Euro 2012 Bone on the Box: Group C flares up, but who’s birthday is it?

It was the climax of group C and Simon Brotherton was getting concerned about flares in the crowd at the Spain-Croatia game.

Personally, I didn’t think it really mattered what type of trousers the fans wore.

But I must admit to being disappointed Brotherton was on the gantry last night. I was aching for it to be Guy Mowbray, because reader Graeme Jefferson has pointed out something I must share with you.

He writes: ‘Listen for Guy Mowbray’s frequent references to birthdays; eg, the referee for Poland v Czech Republic ‘who will be celebrating his 40th birthday next Monday’.

‘One might wonder, “So what?” If you hadn’t noticed before, you will now. He informs us of a couple every game.’

A fabulous spot, that, from Graeme.

The prize for the first reader to hear one wins a mention in this column. Lucky so-and-so!

Last night should, some would have hoped, have been about Trapattoni’s men but the rest of the tournament is not about the luck of the Irish but the lack of the Irish.

Wonder how Matt Smith and Colin Murray will wrap up their highlights shows now the final two-and-a-half minutes can no longer, rather patronisingly, feature ‘news from the Irish camp’.

At least an honorary Irishman has come to the party. Is Mick McCarthy the best co-commentator out there, or simply the top one?

His Barnsley banter livened up Poland v the Czechs no end. Let’s ditch Lawro for Mick.

And while we’re on the subject of people from other parts of Britain, what do you think of David Moyes?

He’s a bit like the team he manages – pleasant but largely forgettable. But if the Beeb do feel it necessary to ensure there is one Scot at every major football tournament, I’d prefer Moyes to Hansen, who’s been off the boil this year.

Staying with Saturday, you had to feel sorry for Damien Johnson and Gabby Logan, despatched by the Beeb into Warsaw for the Polish qualification parties – only for the Poles not to qualify, leaving Damo and Gabby to report from what might as well have been the centre of Walsall.

The bad news is there are no games tomorrow – repeat NO GAMES TOMORROW. We must stay strong, folks.

In the meantime it’s England v Ukraine – exactly four months and three days after Guy Mowbray’s 40th birthday.

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