Focus on Wheeler as Kudus wins

Biola Kudus, right, is preparing to go toe to toe with Karl Wheeler at York Hall on March 19   Picture: Mick Young
Biola Kudus, right, is preparing to go toe to toe with Karl Wheeler at York Hall on March 19 Picture: Mick Young

BIOLA KUDUS focused his sights on Karl Wheeler after his later victory.

And the Leigh Park banger’s trainer has told of his big title ambitions for Kudus after his routine four-round win over Jevgenijs Andrejevs.

The cruiserweight extended his record to 5-0 in Brighton with success over the durable Latvian.

Everything went to plan in the tune-up for his clash with Karl Wheeler at the York Hall on March 19.

Now attentions turn to the step up in quality offered by Wheeler in the capital.

Kudus said: ‘I was pleased with how it went.

‘The opponent had been in with a lot of top guys and they’d not been able to stop him.

‘There were two occasions when the ref was going to stop it, but he threw a punch as he was about to step in.

‘But with the time I’ve been with my trainer Barry Smith, I’ve adjusted.

‘I’m getting my style and what I want to bring. It’s working well.

‘I’m sitting on my shots better.

‘I’m enjoying my boxing, we’re getting good sparring and we’re training hard.

‘But I can’t look past Wheeler now.

‘I know what could be in line for me with a win there, so that’s where my focus lies.’

Kudus earned plaudits for the progress shown in his work by his trainer Smith.

He feels there is a lot of room for development, however, as the 29-year-old learns his trade in the capital.

There is potential for a Southern Area title shot later this year for Kudus.

Wadi Camacho and Dan Woodgate clash for that next week.

There is the possibility of the winner of that moving on to English title level, paving a potential path for Kudus to fight for the vacant belt.

That is all dependent on him delivering in the toughest test of his pro career against Wheeler, though.

Smith said: ‘Biola boxed really well and is improving all the time.

‘Biola’s a work in progress but he’s improving.

‘Now he needs to step up. He’s fighting a man from the league above, but we believe we’re ready and we’re going for it.

‘What’s good for Biola is the division is wide open.

‘We are planning to take it over.

‘It has to be one fight at a time and we are not looking past Wheeler.

‘But in the next year or two we can go a long way.

‘I believe we can beat Karl Wheeler – and knock him out.

‘There’s no time to make mistakes. We want to move on to the Southern Area title.

‘So that means we have to focus on Karl Wheeler. If he thinks he’s in for an easy night he’s definitely mistaken.

‘There’s no time to waste, and Biola knows what is at stake for him in this contest.’