Men bowling along nicely in Arun battle of the sexes


Arun 106 Adur 127

This was Arun’s final match of the season in the Sussex League and they were disappointed to lose by 21 shots to last season’s – and probably this year’s – league champions.

Arun were 20 shots down after ten ends and never gained enough momentum to overtake the visitors. Scores: P Miles, I Harvey, L Corne, M Bonnar won 25-16; B Rebbeck, A Simmons, A Anderson, D Leach lost 28-12; J Olliver, J Newell, P Lillford, P Hannam lost 25-10; P Green, B Butler, B Horsley, B Talmage won 18-16; R Lincoln, A Stewart, A Bowler, T Sayers won 23-14; R Leggett, R Hobbs, F Taylor, G Leaman lost 28-18.

Arun Men 164 Arun Ladies 100

This was the second in a three-match internal club series in which the men take on the ladies.

The men won the first match and were determined the ladies would not win the second and they did it again – by 64 shots to take a 100-plus shot advantage into the third and final game.

Scores: F Smith, A Simmons, B Horsley, B Talmage won 20-18; D Taffurelli, B Fitch, JP Brown, M Bonnar won 27-17; R Leggett, J Newell, B Napper, G Leaman won 43-17; J Swannell, A Stewart, A Bowler, T Sayers won 28-14; RV Pearson, B Sales, J Greenfield,

D Leach lost 17-16; D Parker, E Mitchell, R Humphrey, A Anderson won 30-17.

n Arun ladies held a president’s fun day in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

With a wonderful atmosphere on the green and donations for the raffle exceeding all expectations, the day raised £300 for the BHF.


Pulborough 54 Hunston 47

Hunston won on one rink, lost on one and drew on the other, but that spelled defeat overall.

Scores: P Franklin, R Ost, M Streeter won 20-12; F Franklin, R Streeter, A Harle lost 20-12; T Hack, P Harle, P Guyatt drew 17-17.


The trip to Midhurst for a league match ended in a 47-28 defeat.

Midhurst also won 36-13 on the friendly mat, with the speed of the mats the problem for Fittleworth.

Scores: (friendly) A Hodgson, P Gilpin,

A Etherington, G Barnfield lost 36-13; J Lucking,

B Addset, R Lucking, S Judd lost 22-11; M Cook,

B Williams, A Jordan, D Herbert lost 25-17.

At Crablands, Fittleworth won on one mat and lost on the other – but won 45-41 overall to take four points.

Scores: J Lucking, B Adsett, R Lucking, S Judd lost 22-20; A Hodgson, G Barnfield, A Jordan, D Herbert won 25-19; (friendly): M Cook, J Adsett, T Broughton, P Cook lost 42-16.


Aldingbourne Bowls Club begin their 20th year with a new all-weather bowls green.

After many complaints from members and visiting clubs over the playing surface of a mat laid down only two years ago, the manufacturers were contacted and asked to investigate the problems.

These included excessive changes in running speeds in different temperatures and depending on whether it was wet or dry. After running tests, it was agreed there was a fault in the manufacturing process.

The new mat has been tried and accepted by members of Aldingbourne. It runs like a good fast grass green without bumps and runs.

Anyone who wishes to try out the new green, visit the clubhouse and meet the friendly club members, with free parking, should contact Alan Rust (membership secretary) on 01243 866482, Derek Page (men’s captain) on 01243 552164 or Lynne Hathaway (ladies’ captain) on 01243 862110.

Aldingbourne will hold an open and fun day from 11am on Sunday, April 24.