the president as this was expected to be the last time the pensioners would come to the club in the near future.

In return Col Baker presented the new book about the history of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, which was inscribed by all pensioners present.

Col Baker promised they would return in the future as the friendship shown by RAFA members was much appreciated.


Lancing 101 Bognor 61

Bognor travelled to Lancing for a division-three match. Lancing were victors with a 3-1 rinks win and Bognor took just two points.

Scores: A Harrison, A Knight,D Dalton, S Soames won 21-19; G Dunham, G Cook, A Lewis, D Purse lost 18-14; J Smith, A Oliver, P Dale, J Parry lost 37-12; R Bobbett, T Love, N Burchfell, P Phillips lost 27-14.

A PC Cup match at Norfolk Gardens saw Bognor go down three rinks to one wand 89-75.

Scores: N Waddock, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner won 23-17; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson lost 25-18; D Parker, B Sanford, J Parry, T Gaskin lost 27-22; T Love, K Taylor, S Soames, P Phillips lost 20-12.

Bognor 81 Southbourne 78

Bognor hosted Southbourne for an LG League division-one match. The home team won on three rinks and the visitors on one. Bognor took eight points to Southbourne’s two.

Scores: G Cook, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 23-16; T Love, N Waddock, T Moore, B Sanford won 23-22;

D Parker, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson won 22-15; K Hellyer, J Weatherall, J Parry, T Gaskin won 20-10.

East Preston 88 Bognor 63

Bognor A travelled to East Preston for an LG League division-one match. The home team succeeded on three rinks with one rink drawn.

Scores: I Hellyer, J Weatherall, J Parry, T Gaskin lost 25-6; N Waddock, T Moore, B Sanford, J Roots drew 22-22; D Parker, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson lost 24-21; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 17-14.

Bognor 87 East Preston 56

East Preston came to Waterloo Square for a division-three match in which Bognor gained revenge for the A team’s defeat. They managed a fine three-rink win with the fourth rink drawn. It resulted in nine points to Bognor.

Scores: B Harvey, A Lewis, D Purse, B Hey drew 17-17; G Dunham, A Knight, T Mussell, J Parry won 25-17;

A Harrison, P Dale, D Dalton, S Soames won 21-13; R Bobbett, T Love, N Buchfell, J Blacow won 25-11.

Bognor 70 Storrington 91

Bognor were not strong enough for visitors Storrington in a home division-one match.

Scores: N Waddock, T Rexstrew, D Forn, R Gardner won 21-16; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson won 23-16; D Parker, K Taylor, B Sanford, J Whitfield lost 31-10; T Love, G Verrinder, P Phillips, T Gaskin lost 28-16.


Purbrook Heath 91 Southbourne 34

After their excellent home match against Purbrook Heath, Southbourne couldn’t raise sufficient bowlers to field the five triples needed for a full team and then found it heavy going for the three triples played.

Scores: I Jennings, J Staker, S Heil lost 26-7; J Jennings, C Lowe, M Baylis lost 22-14; A Greenfield, M Odell, P Garrard lost 23-13.

Bedhampton 66 Southbourne 45

Southbourne failed to field a full team in their away Reflex League match at Bedhampton, but this time they did achieve a win on two out of the three triples played.

Scores: I Jennings, M Baylis, P Garrard won 16-15; J Staker, F Heil, M Odell lost 24-7; D Young, S Heil, F Brimcome won 22-7.

Worthing 102 Southbourne 74

In round two of the Littlehampton Gazette PC Cup, on three of the four rinks played the matches were very close and could have gone either way.

Scores: A Williams, D Young, F Armstrong, A Grief lost 19-18; D Walter, S Soper, M Soper, D Alner lost 21-19; L Walter, C Petchey, A Smith, R Armstrong lost 25-21; P Jasinski, J Staker, P Garrard, R Bull lost 37-16.

Southbourne 96 Worthing A 66

A couple of days later Southbourne hosted Worthing A in the Gazette League. This time Southbourne won on three of the four rinks played to take eight points.

Scores: K Lockyer, F Armstrong, R Bull, D Alner won 23-22; L Walter, C Petchey, J Simmonds, A Bull won 31-10; P Jasinski, M Soper, A Smith, R Armstrong won 24-14; D Walter, S Soper, D Fewell, P Butler lost 20-18.


Pagham are through to the final of the Midhurst Cup after winning the semi-final on all rinks and 83-47.

The final will be played at Midhurst against Liphook.

Scores: Peter Green, Chris Mayoss, Paul Mayoss won 18-10; Maureen King, Eric King, Arthur Jeffery won 28-11;

Robert Pearson, Douglas Vaughan, Mike English won 23-15; Nick Terry, Bagsy Smith, Gill Conley won 13-11.

Three friendly triples beat Suttton 46-43.

Scores: Janet Boucher, Mick Adams, Frances Ireland won 23-7; Anne Calvert, Alan Boucher, Graham Ireland lost 14-12; Jackie Sales, Brian Sales, Brian Calvert lost 22-11.

In the ladies’ C&M League versus Witterings, Pagham took two points from a 46-37 loss.

Scores: Janet Boucher, Margaret Rees, Chris Mayoss, Maureen King lost 33-10; Diana Mitchell, Marlene Steel, Sheila Stocker, Gill Conley won 27-13.

A three-rinks men’s friendly against Witterings resulted in an 82-43 win.

Scores: Daniel Lovell, Alan Boucher, Mick Adams, Dave Spink lost 21-14; John Stocker, John Warner, Len Hall, Paul Mayoss won 47-6; Richard Hilder, B Williams, Derek Levy, Eric King won 21-16.

Four men’s friendly rinks faced Field Place and won 82-61.

Scores: Peter Green, John Stewart, Ian Paul, Paul Mayoss lost 19-16; Peter Langridge, Gerry Stevens, Arthur Jeffery, Eric King won 24-14; Nick Terry, Mick Adams, Douglas Vaughan, Ron Friday lost 15-14; Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith, Dave Spink, Mike English won 28-13.

Four mixed rinks lost 93-68 to Knaphill.

Scores: Daniel Lovell, Patsy Cobbins, Mick Adams, Joan Wells lost 20-16; John Stocker, Val Paul, John Burke, Gerry Stevens lost 30-13; Jackie Sales, Barry Baines, Marlene Steel, Tony Wells lost 26-15; Brian Sales,

D Westcott, Ian Paul, Sheila Stocker won 24-17.

A four-rink friendly against Worthing Pavilion saw Pagham go down 98-66.

Scores: Arthur Jeffery, Alan Boucher, Douglas Vaughan, Paul Mayoss lost 31-15; Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith,

Ian Paul, Mike English lost 23-13; Peter Langridge, Gerry Stevens, Mick Adams, Eric King lost 24-19; Mick Terry, Derek Levy, Peter Green, Ron Friday lost 20-19.


Fishbourne 94 Witterings 74

Scores: D Humphreys, W White, E Dewing won 27-8; G Summers, N Saunders, A Saunders drew 16-16; W Dean, T White, B Henham won 18-12; I Roberts, K Ridley, P Massey lost 19-18; J Conway, K Fancy, T Gaffney lost 19-15.

Midhurst 79 Fishbourne 62

Scores: G Randall, J Wingate, B Henham lost 17-16; M Keane, V Frost, P White won 19-8; M Bleach, J Conway, P Winter won 25-14; N Saunders, A Saunders, B Wallsgrove lost 23-19.

Chichester 104 Fishbourne 106

Scores: W Dean, V Frost, B Henham, lost 28-10; C Lankshear, M Keane, P Massey won 31-12; E Keane,

M Bleach, B Wallsgrove drew 17-17; F Heil, S Heil, T Gaffney drew 19-19; W White, T White, P White won 14-13; S Lewis, J Conway, P Winter lost 17-13.

Fishbourne 71 Little Spain 95

Scores: G Randall, V Frost, G Summers won 15-13; B Aston, J Heffer, T Gaffney won 17-13; J Summers, M Bleach, P White lost 16-15; D Humphreys, B Blackie, A Saunders lost 22-13; W Saunders, K Ridley, B Wallsgrove lost 31-11.


Fishbourne 94 Witterings 74

On a humid evening, Witterings enjoyed playing a five-triples mixed friendly at Fishbourne. Witterings won two triples, drew one and lost two.

Scores: A Somerville, P Hutton & S Hooker (s) lost 27-8; V Hooker, J Bangs & B Horsley (s) drew 16-16; C Porter, R Hanbury & E Shoyer (s) lost 18-12; G Porter, P Chivers & C Horsley (s) won 19-18; M Lillywhite, J Derkatsch & L Bangs (s) won 19-15.

Arundel 116 Witterings 93

On a sunny afternoon Witterings visited Arundel for a five-rinks mixed friendly. Witterings won two rinks.

Scores: P Chivers, G Harsant, D Leach & J Hostler (s) won 27-15; B Curtis, J Bangs, M Mulligan & M Aylward (s) lost 31-10; V Hooker, G Morgan, L Bangs & C Horsley (s) won 20-17; L Swift, T Mulligan, B Newman & B Horsley (s) lost 23-15; J Edwards, T Nixon, S Hooker & J Slogrove (s) lost 30-21.


Twelve points were gained by Chichester ladies after two good wins at home in the C&M League against Witterings and Maltravers. One friendly rink in each match was enjoyed by all players with one convincing win and a narrow loss for Chichester.

Chichester 63 Witterings 18

Scores: D Anderson, M Schofield, B Collins, W Adams won 38-8; C Hobbs, P Rampton, B Spicer, A Janman won 25-10; (friendly) R Bayfield, M Maggs, J Hole, M Potter lost 19-17.

Chichester 45 Maltravers 31

Scores: D Anderson, S Pickard, B Spicer, W Adams won 20-18; C Hobbs, J Hole, M Potter, A Janman won 25-13; (friendly) P Rampton, R Manning, S Baverstock, M Schofield won 25-8.

Chichester 26 Uckfield 19

Congratulations to P Rampton, J Hole, B Spicer and A Janman for their win against Uckfield in the Gladys Rowland competition, which means they will travel to Burgess Hill to play in the semi-final on August 13.


Fittleworth won on only one rink against Midhurst but won the game overall 49-48.

Scores: Mike Ryan, Gina Barnfield, Sheila Allen lost 16-14; Pauline Gilpin, Bernard Adsett, Alan Jordan lost 17-14; Audrey Hodgson, Mark Wood, Sue Judd won 21-15.


Telepost won 57-40 at Rogate in the Holbrook Cup but went down 61-47 at home to West Dean in a friendly.


In the Brooks Motors Mixed League, Norfolk consolidated their position at the top of division one with a six-point win over second-placed Pagham, who are now 11 points behind with a game in hand.

In division two Middleton remain top on shot difference over Crablands with Fishbourne two points behind games in hand.

Results: Div 1: Aldingbourne 33 (4pts) Pulborough 29 (2pts) (Heasman 21 Etherington 11; Whetstone 12 Adsett 18); Pulborough 38 (5pts) Arundel 32 (1pt) (Brown 20 Heal 20; Adsett 18 Olliver 12); Arundel 33 (2pts) Aldingbourne 39 (4pts) (Olliver 15 Hathaway 22; Blampied 18 Whetstone 17); Pagham 35 Norfolk 38 (6pts) (King 15 Collins 17; Mayoss 20 Ayling 21).

Tables: Div 1: 1 Norfolk p7 31pts; 2 Pagham p6 20; 3 Chichester p7 20; 4 Pulborough p6 19; 5 Arundel

p7 13; 6 Aldingbourne p5 11. Div 2: 1 Middleton p9 32pts; 2 Crablands p8 32; 3 Fishbourne p6 30; 4 Hotham p7 15; 5 RAFA p8 12; 6 Bognor p6 11.


Div 1: Bognor 26 Norfolk (6pts) 43 (M Phillips 10 L Curtis 22; J Spiers 16 A Parsons 21); Chichester (6pts) 63 Witterings 18 (A Janman 25 M Aylward 10; W Adams 38 C Horsley 8); Chichester (6pts) 45 Maltravers 31 (W Adams 20 B Butcher 18; A Janman 25 F Steele 13).

Div 2: Arundel (4pts) 43 Beach Park (2pts) 35 (M Wallinger 27 S Wilcox 11; P Gear 16 P Hayward 24); Lancing (4pts) 50 Shoreham (2pts) 29 (L Gray 30 B Steady 7; B Gosden 20 D Howe 22); East Preston (3pts) 39 Petworth (3pts) 39 (G Robinson 13 S Miles 26, M Cooke 26 C Herbert 13).


In Crablands SMBC’s Tuesday League, Team A lead with 17 points, B are second with 15, third are C with eight and D are fourth with eight but a worse points difference.

The semi-final winners in the Mixed Pairs are Tony Heritage and Joyce Abel and Ted Murrell and Marie Nutt.

Winning semi-finalists in the singles are Mike Masterton and Wally Obermayer.