It’s red boxing vests instead of redcoats at Butlin’s

Charlie Mason celebrates his success
Charlie Mason celebrates his success

Bognor Boxing Club put on a great night of bouts at Butlin’s in their annual dinner show.

Shawn Thompson was facing J Hearne from Guidlford and flew out of his corner, hitting Hearne with a flurry of hard-hitting jabs and body shots.

Hearne was overwhelmed and took a standing eight count in the first. Thompson was straight back at him and the referee stopped the bout in favour of the stronger Bognor boy.

Jake Stanley had a close contest against C Higgins of Hanwell BC. Stanley won the first, holding off Higgins with stiff jabs and hard overhead rights which shook the Hanwell boy.

The second and third rounds saw both boys exchanging solid shots but Stanley won thanks to more accurate shots.

Jack Spear stepped into the ring against the strong opponent A Adedas from Heart of Portsmouth. Rough-and-ready Adedas came at Spear with lunges and swinging punches but Spear stuck to his straight jabs and used his long reach to keep Adedas at bay. Spear won a unanimous decision.

Mark White lost a points decision against T Childs from Tottenham BC. Childs was too strong for White and took a unanimous decision.

Mark Johnson’s ring skills proved too much for D Pearce from Crawley and won him a unanimous call.

John Brazil lost a points decision and was stopped by an accidental thumb-in-the-eye injury against Adens from Heart of Portsmouth.

Charlie Mason’s ringcraft won him a unanimous decision against L Smith of Guildford - this was a sweet win as Smith had previously beaten Mason.

Rowan Bentley showed courage against a hard-hitting D Smith of Chichester. Smith won the first two rounds but Rowan came back in the third pushing forward and catching a tired Smith. Rowan lost but was named best loser of the night.

James Baker put on a masterclass and it was a case of hit and not be hit against M McGulstant from Golden Ring ABC. Baker’s tight guard, quickfire jabs and cracking body shots earned him the fight-of-the-night award which was well deserved.

Reece Goddard was involved in the last bout of the night and was very unlucky to lose a points decision against R Sandu from Golden Ring. Goddard’s work-rate was fast and furious and both boys fought well with hard-hitting upper cuts and body shots. The judges saw the winner as Sandu but the crowd disagreed.

Bognor’s coaches praised all the boxers for putting on a great show for the club.