Darts: Sizzling Sussex make Wilts wilt

Sussex played host to the undefeated league leaders Wiltshire – and won 23-13.

Sussex –who have already suffered from top players departing the county team – had to contend with the news of three further top performers leaving and make some major changes.

But they battled defiantly and triumphed in all four sections to win the weekend and move into fourth place. Four local players were in the squad.

Chichester’s Hayley Gatford won her ladies’ A match 3-0 with a 18.33 average and Gary Blackwood won his men’s A game 3-0 with 22.43. Terry Howse and Cliff Prior were also involved, the latter making his squad debut.

In the Sussex Super League, Littlehampton A sit four points behind the leaders.

Bognor Friday Night League

The top performance was shared by three players.

Wheatsheaf’s Rob Collins and Claremont Cobra’s Mick Hales had 18 and 21-dart finishes, both recording a 25.69 average.

POW B’s Paul Bizzell recorded the league’s best leg with a 14 darter.

Other top performances: Chris Gatford 19 & 22 darts, Mick Delaney 19 & 23, Mick Weller 20 & 20, Dave Mitchell 20 & 21, Paul Crockford 20, Rich Ragless 22 & 23, Gary Blackwood 17, Ricky Clark 20, Lewis Campling 24 & 26. 180s: Matt Bourner, Darren Rich, Vince Goddings, Pete Mitchell. Highest out shot: Arthur Clark (Chi Snooker A) 108.

In division one, The Whitehorse Z were hoping to increase their lead over third-placed BRSA A and move closer to The Wheatsheaf, who travelled to fourth-placed Chi Snooker B. Both matches ended 11-11.

In division two, the Claremont Cobras continued their domination of the league while their two closest rivals pulled off convincing wins.

Division three saw the heartache continue for Chi Snooker A. After losing top spot to Newtown SC B, they travelled to Newtown to try to get the spot back, but a night of missed doubles resulted in a 16-6 defeat.

Newtown C are clear in second just five points behind their club rivals with a game in hand.

Results: Div 1 – Whitehorse Z 11 BRSA A 11; Chi Snooker B 11 Wheatsheaf 11; Richmond A 8 Royal Oak B 14. Div 2: Friary D 15 ASC 6; Royal Oak A 14 Friary C 7; POW B 6 Claremont Cobras 15. Div 3: Newtown SC B 16 Chi Snooker A 6; BRSA II 5 Newtown SC C 16.

Tuesday Night Double-in League

The top performance of the week came from Crown Snooker’s Ben Marley winning in darts of 17 and 25 with a 23.86 winning average. Other top performances came from Andy Stubbs (21 darts), Dean Taylor (21), Vince Goddings (24 & 26) and Adi Linfield (22).

There were five 100-plus starts – from Rob Palmer (120), Ben Marley (112), Pat O’Hara (120), Steve Perry (112) and Vince Goddings (109).

There was a 180 from Dean Knight and the only high finish came from Hayley Gatford (127).

Division one action saw Claremont win the top-of-the-table clash with the Royal Oak. Crown Snooker moved joint second with their win over Chi Snooker B.

In division two, with the Old Barn not in action, The Lamb recovered from last week’s shock defeat to make sure they regained their position as joint leaders.

Both The Cabin and Chi Snooker keep the pressure up in joint third place with away wins.

Results: Div 1 – Chi Snooker A 8 Felpham Tavern 1; Royal Oak 0 Claremont 6, Chi Snooker B 3 Crown Snooker 6. Div 2 – Legionnaires 3 Cabin 6; Richmond A 4 Chi Snooker C 5; Lamb 7 Wheatsheaf 2.

Midhurst 3s League

There are plans to launch a new darts league for teams in Midhurst and the surrounding areas, to be played on Mondays or Tuesdays, commencing in April. Details will be sent to venues within the next week or two.

If you wish to get details earlier, email midhurst3@fsmail.net.

The league will be based on three-a-side playing a round-robin format, with cash prizes throughout each division.

Observer Cup

A new extended deadline of February 28 is in place.

If you are thinking of entering, don’t delay. Entries can be emailed to andyhills.observerdarts@fsmail.net or sent to Observer KO, 35 June Meadows, Midhurst, GU29 9ER.

Send your team name, contact name and contact details (phone and/or email).