Chisanga has a rollercoaster ride at Thorpe Park

Mwenya Chisanga with his St Gerards coaches
Mwenya Chisanga with his St Gerards coaches
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CHICHESTER’S St Gerards Boxing Club had a rollercoaster ride - though not literally - when they travelled to a big police open show at the famous Thorpe Park resort fielding up-and-coming prospect Mwenya Chisanga.

The 20-year-old weighed in at 64kg and was up against Luke Tuffey, aged 26 and weighing a tiny bit less, who was representing the Surrey Police and Felbridge BC. The contest was over three two-minute rounds.

Coach Jon Mills said: “Luke was undefeated and was very strong but Mwenya was on his seventh outing for the club and was prepared to go that extra mile.

“The venue was fantastic and we had an electric atmosphere with a very energetic crowd, who mostly appeared to be supporting Luke Tuffey - but that only spurred Mwenya on more in his quest for glory.

“The first round was a taster for what was to come, with Mwenya landing the more telling shots and clearly winning the first round with some very powerful overhand rights.

“The second round was closer with some telling shots from both boxers but we still thought Mwenya had done enough to secure the round.

“In the last round we knew Luke was going to come gunning for Mwenya and that he did, with a cracking, pulsating last two minutes of all-out action from both boxers, with Mwenya landing some very telling body shots and Luke replying with some big rearhand players.

“It was a fantastic tussle and the crowd loved every minute.”

Chisanga was given a majority points decision, while the St Gerards camp felt it had been a clearer win.

But Mills added: “With the very partisan crowd and accompanying roars we were more than happy to take a very well-deserved win for young Mwenya.

“Our preparation for this bout wasn’t perfect but we knew as always Mwenya would persevere under adversity. He has a very good family support system, especially from his mum Christina, who loves her boxing and supports Mwenya in his quest for better things in life through his boxing.

“He is showing all his friends there is a way forward if you believe you can do it as Mwenya does.”

In June Chisanga will box for St Gerards in the Haringey Box-Cup at Alexandra Palace in London and the club are looking for sponsors to provide new kit and boots. Any potential sponsors should contact matchmaker Gerry Lavelle on 01243 251248.