Crablands bowlers experience plenty of highs and lows

Crablands line up for their recent match with Norfolk
Crablands line up for their recent match with Norfolk

Crablands’ latest bowls matches have seen them engaged in some close encounters, but it’s been a mixed bag of results.

Crablands 33 Maltravers 39

Crablands had mixed fortunes in this ladies’ game, taking only two of the six points on offer.

Scores: V Tyrrell, M Back, J Lindley, M Brown won 22-21; G Humphreys, M Pocock, J Harman, S Blyth lost 18-11.

Crablands 68 Aldingbourne 22

Crablands ladies excelled themselves with identical scores on both rinks winning by 46 shots and taking all six points.

Scores: C Lewendon, V Tyrrell, B Chandler, S Blyth won 34-11; J Lindley, P Jones, J Rawlins, M Brown won 34-11.

Crablands 62 West Tarring 101

Crablands played host to West Tarring but won on only one rink.

Scores: B Jones, R Shambrook, M Heasman, J Saunders lost 34-14; A Blyth, M Campbell, K Bailey, D Adams lost 18-14; D Clacey, L Lewendon, D Muncey, R Humphrey lost 33-15; B Berry, A Humphrey, R Eastland, J Harman won 19-16.

Crablands 67 Witterings 51

A friendly against Witterings went in Crablands favour – mainly thanks to the top rink skipped by Derek Clacey.

Scores: R Shambrook, R Osborn, A Bateman, D Clacey won 34-6; C Garland, M Campbell, J Tyrrell, J Harman lost 19-11; D Jonas, D Eggleton, L Lewendon, J Saunders lost 26-22.

Crablands 76 Arundel 81

Crablands men won two rinks against Arundel but lost overall, taking four out of ten points.

Scores: R Osborn, C Pestle, B Foyle, M Heasman won 19-18; D Martin, J Tyrrell, D Clacey, R Humphrey lost

24-16; R Neate, B Berry, A Blyth, J Saunders lost 23-22; B Jones, A Humphreys, R Eastland, J Harman won 19-16.

Crablands 48 Arundel 37

Crablands ladies enjoyed a fine win against Arundel.

Scores: M Pocock, Y Clifton, V Dudman, S Blyth lost 26-25; J Taylor, J Harman, J Lindley, M Brown won 23-11.

Crablands 42 Norfolk 61

Two close rinks were not enough to save Crablands from defeat against Norfolk.

Scores: S Jones, B Chandler, J Lindley, M Brown drew 17-17; C Lewendon, V Tyrrell, S Blyth, J Rawlins lost

28-10; M Whittle, B Neate, S Brooks, E Clifton lost 16-15.


West Tarring 76 Middleton 77

Away to West Tarring in the LG League, Middleton were pleased with a narrow, exciting win which earned points.

Scores: C Pratt, K Jenkins, T Finch, M Feneley lost 19-12; B Bravington, D Gower, K Baker, R Wootten lost 22-14; H Hollingsworth, D Wilkins, A Nurse, B Murray won 27-19; G Addicott, J Garhard, J Graham, J Wilson 24-16.

Worthing Pavilion B 98 Middleton 57

Away to Worthing Pavilion B, Middleton could claim only two points in the Littlehampton Gazette League.

Scores: G Addicott, S Jackson, J Graham, G Smith lost 20-15; R Payne, D Gower, A Nurse, B Murray lost 43-15;

H Hollingsworth, K Jenkins, K Baker, R Wootten lost 20-13; C Pratt, D Wilkins, T Finch, M Feneley won 16-15.

Middleton 90 Masonic Federation 103

Middleton hosted the Sussex Masonic Bowlers Federation for a six-rink triples friendly.

Scores: H Hollingsworth, M Fox, P Hollingsworth won 20-14; L Lush, C Pratt, K Jenkins lost 22-11; J Jackson,

J Farmery, A Nurse lost 18-9; R Payne, G Addicott, M Saunders lost 25-9; B Farmery, A Chandler, S Jackson won 21-10; J Garhard, M Bravington, R Gregory won 20-14.

Middleton 92 Worthing Grasshoppers 77

An evening five-rink triples friendly gave Middleton a 15-shot win.

Scores: L Oldridge, D Gower, I Smith won 19-12; H Hollingsworth, K Baker, R Gregory won 18-11; C Pratt,

J Gower, M Feneley won 18-15; R Payne, A Nurse, B Murray lost 19-15; P Hollingsworth, J Oldridge, G Smith won 22-20.

Aldingbourne 41 Middleton 33

At Aldingbourne in the C&M Trophy, the sides won one rink each. Middleton taking two points.

Scores: D Jenkins, A Steventon, I Smith, M Wootten won 17-12; C Graham, J Oldridge, R Gregory, J Gower lost 29-16.


Hotham 47 Witterings 49

Witterings played in a three triples mixed friendly at Hotham. Witterings won on two out of the three rinks and overall.

Scores: V Hooker, T Mulligan & J Derkatsch (s) won 17-12; J Mulligan, G Morgan & S Hooker (s) won 19-17;

T Nixon, P Hutton & M Mulligan (s) lost 18-13.

Witterings 75 Tarring Priory B 58

Witterings men won this Littlehampton Gazette League match. Each team won on two rinks and Witterings also won overall to take six points.

Scores: B Curtis, F Bray, B Horsley & J Slogrove (s) won 26-5; P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & D Bell (s) won 25-20; G Morgan, R Stephens, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) lost 18-14; J Hardy, T Mulligan, J Langworthy & L Bangs (s) lost 15-10.


Chichester 21 Buxted Park 20

Daphne Anderson, Jean Hole, Betty Spicer and April Janman picked up a five on the 19th end to take the lead for the first time in the semi-final of the Gladys Rowland competition.

That put them three ahead with two ends and made for a tense finish which resulted in a one-shot win and another trip to Burgess Hill to play in the final on September 4.

A comfortable win at Middleton and a narrow victory at Bognor saw Chichester ladies take another ten points in the C&M League. The friendly rink at Middleton won by five shots.

Chichester 48 Middleton 27

Scores: C Hobbs, S Baverstock, B Collins, W Adams won 17-14; D Anderson, J Hole, B Spicer, A Janman won

31-13; (friendly): R Manning, A Hulbert, M Schofield,

M Potter won 20-15.


Cowplain 63 Southbourne 55

In a Reflex game at Cowplain, Southbourne won on two of the three triples played but lost overall by ten points to four as they could muster only three triples.

Scores: L Williams, M Baylis, P Garrard won 24-10; A Bull, A Williams, J Staker won 25-10; A Greenfield,

W Coates, R A Bull lost 27-6.

Graffham 53 Southbourne 41

Southbourne played a friendly Graffham in which Graffham won on both triples. There was compensation for Southbourne when they won the pairs game also played – with a lot of help from a guest Graffham player.

Scores: I Jennings, A Williams, J Staker lost 25-10; T Roden, J Jennings, M Odell lost 20-16; Michelle C,

D Young won 15-8.

Tarring Priory 116 Southbourne 45

Southbourne had a difficult match against Tarring Priory, losing on all four rinks.

Scores: K Lockyer, F Armstrong, R Bull, D Alner lost 23-13; A Williams, J Staker, A Smith, R Armstrong lost 33-10; D Walter, A Shelley, M Soper, J Simmonds lost 40-8; S Soper, W Coates, A Grief, A Bull lost 20-14.


A four-rink friendly against Field Place resulted in a 98-69 win for Pagham.

Scores: Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith, Dave Spink, Mike English lost 20-17; Arthur Jeffery, Gerry Stevens, Peter Quilter, Eric Kiing won 23-18; Tony Wells, Daniel Lovell, Douglas Vaughan, Paul Mayoss won 31-14; Nick Terry, Alan Boucher, John Stewart, Ron Friday won 27-17.

Five friendly triples faced Chichester and won 98-72.

Scores: Alan Boucher, Mick Adams, Douglas Vaughan won 20-17; Robert Pearson, John Burke, Dave Spink won 20-14; Daniel Lovell, Eric Mitchell, Ian Paul won 19-18; Nick Terry, Brian Calvert, Eric King won 24-12; Peter Langridge, Brian Sales, Gerry Stevens lost 21-15.

Four friendly triples played Bognor in a 64-61 win.

Scores: Alan Boucher, Mick Adams, Douglas Vaughan drew 15-15; Daniel Lovell, Richard Read, Gerry Stevens won 16-14; Brian Sales, John Burks, Dave Spink won 17-13; Tony Cleaver, Tony Wells, Derek Levy lost 19-16.

Five mixed triples went down 96-77 to Fishbourne.

Scores: Ian Paul, Joan Wells, Ian Paul lost 26-16; Gay Stewart, Brian Sales, John Stewart drew 16-16; Daniel Lovell, Marlene Steel, Dave Spink lost 15-8; John Stocker, Mick Adams, Gill Conley lost 23-12; Diana Mitchell, John Burke, Sheila Stocker won 25-16.

Three mixed triples faced Fittleworth but lost 48-41.

Scores: Daniel Lovell, Marlene Steel, John Ward won 14-11; Val Paul, Dave Spink, Brian Calvert lost 20-13; Anne Calvert, Mick Adams, I Paul lost 17-14.

Two rinks in a C&M League clash with Bognor couldn’t stave off a 40-33 defeat.

Scores: Diana Mitchell, Janet Boucher, Sheila Stocker lost 19-11; Sabina Livermore, Iris Brooker, Chris Mayoss, Maureen King won 22-21.


Fishbourne 70 Grasshoppers 91

Scores: K Ridley, S Lewis, T Bleach lost 20-17; M Beasley, A Marsh, N Saunders lost 16-13; N Campbell, A Saunders, B Wallsgrove lost 14-10; D Humphreys, P White, P Massey lost 20-18; J Conway, T Gaffney, P Winter lost 22-12; M Keane, K Makin, J Heffer lost 26-11.

Waterlooville 95 Fishbourne 64

Scores: M Beasley, N Saunders, A Saunders lost 21-9; K Ridley, G Summers, P Massey lost 22-11; M Bleach, V Frost, P Winter lost 25-10; B Rice, J Conway, G Jefkins lost 18-12; W Dean, A Marsh, P White lost 20-11.

West Dean 52 Fishbourne 53

Scores: J Summers, K Ridley, G Summers, P Winter lost 20-16; A Marsh, F Heil, S Heil, B Henham won 23-15; M Keane, B Rice, K Fancy, M Bleach lost 17-14.

Fishbourne 111 Chichester 84

Scores: N Saunders, A Saunders, B Wallsgrove won 24-12; B Blackie, M Bleach, P White won 24-20; F Heil, B Cobie, M Howard won 13-12; M Beasley, M Keane, R Beasley won 21-10; I Roberts, J Conway, B Henham lost 18-9; A Marsh, S Heil, T Gaffney won 20-12.

Fishbourne 96 Pagham 77

Scores: A Whitney, A Marsh, S Heil won 26-16; C Martin, J Conway, P White won 23-12; I Roberts, W White,

B Henham lost 25-16; W Dean, B Ashton, T White won 15-8; K Ridley, C Lankshear, T Gaffney drew 16-16.


Fittleworth’s visit to Sutton resulted in only one winning rink and losses on the other two. Fittleworth lost 52-43.

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Mike Ryan, Sue Judd won 20-14; Peter Cook, Gina Barnfield, Alan Jordan lost 21-9; Murial Cook, Alvar Hetherington, Bernard Adsett lost 17-14.


Div 1: Norfolk (4pts) 44 Maltravers (2pts) 35 (A Parsons 18 F Steele 23; L Curtis 26 B Butcher 12); Middleton 27 Chichester (6pts) 48 (M Wootten 13 A Janman 31; J Gower 14 W Adams 17); Crablands (1pt) 27 Norfolk (5pts) 45 (J Rawlins 10 L Curtis 28; M Brown 17 A Parsons 17); Bognor (4pts) 41 Maltravers (2pts) 40 (M Phillips 27

B Butcher 18; A Parry 14 F Steele 22); Witterings 29 Bognor (6pts) 42 (B Newman 14 A Parry 23; C Horsley 15 M Phillips 19); Bognor (2pts) 34 Chichester (4pts) 36 (A Parry 21 W Adams 16; M Phillips 13 A Janman 20).

Div 2: Petworth (6pts) 45 Worthing Pavilion 26 (S Miles 26 M Greenfield 14, C Herbert 19 J Lewis 12); Shoreham (2pts) 31 Lancing (4pts) 45 (D Howe 20 B Gosden 19; J Pearson 11 L Gray 26); Beach Park (4pts) 42 Storrington (2pts) 36 (P Hayward 25 J Ackerman 18; S Wilcox 17 P Healy 18).


The winners of Crablands SMBC’s mixed pairs are Ted Murrell and Marie Nutt. Winner of the singles competition is Mike Masterton.

In the Tuesday League, Team A lead the standings with 19 points and a plus-60 shot difference, second are Team B with 17 plus 26, third are Team D with 12 points and minus 46, ahead of Team C with eight points and minus 40.