Darts: Summer league takes trebles break

Division-one trebles winners Graeme Dutton, Dave Owens & Lee Franklin
Division-one trebles winners Graeme Dutton, Dave Owens & Lee Franklin

With half the season’s matches played in the Bognor Friday Night Summer League, the divisional trebles knockouts were held at Newtown Social Club.

A good turnout of 78 players over the three divisions took to the oche.

From division two, Friary D sent two teams but they got drawn to play each other in the preliminary match.

The winners were Dave Wingate, Karl Wingate and James Riggs, but they got knocked out in the first semi-final by Ricky Clark, Cameron Ryan and Declan Belcher (Newtown SC A).

The second semi saw Matt Shoebridge, Richard Pennells and Debbie Clements (Old Barn) beat Dave Bourne, Serena Lee and Dan Osman (Friary C).

The final’s first leg saw Clements take the first leg for her team. The second leg saw Clements finish with a 19, 18 and double 18 to win the title for the Old Barn.

Division-one had seven teams taking part. Both Wheatsheaf teams were knocked out out in the first round.

The first semi-final saw Graeme Dutton, Lee Franklin and Dave Owens (POW Z) defeat last year’s division-two winners Steve Aizlewood, Steve Taylor and John Abbott (BRSA B).

The second semi-final ended with victory for Chris Gatford, Hayley Gatford and Andy Stubbs (Hunston Club) over Adi Linfield, Tom Spencer & Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker C).

In the division-one final, the Hunston trio just couldn’t get going despite and POW Z prevailed.

Division three brought the biggest turnout with 14 trios taking to the oche.

The first semi-final pitted Sam Chant, Andy Chant and Larry Chant (Bognor Sports Club) against Andy Cooke, Ian Tiplady and Stuart Penkethman (POW J). Despite the darting family history of the Chants, the new team of the POW J made it to the final.

The second semi saw Des Ling, Tony Miles and Glo Greene (Aldwick Legion A) lose to Mary Roberts, Doreen Hayler & Shenagh Wickens (Richmond Rebels).

The division-three final was close and the first leg was even all the way to the double. Cook clinched it for POW J.

The second leg saw POW J push into the lead but the Rebels stayed in contention. Eventually POW’s Tiplady hit single one and double two to win the leg and take the title.