Hockey: Chichester seconds go clear at the top

Action featuring Chichester II, the city’s under-14s and the Chipmunks makes up this week’s hockey digest.

Chichester II 3 Basingstoke 1

South Hockey League regional two

This intriguing match between the two sides at the top started at a high tempo. As the first half progressed Chichester created many opportunities but could not break the deadlock and the Basingstoke defence stood firm.

Basingstoke started to launch counter-attacks but strong defending from Hayward and Gotham thwarted them. But one Basingstoke attack wasn’t prevented and the away side took the lead.

Chichester knew if they played patiently, goals would come. Aves, Woodruff and Pendle took control and an attack by Holton and Pendle down the left resulted in a short corner which Strudwick stuck into the roof of the goal.

In a quick Chichester attack, Gough picked up the ball on the halfway line, beat two defenders down the left, got to the by-line and drew the keeper before setting up Ben Palmer to tap home.

Gough rifled the ball home for Chichester’s third before being sent off for an innocuous challenge.

Chichester had further chances but it finished 3-1 to leave Chichester top of the table and three points clear.


Fareham 2 Chichester 0

Chichester travelled to Fareham for their third league match – and for some it was their first game for the club.

Captain Woodruff got the boys geed up and all were ready for a hard match.

Chichester started strongly and made Fareham work hard, Beaton went in hard on every tackle.

The first third was well fought and Chichester was unlucky to have a goal put past Hetherington, who was outstanding. Gibbons was a boy on a mission and worked alongside Stemp and Hutchins to control midfield.

Troy and Appleby started in defence then moved into attack and back again. Appleby took a swipe to the shin and Dobbins replaced him.

Robson, Thomas and Alex attacked hard and were unlucky not to score. But the team are getting stronger and it is a matter of time before their hard work pays off.

CHICHESTER: Ben Hetherington, Ru Woodruff, James Stemp, Will Hutchins, Robert Beaton, Joel Appleby, Louie Gibbons, Fred Thomas, Gabriel Robson, Joshua Dobbins, Alex Jolley, Will Futcher, Duncan Troy.

Chichester Chipmunks 9 Middleton & Bognor II 0

A rousing win before the winter break saw Chichester consolidate their position in the upper half of the table.

Missing key players, Chichester were able to work the ball around midfield with confidence.

The first goal was a scrambled affair with the ball bundled over from close range. A second followed quickly with the Hindmarshes competing to get on the scoresheet. Lowther posed a constant danger with Kathegesu and Creswick and by half-time Chichester were six up.

The visitors dropped deeper but Chichester continued to press forward with Gleeson taking a series of quick free hits. Neame was solid at the back.

Another three goals came in the second half.

CHICHESTER: Donaldson, Holden, Gleeson T, Neame, Gleeson J, Futcher, Procter, Hindmarsh C, Lowther, Creswick, Hindmarsh T, Kathegesu, Sowden.