Chichester student Murray’s a motorcycle marvel

Murray Hambro has had an excellent season on the track
Murray Hambro has had an excellent season on the track

CHICHESTER College student Murray Hambro has just completed his first season of racing in the Triumph Triple Challenge Racing series.

Riding his Triumph 675 in the British Superbike support race, he finished 28th out of 34 competitors.

For someone who has had no previous racing experience, this is a good result at a national level - but for someone who has lost both legs below the knee, this is a remarkable achievement.

Hambro is a former Lance-Corporal in the Second Royal Tank Regiment, whose tank was hit by a mine while he was serving in Afghanistan, resulting in severe injuries and the loss of both legs from below the knee.

He does not let his disability get in the way of his level-two motorcycle college course and expects to do everything that the rest of the group does, although he is the first person who does not have to wear safety shoes in the workshop.

Hambro recently took delivery of his Triumph 675 for the forthcoming season and fellow students helped in preparing his bike, fitting the hand-operated rear-brake control and thumb gear-change system.

An improved way of keeping his left ‘foot’ on the footrest was also made using a strong magnet and a thin steel plate on his boot sole. You can follow his progress at