Laser sailors light up Chichester Harbour

The Laser contingent at Chichester YC
The Laser contingent at Chichester YC

A 24-STRONG contingent of Laser sailors made their way to Chichester Yacht Club for the last races of the South Coast Grand Prix Laser series.

Racing was in all three Laser fleets, Standard, Radial and 4.7.

Sunshine and a temperate breeze made comfortable but fun conditions for the sailors.

In the Sandard Fleet in race one Andy Palmer-Felgate (CYC) got an early lead but was soon passed by Craig Williamson (HISC) and Richie Bailey (Emsworth SC), and later by Michael Hicks (Queen Mary SC), with Williamson finishing first.

Race two saw a shift in tide with Jonathan Bailey (ASA Thorney) taking an early lead ahead of Chris Ellyatt (Queen Mary SC) and Williamson. By the final lap, Ellyatt got ahead taking first with Williamson second and Bailey third.

In the final race Bailey got a great start, but Palmer-Felgate got past early on and maintained his lead through four laps to win the final race.

In the Laser Radials in race one, Martyn Jones (DQSC) got an early lead and maintained this until the end. Sue Ritchie (Newport) was initially ahead of Tim Boon (CYC), but Boon pipped her for second place.

In race two William Birchill (QMSC/HISC) got an early lead but Andy Chapman (Netley SC) got past in lap three to take first with Birchill second.

Again the third race was the decider. Jones made a determined start and took first and also won overall with Ritchie second and Boon third.

The smaller 4.7 fleet saw Alex Butler (HISC) sailing really well to take three first places and win overall.

The remaining three boats had a battle for places but in the end Alex Mayger (Felpham) took two second places and second overall and Jack Acton (Christchurch) one second, third overall.

All the sailors retired for tea and prizegiving. The Grand Prix is sponsored by Rooster Sailing and Wildwind Sailing Holidays

Final results: Laser standard: 1 Craig Williamson – HISC; 2 Andy Palmer-Felgate - Chichester YC; 3 Richie Bailey - Emsworth SC; 4 Jonathan Bailey –ASA/Thorney. Laser Radial: 1 Martyn Jones –Dell Quay SC; 2 Sue Ritchie – Newport Boat Club; 3 Tim Boon – Chichester Yacht Club. Laser 4.7: 1 Alex Butler HISC; 2 Alex Mayger _ Felpham SC; 3 Jack Acton – Christchurch SC.


Felpham Sailing Club are proud to announce five of their 120-strong band of cadets have been selected to represent their chosen class of boat at regional and national level.

All five have attended training days and regattas at the club and farther afield to help them prepare for the selection. The selection process was formed of a number of events over the season where their performance, effort, commitment and ultimately results were stringently looked at.

Sam Brackley (11) and Alfie Lester (11) have been selected for the RYA train alongside the regional south zone squad for Toppers.

Fin Swanton (13) has been selected for the RYA regional south zone squad for the Topper and the National Topper 4.2 squad.

And Jack Miller (14) and Lauren Bentley (16) have been selected for the RS Feva XL class national squad.

All five cadets and their families will travel all over the country receiving expert training from the top coaches in the sport over the winter months. They will have many sailing regattas to prepare for, some of which will include International events abroad.

If you would like to get involved with supporting these young sailors by providing some sponsorship towards their travel expenses, then please contact the club.


For the final two races of the DQSC Late Trophy series, there was a steady force-fourwind providing some good racing despite dropping off a little at times.

The race officer set a figure-of-eight course around Hook, Bowling, Crouchers and Copperas West, with the fleet having to weave through many moored yachts on the first beat.

There was a good turnout of 11 boats for the Solo races, providing competitive racing at both ends of the fleet. Significant improvements by the lesser-skilled class members throughout the year meant the fleet were well together for much of the course. The first race went to Bill Dawber, with Richard Ede second and Mike Shaw third.

In the second race the wind dropped for a time - leaving the majority of the fleet struggling to get to the Bowling mark after a long run down from Hook.

As the wind picked up some of the trailing boats were able to catch up, resulting in a pile-up at Bowling and one or two boats needing to take penalty turns. First and second places were unchanged from the first race with David Maltby coming in third.

The turnout for the 2000-class race was smaller but no less competitive, with Anne and Jim Norfolk winning the first race, followed by Mike Fitzgerald and Tim Dormer second and David Ellis and Chris Campbell third in both races. Fitzgerald and Dormer took first in the second race followed by the Norfolks.

In the first of the Handicap class races, Bruce Dupee (Topaz Uno) came first, followed by Simon Bell (RS Aero 5) and Andrew Buchanan (Finn) third. In the second race Buchanan took the lead and caught up with the Solo fleet at Bowling, which added to the confusion at an already crowded mark.

Buchanan took first place, with Bell second and Chris Rowsell (RS 400) third.

Overall series results: Solo: 1 Bill Dawber, 2 Malcolm Buchanan, 3 David Maltby; 2000s: 1 Anne & Jim Norfolk, 2 David Ellis & Chris Campbell, 3 Mike Fitzgerald & Tim Dormer; Handicap: 1 Andrew Buchanan, 2 Simon Bell, 3 Jean & Liz Sagues