Falcons fly again after being blown away by Hurricanes

Chichester Falcons maintained second place in the Solent Indoor League with one loss and one win.

League leaders Hursley Hurricanes initially shook the Falcons fielders with confident batting. Once the infield had settled, first base Lisa Martins and right fielder Lucy Morris carved out some textbook plays to steadily shut out the Hurricanes.

Batting, the Falcons kept the bases constantly loaded with a lethal combination of disciplined hitting and determined base running.

The Hurricanes could not deal with the ensuing mayhem on the diamond, allowing the Falcons to tie it at 12-12 at the end of the first innings.

The second saw rattled Hurricanes side kept at bay thanks to good teamwork from Mick and Jenny Dunn expertly covering second base. Pitcher David Morris rounded off the innings with three strikeouts to put the Falcons into bat trailing by ten runs.

Debutant Ian Coleman tallied three RBIs superbly, but the Hurricanes fielders managed to hold on to win the game 22-20.

The Falcons, down but by no means out, faced Waterlooville Wolverines next. Batting first, the Falcons triggered what looked to be a home run derby in the first innings.

Alex Rigert hit two staggering home runs in a row while catcher Janice Morgan pounded the Wolverines infield, allowing the Falcons to take full advantage around the bases and notch up a colossal 23 runs in total.

The Wolverines panicked and called in their sluggers for the second innings to try to penetrate the Falcons’ watertight infield, but lefty pitcher James Wheeler struck out the big hitters one by one with his trademark curveball to end the match at 23-12.

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