Ladies win battle of the sexes at Arun

Bob Foyle in action for Arun against Victory  Picture by Kate Shemilt
Bob Foyle in action for Arun against Victory Picture by Kate Shemilt

Arun Men 109 Arun Ladies 147

This is always a hard-fought match and the ladies played well to win by 38 points. Jeff Pickard on rink four held on for a 27 -25 win but the men lost on all the other rinks.

Scores; C Chester, E Dewing, B Horsley, D Adams lost 23-13 to C Hobbs, E Fitch, L Napper, M Richards; G Arnold, B Jones, E West, L Corne lost 24-18 to D Mitchell, P Jones, S Judd, W Adams; G Whittaker, P Phillips, B Napper, R Hobbs lost 26-14 to J Simmons K Young M Phillips B Spicer; J Watson, A Avery, L Hall, J Pickard beat P Rampton, E Cooke, J Lindley, A Janman 27-25; D Young, C Burnard, JP Brown, B Talmage lost 22-16 to S Pugh, M Bacon, G Conley, C Horsley; G Cook, D Spink, B Sanford, R Gardner lost 27-21 to O Fidgeon, S Miles, J Taffurelli, M Brown.

Arun ladies played a league game against Grattons IBC (Crawley) and won 143-65.

Scores: C Hobbs, L Napper, B Spicer, S Hart won 19-17; J Simmons, V Greenway, J Taffurelli, D Latter won 22-5; D Anderson, M Bacon, G Conley, M Richards won 24-13; P Rampton, E McRae, B Collins, F Ireland won 20-11; J Boucher, I Brooker, M Brown, W Adams won 38-3 D Mitchell, S Pickard, M Phillips, C Horsley won 20-16.

Arun ladies lost 114-95 when they played a friendly away to Wey Valley in Guildford.

Scores: S Pugh, D Young, M Bateman, D Latter lost 21-14; E Fitch, D Taffurelli, V Foyle, M Brown lost 24-13; A Harrison, C Lewendon, E Cooke, J Taffurelli lost 20-18; S Simmonds, B Foyle, V Greenaway, R Wiedenheoft lost 26-11; O Fidgeon, P Osborn, S Stocker, J Lindley won 19-15; A Bateman, K Young, I Brooker, S Judd won 20-8.

Arun 113 Victory IBC 103

This friendly fixture is never easy but Arun managed a win by just ten points. Alf Simmons was presented with a certificate outlining he had every shot in his bag including the wrong bias.

Scores: D Fair, B Foyle, M Campbell, C Burnard lost 29-13; K Hellyer, D Goodenough, S Wilson, Ian McRae won 20-18; J Watson, J Dyke, G Herrington, Dickie Butler won 21-16; F Smith, P Easterbrook, B Fitch, T Sayers won 21-9; H Forsyth, BAG Smith, A Simmons, J Pickard won 20-17; N Waddock, M Kemp, B Sanford, R Gardner won 18-14.

Arun 102 Adur 146

Arun are in the middle of the league table, but have played their last match. Other teams have games in hand and it remains to be seen if Arun will stay up.

Arun lost this home game and Adur took 9.5 points to 1.5. Tony Sayers had a good win on rink six taking a five on the 18th end and Angus Anderson on rink two held on for a draw.

Scores; R Pearson, K Burt, B Napper, M English lost 36-10; B Why, D Sayers, R Bell, A Anderson drew 19-19; I Linfield, PJ White, F Taylor, B Butler lost 19-17; P Green, E West, B Horsley, L Corne lost 25-14; R Leggett, M Johnson, R Hobbs, G Leaman lost 29-16; D Jackson, D Ford, J Weatherall, T Sayers won 26-18.

West Sussex’s triples championship drew 20 teams from around the county. After the round robin group games the quarter-finals matched Bognor Goodwoods against West Chiltington, the Martlets A against Chanctonbury A, Infinity against Lavant and Chanctonbury B against the Martlets B.

Goodwoods had a comfortable win and faced the Martlets A in the first semi-final. They took an early lead and ran out winners 10-2.

In the second semi-final, Infinity faced Martlets B and the Martlets set the early pace and won 8-5.

In the final the Martlets team of Barrie Fitch, Mel Lillywhite and Marc Lancaster again took an early lead against the Bognor team of Derek Fair, Freddie Kaucher and Brian Mills, who had been dominant in their

earlier games.

The Bognor team pulled back but were unable to catch the Martlets, who won 9-7. In the Martlets team Lillywhite and Lancaster retained the trophy which they won last year with Chris Rolph.

West Sussex B played their final friendly of the season away to London.

They started by winning three of the games in the first session and winning three and drawing one in the second to lead 13-3.

In the third session, points were shared 4-4 but in the final session West Sussex won all four to end their season with a convincing win by 31-9.

In the singles Bognor’s Freddie Kaucher won 14-11 and lost 17-16 while Crablands’ Martin Hunt won 19-9 and lost 24-6.

In the pairs Crablands’ Mollie Back won 18-9 and 15-13. In the fours Bognor’s Pam Smith with Lavant’s Dominic May and Peter Winter drew 7-7 and won 10-7.


Arundel visited Donnington, with home vice-captain Trevor Wilson taking charge. Donnington’s Innis Taylor, Peter Skinner, Vic Mitchell and Peter Whale managed a 24-10 win and Audrey Saunders, Stephanie Baverstock, Trevor Wilson and Ron Beasley won 23-15, giving a win for Donnington overall by 22 shots.

The Chairman’s Trophy was held at Donnington with teams of three competing against each other, playing all other teams. The competition and refreshments were organised by Maggie Maggs.

Winners were Ron Beasley, Jenny Gibson and George Beagley by two points over the runners-up. Close-fought, friendly matches meant everyone had a great time.


Continuing their winning run, Goodwoods Silver won 6-0 when they visited Walberton with comfortable wins on both mats.

Denise Dray, Stan Hayter, Pam Smith and Les Dray (skip) won 24-13 after trailing early on. Their last seven ends saw them score a total of 15 shots while conceding only three.

There was little doubt about the outcome on the other mat, with Silvers’ June Hayter, Geoff King, Janet Hudson and Daniel Lovell (skip) winning 14 of the 21 ends for a score of 25-12.

Goodwoods held their men’s singles competition, which was won by Freddie Kaucher, beating Brian Mills 10-8 in the final. On his way to the final, Kaucher beat Geoff King 15-4 and Derek Fair 9-8. Mills beat Eric Jones 11-6 and Les Dray 17-6.


Lavant, away to Chilgrove for the third leg of the Golden Bowl Trophy, a series of triples matches, claimed a good 36-20 win.

Chilgrove were unable to play the second leg, both teams sportingly accepting its cancellation.

The final leg, a dual home and away affair, will be held later this month.

Scores: T Boxall, P Beardmore, S Lillywhite won 19-10; P Winter, K Fancy, J Conway won 17-10.


A visit to Midhurst Eagles brought a 44-24 win for Fittleworth after a win on one mat and a draw on the other.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Gina Barnfield, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin won 23-13; Nancy Goodyer, Tony Broughton, Alan Jordan drew 11-11; (friendly): Eileen Warrington, Alvar Etherington, Marc Wood, Sheila Allen lost 22-13.

Ardingly’s visit to Fittleworth saw them win 46-33 and earn all six points in Fittleworth’s last league game of the season.

Scores: Murial Cook, Bernard Adsett, Alan Jordan, Dave Herbert lost 24-21; Pauline Gilpin, Marc Wood, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin lost 22-12.