Flames are looking for a hot summer

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FISHBOURNE Flames made an impressive start to the summer season with a comprehensive 38-21 victory over a Red Admirals side who started a player down.

Fishbourne took advantage to score a number of early goals. The team’s recent training regime bore fruit as the ball was smoothly transferred up the court and, every time the opportunity arose, both Lucy Morris and Laura Maddicks were faultless.

Each quarter saw the lead increase and after a moment of uncertainty to the end of the first quarter, the result was rarely in doubt. Red Admirals fought hard and Christine Huggett and Caroline Eames were effective at the opposition end.

Liz Adlington and Tine Murden were wholly reliable at holding their space, helping Julie Harding, who covered a huge amount of ground and outpaced her opponent.

By making only one substitution Fishbourne sustained their momentum and this was a well-deserved win in a game played in good spirits.

FLAMES: Huggett, Eames, Adlington, Morris, Maddicks, Murden, Harding, Leeming.