Softball: Falcons can’t dodge Dodgers defeat

CHICHESTER Falcons slumped to a miserable 23-11 defeat against well-versed Portsmouth Dodgers.

As ever the Chichester side started brightly by putting four runs up in the second thanks to Danielle Clarke and most valuable player Jason Mercer.

But with the Dodgers promptly replying with four of their own, the Falcons pitching staff began to struggle under pressure.

A keen eye at the plate earned the Dodgers several walks to frustrate James Wheeler at the rubber, but his infield kept the Falcons in the game thanks to good arms on Ben Sawkins and MVP Alison Clements.

In bat, the Falcons were good value with Graham Boiling notching up a 100 per cent OBP, Emma Brown working the pitcher to a full count twice and Jenny Dunn haring around the diamond to earn extra bases.

David Morris took over pitching, but despite a briefly promising start the Dodgers kept their head and walked their way around the diamond in the fourth to effectively end the game, making the score 21-6.

However the final innings belonged to the Falcons as they limited the Dodgers to just two runs thanks to Janice Morgans command at the plate to tag out several over-zealous Dodgers runners.

The Falcons put up five runs of their own in the fifth and seventh and the match ended 23-11.

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