Southbourne sizzle ... Crablands cruising ... Chichester checked

C110934-1 JPOS Spt Bowls Southbourne Photo Louise Adams''Southbourne bowls team
C110934-1 JPOS Spt Bowls Southbourne Photo Louise Adams''Southbourne bowls team

Our latest round-up of the local bowls scene features action from Southbourne, Crablands, Chichester, Bognor, Fishbourne, Witterings, Fittleworth and Petworth.

SOUTHBOURNE (pictured above)

Southbourne 87 Tarring Priory 81

In the Littlehampton Gazette League, Southbourne had a close-fought home win over Tarring Priory.

By halfway through, the rink skipped by Dave Fewell were well in the lead by 16-3, but Tarring made a comeback. But critically Fewell won the last end. With a win and a draw on two of the other rinks, Southbourne achieved a shots win.

Scores: S Soper, W Coates, D Alner, J Simmonds drew 19-19; A Williams, J Staker, A Smith, A Bull lost 28-20; K Lockyer, M Soper, R Bull, P Butler won 30-9; D Walter, F Armstrong, R Armstrong, D Fewell lost 25-18.

Southbourne 68 West Dean 55

Southbourne won their annual friendly against West Dean. Though Southbourne won the day, West Dean were pleased to get a win and a draw on two of the four triples.

Scores: T Roden, A Bull, J Staker won 18:10; E Johnson, I Jennings, R A Bull lost 22:15; V Armstrong, D Young, M Odell drew 12:12; A Williams, J Jennings, W Coates won 23-11.

Southbourne 26 Hotham 30

In the BM League, Southbourne drew on one triple and lost on the other, losing overall by only four shots.

Scores: I Jennings, A Shelley, J Jennings lost 16-12; K Shelley, E Johnson, M Odell drew 14-14.


Maltravers 80 Crablands 83

Crablands played a four-rink mixed friendly at Maltravers, winning by three shots, thanks largely to their top rink, skipped by Jim Saunders.

Scores: C Lewendon, L Lewendon, J Lindley, S Blyth lost 20-12; C Garland, M Campbell, B Foyle, M Heasman lost 28-20; L Dray, W Obermayer, A Blyth, D Adams won 21-18; B Berry, A Gilling, J Johnston, J Saunders won 30-14.

Field Place 73 Crablands 89

Crablands travelled to Field Place in the Littlehampton Gazette League, taking eight points from a good victory.

Scores: E Potz, J Saunders, B Foyle, D Clacey won 26-19; R Neate, M Campbell, A Humphreys, M Heasman won 26-16; B Berry, D Eggleton, R Shambrook, J Brown lost 21-16; B Jones, C Pestle, J Harman, R Eastland won 21-17.

Crablands 89 Pagham 71

Crablands men again gained eight league points against Pagham.

Scores: M Campbell, W Obermayer, A Humphreys, M Heasman lost 22-20; A Blyth, J Tyrrell, B Foyle, D Adams won 22-19; B Berry, R Osborne, D Clacey, R Humphrey won 23-22; B Jones, C Pestle, R Eastland, J Saunders won 24-8.

Middleton 34 Crablands 27

Crablands were outbowled when they played at Middleton, losing on both rinks.

Scores: R Neate, P Jones, J Lindley lost 14-13; D Jones, B Neate, E Potz lost 20-14.

Crablands 86 Norfolk 76

On a windy afternoon Crablands came out the victors in their league game against Norfolk.

Scores: A Blyth, A Humphrey, D Muncey, D Adams won 23-14; B Jones, C Pestle, R Eastland, J Harman won 29-16; B Berry, D Eggleton, B Foyle, D Clacey lost 31-9; M Campbell, J Saunders, M Heasman, J Brown won 26-15.


Chichester 43 Aldingbourne 40

In their first C&M League game of the season Chichester ladies won on one rink and collected four points for the overall win.

Scores: P Rampton, M Maggs, S Baverstock, W Adams lost 23-19; R Manning, J Hole, B Copeland, M Schofield won 24-17.

Pagham 35 Chichester 27

In the BM League, with the scores level after 14 ends, Pagham pulled away over the last four to win on both rinks to take all six points.

Scores: P Whale, S Pickard, M Bayfield lost 19-13; J Hole, M Schofield, J Pickard lost 16-14.

Chichester 35 Popes Mead 39

Wittering 58 Chichester 75

Chichester’s disappointment at losing their first-round game in the inter club double rink to Popes Mead was lessened slightly by winning in the Sussex top club championship at Witterings.

Scores (v Popes Mead): Away - D Anderson, P Rampton, B Collins, W Adams won 19-18; Home - C Hobbs, M Scofield, B Spicer, A Janman lost 21-16.

Scores (v Witterings): Singles: D Anderson won 21-17; Pairs: C Hobbs, B Spicer won 23-7; Triples: P Rampton, M Schofield, W Adams lost 16-12; Fours: M Potter, S Pickard, B Collins, A Janman won 19-18.

In the County Triples competition at Beach Park, Chichester’s two triples – P Rampton, B Collins and A Janman, and D Anderson, B Spicer and W Adams played each other in the quarter-finals. Wendy Adams’ team won by two to go through to July’s semi-finals at Haywards Heath.


Bognor hosted RAFA for a combined two-rink BM League match and three-rink friendly. Bognor lost the league match 31-20. RAFA lost the friendly three rinks to two.

Scores: P Lewis, K Hellyer, J Whitfield lost 18-10; T Love, K Taylor, M Phillips lost 13-10; J Smith,

B Charlesworth, D Purse lost 23-8; G Cook, A Oliver, J Whitfield won 20-18; C Dunham, G Dunham, P Dale lost 27-12.

Bognor travelled to Southbourne for an LG League match. Each team claimed two rinks but Southbourne emerged 76-66 victors. Southbourne took six points, Bognor four.

Scores: R Lincoln, T Moore, I Christensen, A Richardson won 23-15; T Love, I Whitfield, P Lillford, I Roots won 20-16; N Waddock, J Parry, J Weatherall, T Gaskin lost 31-11; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 14-12.

Bognor hosted the SCBA division-four vice-presidents for a friendly. They won by 11 shots.

Meanwhile, Bognor’s division-one team travelled to face Worthing A in a league match. Bognor emerged with a good win by winning three rinks and drawing one, making it 96-69 overall and earning them nine points.

Scores: D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner won 28-13; R Lincoln, T Moore, J Christensen, A Richardson drew 17-17; K Hellyer, A Hall, B Sandford, T Gaskin won 21-19; Ned Waddock, J Whitefield, P Lillford, J Roots won 30-20.

Worthing B visited Waterloo Square for a division-three match against Bognor B. Bognor won the match with three rinks won and one drawn for an 85-68 success, giving Bognor B nine points.

Scores: R Bobbitt, G Hollands, J Weatherall, J Roots won 23-15; B Harvey, T Mussell, T Lindsey, P Phillips drew 18-18; A Harrison, G Verrinder, P Dale, J Parry won 25-15; C Paul, A Knight, J Keywood, J Blacow won 19-17.


Forton 67 Fishbourne 111

Scores: K Makin, V Frost, P Winter won 27-9; G Randall, J Summers, P White lost 18-13; B Ashton, T Gaffney, B Wallsgrove lost 19-18; M Bleach, G Summers, K Burt won 22-16; K Fancy, G Evans, P Massey won 29-5.

Fishbourne 61 Middleton 30

In the BM League, Fishbourne won by seven shots. They also won the friendly.

Scores: J Conway P White P Winter won 18-17; C Lankshear, K Burt, P Massey won 20-14; R Beasley, V Frost, T Dewing won 23-9.

Away to Norfolk in the National two fours contest, Fishbourne lost overall by 11 shots.

Scores: F Heil, R Beasley, K Burt, P White lost 22-10; M Keane, T Dewing, B Wallsgrove, P Winter won 18-17.

Billingshurst 104 Fishbourne 69

Scores: M Keane, K Ridley, K Fancy lost 19-10; J Summers, A Marsh, K Burt lost 20-16; G Randal, G Evans, T Ewing lost 23-8; D Humphteys, G Summers, P White won 20-17; E Keane, M Bleach, B Wallsgrove lost 25-15.

Fishbourne 90 Waterlooville 95

Scores: W Dean, J Conway, M Bleach lost 22-20; S Lewis, R Stone, K Ridley won 21-12; S Wingate, C Lamkshear, V Frost lost 19-15; D Humpheys, G Evans, E Keane won 23-22; M Beasley, J Heffer, J Wingate lost 20-11.


Witterings 67 Bognor Regis B 77

In the Littlehampton Gazette League, Witterings won on one rink and the visitors won on three. Witterings gained two points.

Scores: G Morgan, K Maxwell, M White & J Hostler (s) lost 23-22 to T Love, T Mussell, P Dale & J Roots; F Bray, M Lillywhite, E Shoyer & J Slogrove lost 18-11 to R Bobbett, G Cook, J Keywood, S Somes; J Hardy, B Curtis, L Bangs & B Horsley (s) lost 22-9; P Chivers, C Jelf, R Stephens & D Bell (s) beat C Paul, A Oliver, A Lewis, P Phillips 25-14.


Haslemere beat Fittleworth 48-43 by winning on two out of three rinks.

Scores: Jane Adsett, Mike Ryan, David Herbert lost 24-5; Ron Jones, Bernard Adsett, Gina Barnfield won 29-4; Francis Etherington, Sheila Allen, Alan Jordan lost 20-9.


Petworth continued their disappointing run of results in this season’s LG League when they lost 111-54 to Worthing at Beach House Park.

Petworth’s closest result came as Nigel Short, Barrie Fitch, Les Mann and Nic Dudman went down 17-14.

Worthing took all ten league points.

Scores: Jim Dormer, Brian Jones, Lenny Corne & Kyle McGowan lost 34-12; Nigel Short, Barrie Fitch, Less Mann & Nic Dudman lost 17-14; Peter Miles, David Lamb, Barry Napper & Graham Ives lost 34-11; Chris Blackman, Phil Herrington, Mick Monk & Marc Lancaster lost 26-17.


In the Brooks Motors Mixed League, Norfolk remain top with a 100 per cent record from their first three games. In division two, Fishbourne have overtaken RAFA at the top.

Results: Div 1: Norfolk 46 (6pts) Pulborough 28 (Mockett 24 Adsett 12; Collins 22 Wood 16); Pagham 35 (6pts) Chichester 27.

Div 2: RAFA 36 (3pts) Middleton 36 (3pts) (Batcock 19 Graham 15; Jackson 17 Smith 21); Hotham 26 (2pts) Fishbourne 28 (4pts) (Peach 17 White 12; Olver 9 Winter 16); Fishbourne 38 (6pts) Middleton 31 (Massey 20 Murray 14; Winter 18 Graham 17); Southbourne 26 (1pt) Hotham 30 (5pts) (Jennings 12 Hannam 16; Odell 14 Olver 14); Middleton 34 (6pts) Crablands 27 (Beavan 20 Potz 14; Wilson 14 Lindley 13).


Div 1: Middleton (2pts) 32 Bognor (4pts) 38 (J Gower 14 M Phillips 23, R Gregory 18 J Spiers 15; Chichester (4pts) 43 Aldingbourne (2pts) 40 (M Schofield 24 L Hathaway 17, W Adams 19 J Hamilton 23).

Div 2: Storrington (6pts) 53 Worthing Pavilion 22 (P Bain 35 L Wallace 8; J Ackerman 18 M Hancock 14).