Perfect Petworth Park pond ’s the place for angling action

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Petworth Park pond is a popular venue for match anglers as it holds a wide variety of fish.

Twelve anglers fished there for the Parfrement Trophy, won by Petworth & Bognor Angling Club match secretary Mick Greenway with a good bag of 11 bream mainly caught on worm. He had a winning weight of 32lb, well ahead of second-placed Keith Hughes with 19lb 6oz and John Williams with 18lb 1oz.

The pathway parallel to the road is always the most favoured spot for match and pleasure anglers and again this proved productive, although the rest of this lovely pond’s swims are just as good provided the fish are given enough ground bait.

A sum of £180 was raised in the Chris Humphrey Memorial charity match at Coultershaw with a good turnout hoping to catch some barbel, who decided it was too hot - and it was left to a lonely carp to join in the fun.

The main object was to raise money. A few fish being caught would have helped, but as it’s cooling down this should change for the next match.

The rivers have had mixed fortunes weather-wise, going from low to flood conditions and recently reverting to normal levels.

The club’s water on the Arun at Watersfield is fishing well and some barbel have been seen. These Arun barbel are strong fish so anyone contemplating fishing for them must use a minimum 10lb line, which really goes for all barbel.

The lower Rother has fished well for chub, providing anglers look for them under overgrowing bushes and trees.

All too often there is the temptation to fish the open stretches and unless trotting with a float for either dace or roach, the feeder for chub needs thinking about.

The club’s Hurston Lane Fishery carp lake was closed for a few days during the hot weather which caused a lack of oxygen, so quick action by the club and the Environment Agency ended up with vital pumping equipment being quickly installed and everything is now back to normal.

In this area there is a very active Environment Agency team and local officer Mark Bennett demonstrated just how quickly they are able to act in an emergency.

Most anglers look upon autumn as their favourite time of year to go fishing and this year conditions are looking good.

Sadly there are reports of poaching so keep your eyes open and let the club and Environment Agency know of anything suspicious. Poaching carries a heavy fine and needs to be stopped.