Chichester bowlers back on Top Club trail

National-competition success for Chichester bowlers headlines our latest local bowls round-up.

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With Chichester winning the two woods and four-wood singles in quick time, followed by a win in the triples, there was no way back for East Preston in this National Top Club first-round match.

It follows on from last year’s success as the Sussex Top Club champions.

In the next round Chichester will be playing away at either Crablands or Worthing Beach House Park.

Scores: Two Wood Singles - Peter Whale won 15-8; Four Wood Singles - Jim Larkin won 21-10; Pairs - Nick Anderson and Malcolm Bowden (skip) lost 15-11; Triples - Clive Keedwell, Derek Leach, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 19-18; Fours - Cole Porter, David Schofield, Brian Butler, Tony Sayers (skip) won 18-10

Chichester 74 East Preston 48

In the first round of the PC Cup, Chichester took control from the start, East Preston conceding the game after 17 ends with Chichester 26 shots ahead.

Scores: I Linfield, M Bowden, C Keedwell, D Leach (skip) won 22-8; P Whale, S Meyer, P White, K Burt (skip) lost 20-8; C Porter, B Talmage, J Larkin, D Schofield (skip) won 31-9; T Hardgrove, G Buckle, B Butler, T Sayers (skip) won 13-11.

Chichester B 94 Storrington 63

Chichester B continued their winning streak with a sixth win in six when they beat Storrington at home in division three of the Littlehampton Gazette League by 31 shots, taking another eight points.

Scores: A Daines, C Hulbert, L Etherington, L Shipp (skip) won 24-14; T Jennings, K Ball, T Haigh, T Hardgrove (skip) won 24-13; A Deller, R Anscombe, B Taylor, P Merritt (skip) won 27-15; T Wiseman, G Beagley, B Money, M Hannant (skip) lost 21-19.

Chichester 48 Hotham 18

With one triple winning comfortably and the other holding off a late fightback by Hotham, Chichester took all six points in their home BM Mixed League match.

Scores: Jean Hole, Steph Baverstock, Tony Hardgrove (skip) won 29-6; Debbie Hogg, Terry Gaffney, Peter Whale (skip) won 19-12.

West Tarring 81 Chichester 61

Chichester travelled to West Tarring for a mixed friendly but West Tarring won by 20 shots.

Scores: G Beagley, M Davis, T Haigh (skip) lost 19-15; B Hole, T Wiseman, B Taylor (skip) lost 23-14; T Daines, I Taylor, A Stewart (skip) lost 20-12; P Doust, D Hogg, L Etherington (skip) won 20-19.

Chichester 64 Rogate 62

Despite winning only one of the three triples, Chichester produced a norrow two-shot victory in their mixed friendly at home to Rogate.

Scores: G Beagley, S Baverstock, P Merritt (skip) won 36-11; A Daines, I Taylor, C Porter (skip) lost 22-17; L Etherington, B Hole, R Anscombe (skip) lost 29-11.

Shoreham 14 Chichester 32

Chris Hobbs, Pam Rampton, Betty Spicer and April Janman played at Shoreham in the Gladys Rowland competition. They were 14-6 down at 11 ends but a change of jack length worked well as the home team failed to score over the last ten ends.

Chichester 48 St Ann’s Well Gardens 34

In the preliminary round of the inter-club double rink competition, Chichester ladies played one rink at home and one away. Both the Chichester rinks won by seven shots putting them through to the first round.

Scores: Home – Bridget Collins, Margaret Schofield, Sue Miles & April Janman won 21-14; Away – Chris Hobbs, Rosemary Manning, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer won 27-20.

Southwater 47 Chichester 82

Chichester ladies are through to the zone Final of the Sussex Top Club after playing at Southwater and winning the singles, pairs and fours and drawing the triples – rounding off a very successful week.

Scores: Singles: Wendy Adams won 21-14; Pairs: Chris Hobbs & Betty Spicer won 23-12; Triples: Jean Hole, Steph Baverstock & Sue Miles drew 12-12; Fours: Rosemary Manning, Pam Rampton, Bridget Collins & April Janman won 26-9.


Worthing Pavilion A 80 Bognor A 76

Bognor took six points’s four despite just losing the match by four shots against a team who were LG League division-one winners last season.

Scores: T Arnold, K Hellyer, S Soames, T Moore (skip) won 21-20; D Parker, J Whitfield, R Bell, T Gaskin (skip) won 26-12; R Lincoln, P Lichfield, J Christensen, A Richardson (skip) lost 35-14; D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) won 15-13.

Storrington 94 Bognor B 49

In the LG division-three match, Bognor lost on all four rinks – though it was very close on two rinks.

Scores: N Burchfell, G Cook, J Edwards, A Hall (skip) lost 18-17; R Bobbett, R Penny, P Phillips, J Parry (skip) lost 25-12; G Herrington, P Hasler, P Lichfield, K.Taylor (skip) lost 16-14; T Love, T Mussel, D Matkins, J Jackson (skip) lost 36-6.

Bognor B 61 Pulborough 81

Bognor B managed to win one point in this LG League division-three match with Pulborough taking nine points.

Scores: R Bobbett, G Dunham, G Cook, J Jackson (skip) lost 21-13; A Harrison, D Dalton, D Purse, J Parry (skip) drew 18-18; B Daley, G Herrington, J Balcow, K Taylor (skip) lost 21-15.

Croydon 97 Bognor 97

Bognor enjoyed their annual trip for a friendly with everybody getting a game.

Bognor 81 Witterings 71

Bognor won a friendly played in great spirit.

Scores: D Dalton, N Waddock, P Lichfield, S Soames (skip) beat F Bray, B Barns, G Morgan, E Shoyer (s) 20-12; A Knight, V Bailey, J Parry, J Parry (skip) beat T Boyd, P Wiggins, F Knotts, B Horsley (s) 19-18; S Webster, R Philpot, M Johnson, R Gardner (skip) beat M King, A Somerville, J Langworthy, D Bell (s) 29-17; B Harvey, G Dunham, J Christensen, K Taylor (skip) lost 24-13 to R Prior, T Nixon, C Jelf, L Bangs (s).

Bognor 110 Godalming 130

The visitors proved too strong for Bognor as an enjoyable day’s bowling saw Godalming winning on three rinks.

Scores: A Charlesworth, B Daley, N Waddock, Jean Spiers (skip) drew 25-25; Edna Keywood, Lyn Carthew, P Lichfield, K Taylor (skip) lost 21-13; A Harrison, P Dale, Jean Taylor, J Edwards (skip) won 18-14; Jenny Gibson, Beryl Charlesworth, G Cook, D Matkins won 24-21; R Bobbett, G Dunham, Anne Parry, A Hall (skip) lost 23-20; R Philpot, Alma Harrison, Christine Preston, J Parry lost 26-10.


Middleton Ladies 40 Shoreham Ladies 30

It’s three wins in a row for Middleton ladies as they seek to return to the top division in the C&M Trophies League.

Scores: G Graham, H Wheeler, L Hills, A Steventon lost 19-17; D Jenkins, L Davidson, L Simpson, M Wootten won 23-11. Middleton 4pts.

Middleton 100 Petworth 54

Encouraged by the ladies’ performance, the men broke a four-match losing sequence with victory at home to Petworth in an LG League league fixture.

Scores: K Walker, D Gower, T Finch, R Wootten lost 21-18; T Bridge, L Oldridge, K Jenkins, G Smith won 29-10; K Graham, P Lush, J Graham, J Wilson won 25-13; I Hart, P Ramsden, B Colvin, M Feneley won 28-10. Middleton 8pts, Petworth 2pts.

Middleton 62 Storrington 88

Scores: T Bridge, P Ramsden, G Steventon, R Wootten lost 22-14; L Oldridge, K Walker, J Graham, G Smith lost 24-11; I Hart, C Pratt, K Baker, B Colvin lost 23-10; K Graham, D Gower, R Wheeler, A Nurse won 27-19. Middleton 2pts.

Middleton 54 Pulborough 101

Scores: C Pratt, P Ramsden, B Colvin, M Feneley lost 17-12; J Barker, K Jenkins, J Graham, J Wilson lost 24-12; K Graham, K Walker, T Finch, R Wootten lost 28-17; I Hart, D Gower, K Baker, A Nurse lost 32-7.

Middleton 26 Fishbourne 41

It was one game each but Fishbourne emerged winners of this BM League mixed-team league fixture by virtue of a better points total.

Scores: L Lush, P Lush, D Wilkins lost 25-4; D Jenkins, T Bridge, B Bravington won 22-16. Middleton 2pts, Fishbourne 4pts.


Wittering 25 Pagham 45

After winning their first two matches in the BM League, Wittering lost heavily against Pagham.

Scores: K Nixon, P Chivers, A Gander (s) lost 26-13 to E Shine, M Adams, P Mayoss; C Brooks, L Swift, C Jelf (s) lost 19-12 to J Warner, D Vaughan, L Hall.

Wittering 27 Storrington 36

There was a disappointing result for Wittering in the BM League.

Scores: Ann Miles, A Somerville, J Hostler (s) lost 16-8; P Nixon, R Hanbury, C Jelf (s) lost 20-19.

Wittering 74 Crablands 90

The sun was shining – but not on the Wittering players. They lost on three rinks in their Littlehampton Gazette League match

gaining just two points with Crablands gaining eight.

Scores: G Morgan, M White, F Knotts, J Hostler (s) beat E Potz, C Pestle, A Blyth, K Bailey 27-14; F Bray, G Murphy, J Langworthy, E Shoyer (s) lost 19-16 to B Berry, J Saunders, A Bateman, D Adams; M King, P Wiggins, R Stephens, B Horsley (s) lost 28-20 to N Reynolds, R Shambrook, A Humphreys, R Eastland; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs, D Bell (s) beat J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, J Harman, I Jones 24-16.


Crablands 61 West Tarring 80

A disappointing game for Crablands men saw them lose on all four rinks in the league.

Scores: D Jonas, P Blackman, R Shambrook, A Blyth lost 22-13; J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, J Harman, I Jones lost 18-16; B Berry, C Pestle, R Osborn, R Eastland lost 21-15; E Potz, N Reynolds, J Saunders, D Adams lost 19-17.

Crablands 31 Storrington 43

No points were gained by Crablands in this BM League game.

Scores: L Lewendon, L Tuck, R Eastland lost 19-17; J Taylor, R Osborn, J Byrne lost 24-14.

Crablands 41 Worthing Pavilion 33

Crablands ladies, playing in the first round of the Double Rink, had a convincing win against Worthing Pavilion.

Scores: C Lewendon, J Rawlins, S Jones, C Bowles won 23-9; M Bateman, M Back, C Ruler, S Blyth lost 24-18.


Southbourne BC held a very successful open fours competition organised by Margaret Odell on a beautiful day.

Fifteen teams from all round Sussex and Hampshire entered, each playing five rinks of six ends.

Chris Halliwell of Addison Law Solicitors, the main sponsors of the event, presented the shield and prizes to the winners.

First were the Andy Caps (sponsored by Simon Wickins Car Sales) – Karen Alner, Andy Smith, Dave Alner and Robin Armstrong (skip). Second were Dream Team: Chris Rolph, Richard Dray, Andrew Clarke and Gavin Beven (skip) and third were Seagulls, Brian Heal, Barbara Cairns, Pat Packham and Bob Cairns (skip).


Sutton 18 West Dean 45

West Dean won both triples away to Sutton.

Scores: Pam Sharrod, Ian Harrison, Jim Sharrod (s) won 21-8; Ann Hiscock, Chris Warrington, David Turner (s) 24-10.

Graffham 61 West Dean 30

West Dean won only one of three triples at Graffham.

Scores: John Elliott, John Butterworth, Jom Sharrod (s) lost 13-9; Pam Sharrod, Andy Woods, Tony Boxall (s) won 15-12; Ian Harrison, David Turner, David Harding (s) lost 26-6.

West Dean held their annual Alex and Bill Smith Trophy competition at West Dean Gardens. Twelve members entered and the winner was David Harding, with club captain Tony Boxall runner-up.


Petworth had a disappointing defeat at Middleton – losing 100-54 and picking up only two of the ten points.

The only success was on rink one with Selwyn Hall, Jim Dormer, Bob Turner and Mick Booth winning 21-18.

John Steel, Nigel Flynn, Alan Potter and Mick Monk lost 29-10; Denis Caisor, Kevin Mitchell, Dan Blackman and Mel Lillywhite were beaten 25-13 and Pete Miles, Len McRae, Bill Bryden and Nick Dudman went down 28-10.


Two mixed triples played a BM League match against Southbourne and lost 36-29.

Scores: R Osment, J Cuts, R Friday drew 18-18 with Gordon Fisher, Dave Young, Margaret Odell (s); L Saunders, M Adams, G Cutts lost 18-11 to Mary Thornton, Jim Jennings, John Staker (s).

Two mixed triples played at Swansea Gardens against Bognor and enjoyed a big 61-13 victory.

Scores: L Saunders, J Stewart, G Cutts won 18-10; J Cutts, D Spink, L Hall won 33-3.

A four-rink men’s league game versus Arundel ended in a 77-75 win and six points.

Scores: R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, M English lost 23-21; M McCabe, M Adams, G Cutts, P Mayoss won 20-18; T Plows,    B Calvert, J Newell, R Friday lost 23-12; N Terry, R Osment, D Spink, L Hall won 24-11.

Two ladies’ rinks won 35-27 in the C&M League versus Arundel.

Scores: E Terry, C Mayoss, S Stocker, G Conley won 20-9; I Brooker, E Shine, J Taffurelli, S Hart lost 18-15.

Four mixed triples beat Hayling Island 69-63.

Scores: B Calvert, M Rees, P Burrell, D Spink won 24-15; D Westcott, R Hilder, G Stevens won 16-15; A Burrell, D Ellis, M Hoaden, M Adams lost 18-11; Anne Calvert, L Saunders, R Osment, L Hall won 18-15.

Pagham Ladies played another round of the Gladys Rowland Cup. They beat Hangleton 27-12 – the winning four were C Penny, C Mayoss, J Taffurelli and S Hart.