Darts: Gatford’s high-scoring form has got legs

This week’s top performance in the Tuesday Night Double-in League came from Chris Gatford with winning legs of 18 and 21 to give him a winning average of 25.69. Gatford also produced the league’s first highest in-and-out shot of the season starting with 100 and finishing on 116.

Other least legs: Pete Mitchell 17; Cliff Prior 18 & 25; Rob Misselbrook 23 & 23; Nick Spicer 20 & 23; Ashley Clements 18 & 18; Dave Cox 23 & 24.

Rob Misselbrook produced the highest in shot possible with the league’s first 170.

Other high in shots: Pete Mitchell 160; Richard Harwood 120; Steve Mitchell 116; Derek Longhurst 105; Nathan Warren 102; Matt Blanch 100; Richard Pennells 156; Dave Cox 120; Kevin Perry 116 & 111; Vince Goddings 111; Ashley Clements 107; Peter Hall 105.

Highest out shots came from Lee Hellyer (110) and Cliff Prior, who produced the highest finish in the league to date with a 155 and the only 180.

In division one, Claremont’s impressive whitewash win kept them just ahead of second and third place.

Results: Chi Snooker B 7 Chi Snooker A 2; Royal Oak 5 Richmond Raiders 4; Claremont 9 Felpham Tavern 0.

Division two saw no change with the top two both winning, but the Cabin’s win over Chi Snooker C puts them joint third with them.

Results: Lamb 6 Legionnaires 3; Richmond A 4 Old Barn 5; Chi Snooker C 3 The Cabin 6; Little Vic 1 Wheatshf 8.

Bognor Friday Night League

Top performance came from Rob Collins (Whitehorse Z) with winning legs of 17 and 18 darts for an impressive winning average of 25.74.

Other least legs: Dave Owens 16; Ashley Clements 16; Cliff Prior 20 & 21; Simon Edwards 20; Chris Williams 18; Jack Danahar 22 & 25; Tim McCarthy 23 & 25; Arthur Clark 23; Ian Hills 23; John Coles 21; Wayne Owen 22.

There were three high shot-outs recorded – Rob Collins (122), John Davis (108) and Micky Rowland (100). And 180s came from Collins and Terry Smith.

In division one, both the Wheatsheaf and Whitehorse Z pulled off convincing wins but third-placed Royal Oak narrowly lost to BRSA.

Results: Wheatsheaf 14 Richmond A 8; BRSA A 12 Royal Oak B 11; Bognor Legion A 5 Whitehorse Z 17.

In division two, third-placed Friary D went down to Claremont Cobras.

Results: Claremont Cobras 16 Friary D 8; POW A 0 ASC 12; Friary C 11 POW B 13.

Division three action saw Chi Snooker Club C’s impressive run continue as they dropped one leg. Newtown SC C also won.

Results: Newtown SC C 14 Chi Snooker C 9; Chi Snooker A 18 Bognor Legion B 1; Richmond Rebels 11 BRSA II 8.

Super League

Littlehampton A lost 5-4 in a top-of-the-table thriller against Worthing.

With the teams level at the top of the Sussex west division, the match lived up to expectations.

First blood went to the visitors when the unbeaten Cliff Prior (24.51) lost 3-1 to Dayle Smith (28.46). Despite a 120 checkout in the opening leg, Prior missed his chance to level the match in the fourth leg.

Littlehampton levelled when Andy Hills (23.29) beat Micky Hide (20.50). Lee Gladman (24.84) put the visitors ahead, winning 3-1 against Adi Linfield (22.13). But Gary Blackwood (22.77) beat Richard Stanford (22.90) to make it 2-2.

Worthing took the next two games with wins from Mick Daube (24.88) beating Matt Bourner (23.43) 3-1 and MoM James Greenfield (32.67) prevailing 3-0 over Jason Hills (24.82). Littlehampton responded with back-to-back wins to level the match at 4-4 through Craig Stoner (23.50), winning 3-1 against Ken Sowerby (20.58), and Mick Rowland (23.48) beating Paul Pace (23.10) 3-0.

The final match was tense with Terry Howse (22.96) playing Richard Dixon (27.83), but Howse failed to produce his best form and lost 3-0, giving the visitors top spot.

County SCENE

Cleveland 21 Sussex 15

Sussex’s journey to meet the top side Cleveland in division three of the Rileys British Inter County Championship wasn’t a happy one.

By Saturday night Sussex were 11-8 down.

When the ladies’ A team produced a 3-3 draw the gap was only four points. Despite a good start from the men’s A team, Cleveland produced a 7-5 win for an overall match win by Cleveland.

Chichester’s Hayley Gatford picked up the lady-of-the-match award on Saturday with a 16.52 average and Littlehampton’s Karen Winter had a win. Gary Blackwood and Terry Howse both lost.

Observer Cup

The Observer KO Cup will run in the new year.

Teams will comprise five players. The early rounds will be played in regions on a home and away basis, with the regional winners going through to a grand final.

It is open to all players of all standards, but your home venue must be in the Observer area. Playing format and entry details follow soon.