Some of Bognor league’s stars find it rocky on the oche

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The Bognor Friday Night League’s divisional singles knockouts took place at the Bognor British Legion. A really busy night saw 61 players taking part.

With 35 players in the division-one contest alone, some big surprises were on the cards.

In the first semi-final POW Z player Sam Abrehart took on Andy Stubbs from Chichester Snooker Club B. Stubbs had just enough to beat Abrehart.

The second semi saw the Wheatsheaf’s Richard Ragless take on Richard Pennells from the Richmond A. On normal form Ragless should have taken the game, but Pennells managed to take the win.

The final saw both players playing well, but in-form Pennells showed that when he’s in the zone he can beat anybody, and duly took the win.

In division two it was a quiet affair with only ten players competing.

In the semi-finals, Tim McCarthy from the Friary C played Dave Wingate from Friary D. McCarthy’s scoring put him through.

POW B player Paul Bizzell take on Gary Blackwood from the Claremont Cobras, Blackwood easily making through to the final.

In the final Blackwood’s experience and accuracy just gave him the edge, although it was close.

The division-three competition involved 24 players. The first semi-final brought together Chichester Snooker Club pair Keith Robinson from the C team and Adi Linfield from the A team. A hustle-and-bustle match ended with Linfield reaching the final.

The second semi-final saw Steve Landvogt from the BRSA2 up against Newtown SC B player Alex Norgett, with Landvogt’s doubles just giving him the edge.

The final was exciting, with team-mates cheering both players on. Experience won through, giving Linfield the victory.

Tuesday Night Double-in League

The top performance of the week came from Chris Gatford (Chi Snooker B) with 19 and 28 darts and a winning average of 21.11.

Other top performances: Cliff Prior (19 & 33), Ben Marley (23 & 24), Nathan Warren (23), Rob Palmer (24 & 28), Courtney Wilson (24 & 35), Dave Cox (20 & 26), Connor Durham (23). Highest in shots: Chris Gatford (130), Rob Palmer (120), Lee Franklin (120), Dave Cox (120), Rob Rice (116), Ricky Clark (108), Kevin Perry (101), Debbie Ling (100). 180s: Cliff Prior (2), Lee Chapman.

In division one, Crown Snooker returned to winning ways to go second. Barn play their game in hand this week which can put them back joint top.

Results: Div 1 – Felpham Tavern 3 Chi Snooker Club A 6; Crown Snooker 7 Chi Snooker B 2; Claremont 6 Royal Oak 0. Div 2 - Cabin 6 The Legionnaires 3; Chi Snooker C 7 Richmond A 2; Wheatsheaf 4 The Lamb 5.