Teamwork is the key for Arun gymnasts

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GIRLS from Arun Gymnastics Club’s Team Gym section were back in action at a regional tournament in Bracknell.

The squad comprised Sian Dale, Heather Wallace, Anna Richardson, Lily Smyth, Chantal Mawbey, Charlotte Williamson, Ashley Bingham, Zoe Solle, Charlotte O’Neill, Katie Twine, Katie Fenneymore and Amy Brown.

They are fairly new to Team Gym but have proved quick learners, winning bronze medals in their first two competitions.

Here they were up against clubs who have been established for longer, but they had a superb event.

With nearly all of the girls coming from artistic gymnastic backgrounds, they put in a terrific performance in the tumble sequence which saw them record the second-highest score.

They were third on their trampet run which put them in an excellent position to secure a medal with only the floor remaining.

The floor is the most technical and visual of the three disciplines and is the one all the girls compete in together.

With marks given and deducted for many little things, the squad are still learning what will earn them the highest marks - so although they gave a great performance, their score saw them placed only fifth.

However, that was good enough to maintain third place overall and secure them another well-deserved bronze medal.

Coach Hanah Aylen was incredibly proud of the girls’ efforts and is convinced that once they can get their floor routine polished, they will be challenging for top spot in future competitions.