It’s not just about winning for Sussex stock-car aces

Tom Grantham in action
Tom Grantham in action

Three West Sussex drivers from the Observer area travelled down to Aldershot for Spedeworth’s national banger Micro Madness event.

None had the intention of winning the event as entertainment was more the name of the game. The trio did not disappoint as they hit and wrecked everything in sight.

In the national banger class, specialised events such as this where only certain types or styles of car are permitted are becoming more commonplace.

With a maximum engine size of only 1400cc allowed, the grid was packed full of Renault Clios, Nissan Micras and VW Polos - though they were joined by a Suzuki Wagon R+.

Stuart Beavis from Littlehampton and brother Glenn from Petworth must have banger racing in their blood - both seem to have taken to the sport naturally.

They are fast making a name for themselves as they gain respect from fellow drivers on the circuit and admiration from the crowd.

Also making the trip to Hampshire was Tangmere’s Tom Grantham. Despite a shoestring budget, Grantham always manages to punch above his weight.

All the drivers of the 70-plus cars were there to have a ‘crashing time’, with nobody wishing to load their ride to be used another day.

Before the expected carnage took place, Grantham and Stuart Beavis were both able to record top ten finishes.

From there, the boys enjoyed themselves simply smashing everything they saw.

The season continues at Arlington Stadium, with three formulas being showcased every Wednesday evening, through to the end of September.