Enduro rider Holdway holds own on Common ground

Gerald Holdway in action at Slab Common  Picture by David Holland
Gerald Holdway in action at Slab Common Picture by David Holland

Chichester rider Gerald Holdway took part in the Hamphire Police/XHG Tigers Hare and Hounds event at Slab Common, Bordon, in East Hampshire.

The day started bleak with showers which added to the excitement of those watching as the 94 riders navigated across the open-ground section. It was full of water which, when mixed with the sand, made things interesting.

The course was about three and a half miles long, mainly consisting of open flat-out areas complete with old tank wrecks, and the technical aspects through the wooded areas.

Riders had issues with brakes and chains as racing on sand can wear and clog these components.

Holdway, a Clubman class rider, had to ride for about half the three-hour event without brakes.

Lap after lap, he seemed to be enjoying himself as he went through the technical aspects of the course. But as the sandy areas began to change into a muddy compound, he had problems seeing through his goggles as the mud was being thrown up by the faster bikes.

Holdway finished 41st overall, having completed 13 laps. His final lap was his fastest, which he completed in 13.54min.

Eventual winner Jeremy Callow (Expert class) completed an amazing 18 laps with a fastest of ten minutes.

Holdway hopes to compete at the Elite Enduro round at Four Marks this Sunday if his bike - but many new parts need to be fitted after the arduous Slab Common round.