Chichester bowlers celebrate a double - Abergavenny Cup is theirs again

Chichester bowlers who won the Abergavenny Cup  Picture by Alan Stewart
Chichester bowlers who won the Abergavenny Cup Picture by Alan Stewart

By beating White Rock BC from Hastings in the final of the County Double Fours, played at Preston BC in Brighton, the Chichester men won the Abergavenny Cup for the second year running - a feat not achieved for over ten years in this prestigious competition.

Scores: Gerry Jackson, David Schofield, Derek Leach, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 24-12; Peter Whale, Simon Tooley, Tony Sayers, Mick Page (skip) lost 24-20.

Chichester 4 Hove & Kingsway 1

Chichester’s men were successful against Hove & Kingsway in the county final of the National Top Club.

Scores: Two Wood Singles won by Simon Tooley; Four Wood Singles lost by Jim Larkin; Pairs won by Brian Butler and David Schofield (skip); Triples won by Derek Leach, Clive Keedwell and Matt Bonnar (skip); Fours won by Peter Whale, Ricky Hobbs, Tony Sayers and Mick Page (skip).

Chichester will now meet the champions of Kent, the winner going forward to the National Finals to be played at Royal Leamington Spa in September.

Chichester A 83 Norfolk A 71

Despite 11 regular players being unavailable, Chichester A produced a superb display to take five points in their LG League match at home to Norfolk A - and the two defeated rinks only lost by one and two shots respectively.

Scores: L Shipp, P Baverstock, M Lewis, G Jackson (skip) won 29-14; G Buckle, J White, PJ White, B Talmage (skip) lost 19-17; C Porter, B Manning, P Howick, M Bayfield (skip) drew 19-19; I Linfield, T Hardgrove, K Burt, J Pickard (skip) lost 19-18.

Chichester B 83 Worthing Pavilion C 84

In a very close LG League match at home to Worthing Pavilion C, Chichester B were just edged out by only one shot and took four points.

Scores: J Swannell, B Taylor, L Shipp, S Meyer (skip) won 25-19; J Sparrow, D Gray, T Hardgrove, J Pickard (skip) lost 23-16; J Walters, A Daines, K Burt, PJ White (skip) won 23-13; A Deller, J Williams, B Money, C Wade (skip) lost 29-19.

Chichester 115 Fishbourne 79

Chichester were always in control of their friendly at home to Fishbourne and steadily built up their advantage going on to win by 36 shots.

Scores: J White, M Schofield, B Money (skip) won 22-13; C Hulbert, A Hulbert, P Whale (skip) lost 16-12; S Baverstock, S Goddard, L Shipp (skip) won 23-16; A Daines, K Burt, PJ White (skip) won 24-13; A Deller, P Hague, C Porter (skip) won 15-11; D Hogg, R Anscombe, M Lewis (skip) won 19-10.

Chichester 70 Maltravers 13

Maltravers ladies struggled with the fast green at Priory Park, comprehensively losing on both rinks in this C&M League game and giving Chichester all six points.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Rosemary Manning, Margaret Schofield & April Janman won 40-6; Maggie Maggs, Sandra Pickard, Bridget Collins & Wendy Adams won 30-7.

Chichester ladies played both Wittering and Petworth in friendlies, losing one and winning the other.

Chichester 37 Wittering 42

Scores: Jean Hole, Rosemary Manning, Maggie Maggs & Mary Potter beat J Mulligan, V Hooker, D Leach & M Aylward (s) 21-20; Debbie Hogg, Innes Taylor, Sandra Pickard & Steph Baverstock lost 22-16 to A Miles, P Lillywhite, R Hanbury & B Newman (s).

Chichester 18 Petworth 14

Scores: Debbie Hogg, Pam Rampton, Innes Taylor & Margaret Schofield won 18-14.


Crablands 37 Lancing 40

On a very hot afternoon, Lancing travelled to Crablands for a league game. In a very close match, Lancing managed to take four of the six points on offer.

Scores: G Humphreys, V Tyrrell, S Blyth, M Brown lost 25-17; C Lewendon, S Jones, J Rawlins, C Bowles won 20-15.

Crablands 71 Southbourne 75

Crablands men took four league points in their match against Southbourne.

Scores: B Jones, A Humphreys, K Bailey, D Clacey won 16-15; L Lewendon, B Foyle, A Blyth, D Bowles won 27-14; M Campbell, J Brown, D Adams, I Jones lost 19-16; C Pestle, J Tyrrell, J Saunders, M Heasman lost 27-12.

Crablands 63 Hotham 54

Crablands played host to Hotham for three mixed triples.

Scores: T Ford, D Aylward, R Shambrook won 25-12; M Whittle, B Jones, M Campbell lost 25-14; V Tyrrell, J Taylor, D Muncey won 24-17.

Congratulations go to Melva Bateman who reached the group final (quarter-final) of the county unbadged four-wood singles, where she lost 21-12 to Gill Conley of Pagham. Gill goes into the semi-final at Popes Mead on county finals day on August 18.

Melva has been a member of Crablands for many years, playing only occasionally and not very seriously. However, this year with more time available she has thrown herself into the game and into county competitions. Along with Melva, Elaine Sadler and Mollie Back also entered this competition doing extremely well and both going out only in the fourth round.


Despite a good win by Cris Lankshear, Alan Banham and Fishbourne captain Bernard Wallsgrove by 24-13, Fishbourne suffered a narrow defeat away at Portsmouth Gas by 93-99.

The result was even closer at home to Norfolk, when each side won two of the four mixed triples. Chris Lankshear, Rob Stone and John Wingate were Fishbourne’s top rink, winning 27-10, but with one of the Fishbourne triples suffering an equally heavy defeat, a 70-70 draw seemed a fair result.

At home to Witterings, Fishbourne enjoyed their biggest win of the season so far. Winning all five mixed triples, ladies’ captain Chris Lankshear recorded her third consecutive top rink, when with Allan Marsh and Tony Bleach, she won 31-5. Fishbourne won 111-47.

The annual visit to Chichester is always one of the highlights of the season, although the result is usually in the home team’s favour. This year was no exception as Fishbourne lost 115-79. They won on just one of the six rinks - Lavinia Brooks, Jean Conway and Peter Winter can be proud of their 16-12 win against a triple skipped by Peter Whale.

At home to Little Spain, four of Fishbourne’s five mixed triples turned in a below-par performance. With their only winning triple of Ken Makin, Audrey Saunders and Tony White winning by just a single shot, Fishbourne lost 95-61.


Witterings 78 Arundel 60

Witterings men had a good win in the Littlehampton Gazette League against Arundel. Each team won on two rinks and Witterings won overall by 18 shots to claim six points.

Scores: F Bray, S Hooker, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) lost 17-12; G Morgan, M White, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 26-7; J Hardy, J Langworthy, R Stephens & B Horsley (s) won 22-14; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs & D Bell (s) lost 22-18.

Pagham 45 Witterings 53

Witterings had a good win in a mixed friendly at Pagham. Witterings won on two rinks, lost on one rink and won overall by eight shots.

Scores: T Nixon, P Hutton & C Tuffin (s) lost 17-16; A Somerville, L Swift & G Morgan (s) won 18-17; K Nixon, C Porter & L Bangs (s) won 19-11.


Southbourne 37 RAFA 30

In the return home match against RAFA in the BM League, both triples were close but the final result was a win for Southbourne who took maximum points.

Scores: Dave Young, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) won 15-13; Joan Frost, Ted Dewing, Dave Walter (s) won 22-17.


Pagham ladies hosted Witterings in the C&M League and won 52-29, gaining six points.

Scores: J Sales, A Ross, S Stocker, G Conley won 31-14; I Brooker, E Shine, J Taffurelli, C Mayoss won 21-15.

Pagham ladies played Norfolk at home in the C&M League. They won 39-37 for six points.

Scores: I Brooker, S Hart, J Taffurelli, C Mayoss won 23-22; J Boucher, S Ross, S Stocker, G Conley won 16-15.

Pagham ladies lost a friendly rink at home to Norfolk 24-22.

Scores: L Saunders, J Cutts, E Shine, J Wells lost 24-22.

Pagham ladies went to play two friendly rinks with Chichester and won 45-21.

Scores: J Boucher, V Paul, J Taffurelli won 22-6; E Shine, J Sales, I Brooker, G Conley won 23-15.


Middleton members turned out in force to celebrate the club’s 70th birthday.

This was not a day for serious bowls. Instead, teams of four played games with strange names such as 4-3-2-1, Ball behind the jack and Play the jack where it lies.

Men’s captain John Graham led the winning team of Gordon Addicott, Pam Joseph and Lyn Lush. A village fete atmosphere was complemented by a bring and buy stall, raffle and a cream tea.

Middleton played no league matches during the week of the party but did manage some mixed friendlies.

Middleton 84 Little Spain 97

Scores: P Ramsden, P Holly & M Feneley lost 19-17; I Hart, M Fox, J Graham lost 25-12; P Collins, L Lush & B Bravington lost 26-10; G Smith, R Payne & M Wootten won 28-14; Holly, S Jackson & R Gregory won 17-13.

Middleton 97 Sussex Masonic 63

Scores: I Hart, R Payne & M Fox won 23-12; R Green, J Green & D Gower won 17-16; Holly, D Saunders & N Robertson won 21-6; P Ramsden, J Mathieson & M Feneley won 23-13; J Jackson, S Jackson & R Wootten lost 16-13.


Liphook 36 Midhurst 83

In the Three Counties League, five points for winning on all three rinks confirmed Midhurst as division-three champions with one match remaining.

Scores: Roger Brindle, Catherin Dixon & Stuart Largan won 20-17; Peter West, Margaret Sole & Dave King won 31-13; Delphine Clark, Malcolm Hutchings & Gerald Dixon won 32-6.

Midhurst 57 Fishbourne 65

Winning on two rinks and losing on two, Midhurst lost this return friendly by eight shots.

Scores: Mike Ryan, Delphine Clark & Alan Rickets won 15-13; Stella Tait, John Allen & Peter West lost 25-12 to Bernard Wallsgrove, Audrey Saunders & Norman Saunders; Jack Jarado, Howard Seymour & Margaret Sole won 17-13; Lally Mercer, Brian Porter & Phil Wells lost 14-13.

Midhurst Ladies 47 Haslemere Ladies 43

In a close match, Midhurst beat Haslemere by four shots, winning on one rink and losing on two.

Scores: Stella Tait, Joy Wells & Margaret Sole won 24-6; Lilly Kingswell, June Barnard & Catherin Dixon lost 20-10; Lally Mercer, Delphine Clark & Sue Ralph lost 17-13.


Stedham played three triples away to Rogate,winning on two and losing the third.

Scores: S Glazebrook, R Weeks, T Berry won 20-15; E Holland, J White, I Frost won 23-9; A White, C Hollingham, R Pett lost 20-13.

In the Three Counties games, Stedham B kept their winning way by taking four points to Hindhead’s one.

Stedham A lost to Petersfield 4-1 in points.

But Stedham had success in the Three Counties President’s Cup by beating Headley home and away to move into the semi-final.


Midhurst 53 Fittleworth 34

Scores: Pat Perry, Marc Wood, Sue Judd lost 24-8; Arthur Ellcome, Audrey Hodgson, Gina Barnfield drew 14-14; Frances Etherington, Mike Ryan, Alvar Etherington lost 15-12.


Arundel invited 12 teams to compete for the Castle Trophy. It is an annual event played in very good spirit.

Sponsors were Turners Pies from Bognor and Paul Crease from the Arun View. Winners were the Worthing Grasshoppers, runners-up London Transport, third were Arundel and fourth were Norfolk.

n Arundel took six points from a 58-25 C&M Ladies’ League win over Aldingbourne.

Scores: A Olliver 28 J Robini 13; M Wallinger 30 L Hathaway 12.

Arundel 84 Aldingbourne 69

A four-rink men’s league win earned Arundel six points.

Scores: B Heal 16 R Corme 27; J Rose 31 R Wyatt 12; J Lee 11 R Sparrow 21; A Batchelor 26 F Taylor 9.


The ladies of the C&M League made their annual challenge to the men at Beach Park, Worthing, in aid of the Snowdrop charity. Diane Levantine was in attendance for the Snowdrop appeal.

There was laughter on the greens for a perfect afternoon with excellent weather. Sponsor Tony Wright of C&M Trophies paid for the afternoon teas.

After 21 ends of bowling, the men emerged winners by 33 shots - 264-231. Top-rink prizes, also donated by Tony, were won by the Chichester ladies team of Maggie Maggs, Wendy Adams, Betty Spicer and April Janman. Top rink for the men went to Norfolk’s Jim Young, David Jelley, Roger Parsons and Bill Whittaker.

A raffle helped swell the Snowdrop appeal funds on the day by £880.

Thanks went to all the clubs who participated, the sponsor and the league committee.