Eagles’ ace Nilsson to miss season opener

Kim Nillson
Kim Nillson

Kim Nilsson looks extremely unlikely to be fit for the start of the new Eastbourne speedway season in a month’s time.

He was badly injured while training in America and his recovery is set to take a few more weeks.

Co-promoter and team manager Trevor Geer said: “We and Kim hope he will be fit to race again at the beginning of May.

“That is what he is aiming for but we must ensure he is fully fit before we bring him in.”

Nilsson, who suffered a fractured vertebrae in his neck and back, is now home in Sweden.

Geer is considering all options on how to cover for Nilsson’s absence but confirmed Timo Lahti had been spoken to.

He said, “We have to think very carefully about all the options that are open to us and ensure we know the consequences of any course of action we take.”