Hockey: Chichester can’t pull up trees at Sevenoaks

THREE straight wins had seen Chichester climb to third but the run came to an end witha 1-0 south open premier defeat at Sevenoaks.

Chichester created an opening when Andrew Sparshott found an unmarked Richard Blakesley in the D, only for his attempt to be saved.

Much of the first half was played in Sevenoaks half with Chichester trying to find a way through.

After the break, Chichester again had most of the possession, but were unable to create oppertunities.

Matt Cox and Jack Lerwill looked most likely to find a way through but frustration started creeping in.

Yellow cards followed with Luke Matthews and Gerald Cox penalised.

Sevenoaks were reduced to nine men, but their defence held strong.

When Sevenoaks were back to full strength, a counter-attack saw them take the lead with a tap-in at the far post. Chichester’s best chance fell to Alex Thakore from a penalty corner late on, but he mistimed his effort.

Chichester will feel they had the best chances, but the Kingsham men, who remain third, know improvements will be needed for Saturday’s home game with Oxford University (1.30pm).

Chichester II 4 Old Kingstonian 3

Chichester recovered from their first league defeat with a win over second-from-bottom Old Kingstonian.

The opening goal came when Strudwick provided a neat finish.

With Chichester down to ten men for a contentious stick-above-shoulder-height decision, the visitors had several chances before scoring midway through the first half. An OKs shot was drilled into the D and deflected in at the far post to make it 2-1.

The second half began with Holton dribbling into the D and finishing with a superb reverse-stick shot.

Clever link-up play from Pendle, back from World Cup exploits in Singapore, enabled Lunn to make it 3-2.

Chichester’s inability to keep the ball resulted in OKs drawing level.

Woodruff, Palmer and Pendle continued to make inroads into the opposition defence. Pendle received the ball in midfield, turning and releasing a pass to Strudwick, who teed himself up and volleyed home the winner.

Brighton and Hove II 1

Chichester Priory Park II 0

Chichester ladies are making excellent progress with every game.

Brighton had the upper hand in the first few minutes but the ball retention from Chichester was excellent.

A midfield battle ensued and it wasn’t until the last five minutes that Chichester’s hearts were broken when B&H were awarded a short corner and scored. Chichester fought valiantly but could not get the equaliser.

CHICHESTER: Hlynianski, Banks, Howarth, Rich, Kastelein, Marks, Helme, Austin, Hudson, Thew, Greenlees, Boonen-Vases, Chaplin, Van der Ouderra.

Centurions 1

Brighton & Hove Ladies III 2

Ladies’ Sussex League

Brighton applied pressure to the Centurions defence but Louise Harris, Nicki Edge and Kerry Eames worked well together to deny them.

Centurions had five goal attempts saved and Lisa Proctor’s excellent shot struck the post, almost rebounded in, then was retrieved by Brighton.

Eames was struck with an opponent’s stick and had to limp off. It was 1-0 to Brighton at the break but Eames returned and Centurions’ efforts paid off when Thew scored a terrific goal.

With less than four minutes left, Brighton slotted a well-placed winner past the Centurions keeper.

CENTURIONS: C Hedge, M Harbord, A Skinner, N Edge, L Hurford, K Eames, L Proctor, L Thew, C Mealing, M Johnston, N Williams, D Brown, L Harris.

City of P’mth II 1 Chichester IV 0

The first half was goalless as both teams probed for signs of weakness.

A solid effort from the Chichester defence disrupted City’s efforts.

The second half was marked by a couple of on-pitch incidents involving Blanks which resulted in a yellow card and Chichester were down to ten men for ten minutes.

Chichester defended resolutely as short corner after short corner was awarded. Eventually, City were able to convert a well-taken short corner.

The last 15 minutes saw Chichester increase their movement, Adam Macey seeing a shot rebound off the post, while a shot from James Whittle was deflected to safety.

CHICHESTER: Worthen, White, Walrond, Lally, Blanks, Whittle, Durant, Smithers, Gammon, Procter, Macey, McCartain.

Chichester Bad Habits 7

Brighton & Hove 3

Confident Chichester took the lead in the opening minutes of play. Despite attempts on goal by Brighton & Hove, Chichester dominated the first half.

Brighton fought back with a series of successful attacks, but a goal from Chichester’s Sheena Lake and hat-tricks from Abi Darke and Sarah Packman secured a win.

CHICHESTER: Darke, Packman, Willway, Gilmour, Cruttenden, Halterman, McKie, Duckers, Cosens, Lake, Karas, Sparke, Wilkins, Stannett, Mahoney.

Brighton & Hove V 4 Chichester Chipmunks 1

Runaway leaders Brighton started well and despite good penetration from Chichester they had slipped three behind by half-time. It could have been more but for Donaldson in goal.

In the second half, Chichester drove back Brighton. Again and again important tackles were made with Chichester hungry for the ball.

Kathegesu, Sturdy and Lowther exemplified the Chichester spirit.

Futcher put Chichester on the scoresheet towards the end.

CHICHESTER: Donaldson, Sturdy, Brixey, Clark, Gleeson J, Futcher, Gleeson T, Hindmarsh C, Lowther, Sowden, Hindmarsh T, Kathegesu, Creswick.