Nyetimber bowlers go on a Bear hunt for trophies

The Nyetimber Bowls Club award-winners  Picture by Louise Adams C140101-2
The Nyetimber Bowls Club award-winners Picture by Louise Adams C140101-2

Members of Nyetimber SMBC had an enjoyable time at their annual lunch and awards ceremony at The Bear in Pagham, which was attended by 44 members and guests.

All the club’s competition winners who were able to attend received their trophies, and an award was presented to Stella Singleton for being the most improved newcomer.

A magnificent trophy was donated to the club by Arthur Guppy, the retiring chairman, which will be played for in a singles competition open to lady and gentlemen members. It is a great memento of the service Arthur has given the club.

n A league visit to Crablands by Nyetimber Green saw each team win on one league mat. An exciting last end secured the overall win for Nyetimber, who also took the honours on the friendly mat.

Scores: Brian Boiling, Francis Hollebone, Andy Watson & Denise Kirby won 27-13; Peta Watters, David Harding, Jim Chaplain & Shirley Syrett lost 24-11; Jean Morgan, Elwun Morgan, Cyril Searle, Peter Watters won 23-17.

Nyetimber Gold had a convincing win when they played at home to Norfolk.

Scores; Malcolm Rhoder, Alan Crew, Barbara Crew, Irene Hathaway won 27-12; Stella Singleton, George Booker, Tony Mussell, Richard Stevens won 28-16; (friendly): Jim Smith, Dave Harding, Lynton Griffiths, Nigel Plummer won 29-12.


All three West Sussex teams were in action at the weekend - and

The Premier team, having failed to qualify for the main knockout competition, faced Wiltshire in a preliminary-round match in the Consolation Shield on the neutral mats at Guildford.

They won all four games in the first session, but struggled in the second, winning in only one of the fours to lead 10-6 at lunch.

The strong performance by the singles and pairs continued in the third session with three wins and both sets of bonus points giving them a 20-8 lead going into the final session.

Again the triples and fours performances were weak with West Sussex behind on three of the four mats for the first half of the session, but they improved to win two of the games and take the victory by 24-16 and 192-155.

They now go into a quarter-final against Northamptonshire in February.

In the singles The Martlets’ Chris Blackman won 19-11 and lost 17-16 while Bognor’s Brian Mills won 21-12 and 14-12. In the pairs Lavant’s Peter Whale with The Martlets’ Jim Noton won 13-6 and 11-7 while The Martlets’ Malcolm Rollings won 22-8 and 15-10.

In the triples Lavant’s John Simms lost 12-5 and won 12-10 while Bognor’s Brenda Jones lost 11-8 and 12-11. In the fours Lavant’s Peter Winter won 7-4 and 7-6 and club-mate Rat Harding lost 7-6 and 10-5.

The A team faced Norfolk in the main KO competition at Northampton and won only one game in the first session, but improved with two wins and a draw in the second to be 9-7 behind at lunch.

They had two wins in the third session and bonus points in the pairs, then secured another two wins and a draw in the final session and bonus points in the triples for a final score of 20-20.

After deduction of bonus points the score was still level 16-16 so a play-off consisting of three one-end singles decided the victors. In a nail biting climax, West Sussex managed two victories for an excellent win.

In the singles Bognor’s Freddie Kaucher lost 15-14 and 13-8. In the pairs Bognor’s Betty Williams and Marlene Steel won 16-5 and lost 15-10.

In the triples Crablands’ Joyce Abel and Martin Hunt drew 10-10 and won 20-6 while Lavant’s Jackie Lee with Chanctonbury’s Eric Stewart won 15-2 and drew 9-9. In the fours Lavant’s Rob Peirce lost 11-8 and won 6-4.

West Sussex face Cheshire in the quarter-finals next month.

The B team entertained London in a friendly at Westergate. At lunch, honours were even with two wins each in both morning sessions for an 8-8 scoreline.

West Sussex dropped away in the afternoon, managing only one win in each of the afternoon sessions for a final score of 26-14 to London.

In the singles Lavant’s Jackie Lee lost 13-12 and 17-6 while Crablands’ Mollie Back won 17-9 and lost 17-7. In the pairs Bognor’s Resi Wiedenhoeft lost 18-9 and 17-8. In the triples Barnham’s Pam Andrews lost 10-7 and 10-9. In the fours Lavant’s Dominic May won 18-2 and lost 13-4.


Lavant trekked to Ardingly for a friendly. Mat one took the first three ends to be eight shots up. Ardingly took the last three ends but Lavant won by seven shots.

On mat two, after a good start, Lavant scored only four shots and by end 20, the game score was 19-11 to Ardingly.

Mat one had finished and the match score, with one end to play on mat two, stood at 33-32 to Ardingly. Lavant took that end by two shots, making the final score 34-33 in their favour.

Scores: P Winter (skip), B Wallsgrove, M Winter, J Simms won 21-14; D May (skip), P Beardmore, R Harding, J Conway lost 19-13.

A home match for Lavant Blue versus Midhurst Eagles saw, on mat one, a good start from Eagles followed by a catch-up by the hosts.

Blue were one shot down at end 15. Eagles, helped by four shots on the next end, pushed on to win by five shots.

Mat two was a battle all the way with both teams sharing fours and fives, with Blue winning by only three shots in a high-scoring game.

The match score was 42-40 to the Eagles. The friendly was won by Lavant by 14 shots.

Scores: B Wallsgrove (skip), T Bleach, M Winter, J Conway lost 19-14; T Boxall (skip), L Kneale, P Sharrod, J Lee won 26-23; (friendly): D May (skip), J Sharrod, K Fancy, P Lee won 25-11.


Arun ladies played a league match away to Grattons at Crawley and won 115-87.

Scores: C Hobbs, P Rampton, M Phillips, W Adams won 29-10; D Anderson, S Pickard, B Collins, B Spicer won 16-13; F Downing, S Stocker, G Conley, C Horsley lost 21-18; I Brooker, S Simmonds, S Miles, M Richards won 16-12; E Fitch, M Bacon, J Taffurelli, B Jones won 21-19; V Greenaway, E Cooke, S Judd, D Later won 15-12.

Wey Valley 143 Arun 92

This game slipped away from Arun from the start. They rallied a little but went down to a strong Wey Valley team.

Scores; J Watson, S Simmonds, F Hollebone, D Young lost 28-9; B Sales, B Williams, P Easterbrook, J Whetstone lost 17-14; G Whittaker, V Raynor, W Bury, D Spink drew 19-19; O Fidgeon, K Burnard, P Terry, B Stanford lost 27-14; E Keywood, V Greenaway, J Olliver lost 29-15; C Pestle, K Young, T Bridge, G Herrington lost 23-21.

Arun 94 Worthing 113

This fixture, played on five rinks, was an uphill struggle that could have gone either way at ten ends. The game was enjoyed by both sides but Worthing are always hard to play against.

Scores: T Bridge, B Sales, B Why, J Muffett won 18-12; P Hamnett, A Stewart, N Waddock, R Friday lost 26-19; B Daley, W Branford, D Parker, R Gardner won 20-19; R Pearson, P Cowell, J Olliver, J Newell lost 22-17; C Chester, D Spink, M Adams, J Fox lost 20-34.

Eastbourne 139 Arun 109

After a long journey to Eastbourne, Arun started well but found it hard to get the better of their hosts.

Scores: G Whitaker, A Payne, D Ford, S Payne lost 18-13; J Taylor, P Phillips, C Preston, J Edwards lost 23-17; R Daley, M Kemp, J Olliver, S Blyth won 24-20; E Keywood, W Branford, P Terry, R Gardner lost 29-14; C Cester, J Connors, A Blyth, D Adams won 24-22; J Watson, F Mullholand, M Richards lost 27-17.

n Arun Indoor Bowling Club’s open day takes place this Saturday from 10am until 8pm.

Bowling is a game for all abilities and ages and special coaching for all and loan equipment is available.

Members look forward to seeing you.


Fittleworth 69 Southwater 38

Fittleworth won on all three mats in a friendly against Southwater.

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Eileen Warrington, Bernard Adsett, Dave Herbert won 19-14; Arthur Ellcome, Simon Herbert, Jane Adsett, Gina Barnfield won 23-15; Audrey Hodgson, Lyn White, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin won 27-9.


Southbourne 38 Nyetimber 35

In a home friendly against Nyetimber, Southbourne had a slow start on both mats but caught up to win on the mat skipped by John Staker and just failed by one shot to win on the mat skipped by Alan Williams. Overall, Southbourne were the winners.

Scores: Margaret Odell, Colin Bulbeck, John Hardy, John Staker (skip) won 19-15; Eileen Keene, Pete Jasinsky, Alan Shelley, Alan Williams (skip), lost 20-19.