They can’t all catch Fishbourne bowlers

Steph Baverstock was a winner at the Chichester club finals / Picture by Nick Anderson
Steph Baverstock was a winner at the Chichester club finals / Picture by Nick Anderson

There’s action from Fishbourne, Chichester, Crablands, West Dean, Middleton, Midhurst, Southbourne and Fittleworth in our latest round-up of the outdoor bowls action from across West Sussex.

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Fishbourne enjoyed some good resultss against Chichester, Pulborough, Pagham and Rogate but suffered losses against West Dean, RAFA and Arundel.

Scores: v West Dean (lost 51-43): C Martin, G Summers, A Marsh and B Wallsgrove 15-14; W Cooper, E Badger, K Fancy and M Reed 13-19; K Ridley, L Kneale and B Cooper 15-18.

v Chichester (won 95-91): K Ridley, L Kneale and B Wallsgrove 20-18; W Dean, A Marsh and T Bleach 23-15; D Mcturk, C Lankshear and B Cooper 11-13; W Cooper, G Summers and A Banham 18-14; B Payne, B Pack and J Lankshear 13-11; J Pack, E Badger and G Collins 10-20.

v Pulborough (won 75-67): K Ridley, C Lankshear and B Wallsgrove 28-17; W White, M Reed and B Cooper 12-18; W Cooper, K Fancy and T White 16-20; E Badger, G Summers and J Lankshear 19-12.

v Arundel (lost 75-51): W Cooper, K Fancy and T White 13-15; W White, B Pack and B Cooper 9-19; J Pack, C Clarke and J Lankshear 19-19; K Makin, T Badger and R Clark 10-22.

v Rogate (won 72-63): K Ridley, A Marsh and P Massey 14-17; I Roberts, G Summers and L Kneale 12-20; W Cooper, B Pack and B Wallsgrove 25-12; E Badger, G Collins and B Cooper 21-14.

In the Brooks Motors League, Fishbourne had an excellent win over Pagham by 47-18, gaining six points.

Scores: W White, T White and B Wallsgrove 22-8; C Lankshear, G Collins and A Banham 25-10.

Against RAFA, Fishbourne’s unbeaten league record came to an end in a 36-27 loss.

Scores: C Lankshear, T White and P Massey 14-19; W White, A Banham and B Wallsgrove 13-17; (friendly): K Makin, A Marsh and J Lankshear 14-20; W Dean, D Mcturk and G Summers 20-10.


Some new names will be appearing on the Chichester ladies’ honours board after their club competition finals were played in brilliant sunshine.

Steph Baverstock is the new singles champion after a close-fought game against Betty Spicer. With the score at 15-15, Steph took two shots on each of the next three ends to win 21-15.

In the handicap singles, Debbie Hogg, in only her third year of bowling, was up against Betty Spicer, who had a handicap of seven shots. After a slow start Debbie quickly gained in confidence and fought her way back to 19-13, and picking up two shots on the next four ends she won 21-19 without needing to use Betty’s handicap.

Chris Hobbs was up against Steph Baverstock in the two-wood singles to the yard stick. After a close game, Steph needed two shots on the last end to win. Although holding both shots, one was not within the yardstick, resulting in a 14-13 victory for Chris.

Chris Hobbs played Betty Spicer in the 100-up. With ten points to be won on each end, the lead changed frequently between the two.

After nineteen ends the score was 97-93 and Chris won the next end, taking the three points she needed to win the game.

Chichester 43 Eastbourne 34

Chichester ladies are this year’s County Double Rink champions. Playing against a strong Eastbourne team on a neutral green they adjusted well to the heavier conditions at Henfield winning on both rinks and overall by nine shots.

It means both the Chichester men and ladies are County Double Rink champions for 2015.

Scores: Mary Potter, Margaret Schofield, Bridget Collins & April Janman won 22-14; Chris Hobbs, Debbie Hogg, Sue Miles & Betty Spicer won 21-20.

Tarring Priory 63 Chichester 86

Chichester are through to the final of the West Sussex League PC Cup, having beaten division-one winners Tarring Priory away at the Priory in the semi-final by an 23-shot margin.

This was an excellent performance by Chichester who were without several leading players. In the final, to be held at Worthing Pavilion on Sunday, September 20, starting at 2pm, Chichester will play East Preston BC

Scores: Tony Daines, Mike Lewis, Brian Talmage, Malcolm Bowden (skip) won 28-5; Peter Merritt, Mike Bayfield, Ricky Hobbs, Tony Sayers (skip) won 21-16; Les Etherington, Nigel Dearman, Tony Hardgrove, Clive Keedwell (skip) lost 22-20; Terry Wiseman, Peter White, Derek Leach, Matt Bonnar (skip) lost 20-17.

Crablands 81 Chichester 66

Chichester travelled to Crablands for a mixed friendly and after 14 ends they were six shots ahead; however, Crablands fought back and pulled away to win the game by 15 shots.

Scores: T Jennings, P Doust, T Gaffney, PJ White (skip) lost 25-11; N Dearman, F Downing, L Etherington, J Pickard (skip) lost 17-14; A Stewart, T Wiseman, K Ball, C Wade (skip) won 24-19; S Wilson, B Money, A Daines, T Haigh (skip) lost 20-17.


Members donned red, white and blue to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VJ Day and enjoyed a fun afternoon where everyone was a winner, including the club’s chosen charity for this year, St Wilfrid’s Hospice. Prizes went to Elaine Sadler, Ron Osborn and Cynthia Ruler.

Crablands 87 Field Place 79

Crablands played host to Field Place taking eight league points.

Scores: C Pestle, G Hemmings, I Jones, T Dade won 21-16; E Potz, C Rickman, J Saunders, D Adams won 26-25; N Crump, L Lewendon, M Campbell, R Humphrey lost 18-16; P Blackman, R Osborn, A Blyth, M Heasman won 24-20.

Crablands 75 West Tarring 80

In a close-fought game, West Tarring just had the edge.

Scores: C Rickman, N Reynolds, T Hanlon, D Adams lost 18-16; P Blackman, R Osborn, A Blyth, M Heasman won 19-18; C Pestle, G Hemmings, I Jones, T Dade drew 18- 18; E Wilcocks, L Lewendon, M Campbell, J Saunders lost 26-22.

Crablands 83 Witterings 69

On a sunny afternoon, Crablands took eight points from this West sussex League game, Witterings just two.

Scores: M Campbell, N Reynolds, J Saunders, K Bailey beat P Chivers, G Dobson, E Shoyer, J Slogrove (s) 20-18; C Pestle, E Wilcocks, T Dade, I Jones beat K Clark, C Jelf, G Morgan, D Bell (s) 22-20; N Crump, L Lewendon, D Muncey, R Humphrey beat M White, C Brooks, F Knotts, R Stephens(s) 27-11; P Blackman, R Osborn, A Blyth, M Heasman beat Ron Prior, Stuart Hooker, John Langworthy, Lindsay Banks 20-14.


Midhurst 35 West Dean 51

West Dean were away to Midhurst and won this last match of their outdoor season.

Scores: Ann Hiscock, Ian Morrison, Tony Boxall [s] beat Gordon Knight, Joy Wells & Alan Rickets 23-7; Pam Sharrod, David Turner, David Harding [s] beat Lilly Kingswell, Dot Berry & Roy Ralph 19-10; Pam Patterson, Andy Wood, John Butterworth [s] lost 18-9 to Delphine Clark, Jean Adams & Phil Wells.

The West Dean club championship finals were held in West Dean Gardens.

The winner of the ladies’ singles final was Pam Sharrod who beat Ann Hiscock 21-13. The men’s singles final was between Jim Sharrod and David Harding, Jim winning 21-13.

The pairs final was won by David Harding and David Turner, who beat John Butterworth and John Jones 15-11.

The club champion trophy, played for by the winners of the ladies and gents’ singles, was won, in a very tight game, by Jim Sharrod, who beat Pam Sharrod 21-18.


After a disappointing first half of their season with just two wins, Middleton’s men, playing in the West Sussex League, remained undefeated in their final five matches, for a best-ever finish in division three.

East Preston 58 Middleton 79

In their final match, Middleton gained sufficient points playing away to East Preston to move above them in the league table.

Scores: I Hart, P Lush, J Graham, J Wilson won 21-16; T Finch, P Ramsden, A Nurse, R Wootten won 25-11; K Berkley, R Eccles, K Baker, B Colvin won 21-14; S Jackson, T Bridge, G Steventon, G Smith lost 17-12. Middleton 8pts.

Middleton 34 RAFA 32

Middleton won their last match in the Brooks Motors League, beating leaders RAFA. This was the last of three BML matches played over a tiring three-day period, the first two matches ending in defeat.

Scores: P Eccles, P Lush, R Gregory won 21-9; T Bridge, I Smith, G Smith lost 23-13. Middleton 4pts. Friendly: R Green, M Fox, P Ramsden won 25-8; J Bumfrey, J Green, A Chandler lost 21-17.

Middleton 26 Pagham 44

Scores: L Oldridge, M Fox, T Bridge lost 28-15 to A Ross, R Hilder, D Vaughan; I Hart, P Lush, P Eccles lost 16-11 to E Shine D Spink M Adams.

Middleton 30 Witterings 37

Scores: T Bridge, I Smith, G Smith won 22-11; R Eccles, P Lush, R Gregory lost 26-8. Middleton 2pts.

In two ladies’ trips friendlies against Pagham and Norfolk, Middleton won one and lost one.

Middleton 50 Norfolk 41

Scores: M Bravington, L Hills, R Gregory won 21-13; J Mathieson, L Lush, I Smith won 13-11; R Green, M Fox, P Eccles lost 17-15.

Middleton 30 Pagham 35

Scores: J Bartlett, A Chandler, M Fox drew 15-15 with D Ellis, A Burrell, A Ross; L Lush, J Nurse, I Smith lost 20-15 to G Stewart, M Rees, J Wells.

It’s all go at Middleton as the club get ready for the end-of-season club final competitions. Ten finals will take place over three days, starting this Friday. If you want to see what Middleton has to offer, you are welcome to go along.


East Preston A 63 Southbourne 80

Southbourne’s men played their last game of the season in West Sussex League division one and had an excellent away win against East Preston A.

Southbourne won on three rinks, drew on one and won overall by 17 shots to earn nine points. On one of the rinks Southbourne got five shots on the last end to win by one shot.

Southbourne finished fourth in the league with 100 points and were one point away from being third.

Scores: Dave Walter, Alan Williams, Dave Fewell & Paul Butler (s) won 25-12; Richard Galloway, Jim Jennings, Malcolm Ayres & Andy Smith (s) won 18-15; Malcolm Keane, John Hardy, Rodney Bull & Dave Alner (s) won 20-19; Pete Jasinski, Pete Garrard, Mark Soper & Robin Armstrong (s) drew 17-17.


Petworth 42 Fittleworth 59

After a below-par summer, Fittleworth finished the season with a flourish, winning on all three rinks in their away match against Petworth

Scores: Jim Reed, Colin Long, Alvar Etherington won 20-15; Frances Etherington, David Luxford, Monica Enticknap won 18-10; Judy Reed, Mike Ryan, Sue Judd won 21-17.

The club finals were held between showers of rain with the following results.

The novices final for the Bob Dalyn Trophy was won by David Luxford, who beat Simon Herbert. The handicap (J Barnfield Trophy) went to Sue Judd over Mike Ryan. The Gentlemen’s Ken Radford Trophy was won by Brian Ball, beating David Luxford.

The Ladies’ Plate (Cooper Mitchell) saw Sue Judd beat Frances Etherington and the championship (Minton Park) went to Arthur Ellcome as he beat David Luxford.


The latter stages of the Brooks Motors Mixed League have been rather spoilt by the number of matches cancelled because of poor weather.

In division one, Norfolk are champions. The game which could have decided the title, between Norfolk and Chichester, was rained off with both sides taking three points.

Southbourne missed an opportunity to put themselves within reach of the title when they took no points at Hotham.

At the bottom Storrington are relegated, with the second relegation spot between Pulborough, Hotham and Southbourne.

Hotham need two points from their last game at Southbourne to avoid relegation and Southbourne could themselves go down if they lose the game by more than 12 shots overall.

In division two, Fishbourne are top despite losing their last two games and are guaranteed promotion. Crablands need a point in their last game at Pagham to take the title and for promotion.

Results- Div 1 - Chichester 42 (5pts) Southbourne 33 (1pt) Bayfield 19 Odell 19, Butler 23 Smith 14; Storrington v Norfolk rained off – 3pts each; Chichester v Norfolk rained off – 3pts each; Hotham 46 (6pts) Southbourne 23 (0pts) Mead 24 Odell 6, Olver 22 Young 17; Storrington v Hotham rained off – 3pts each; Pulborough v Southbourne rained off – 3pts each. Div 2 - Fishbourne 27 (0pts) RAFA 36 (6pts) Massey 14 Blacow 19, Wallsgrove 13 Batcock 17; Witterings 37 (4pts) Middleton 30 (2pts) Bangs 26 Gregory 8, Hooker 11 Smith 22; Middleton 26 (0pts) Pagham 44 (6pts) Bridge 15 Vaughan 28, Eccles 11 Adams 16; Middleton 34 (4pts) RAFA 32 (2pts) Smith 13 Batcock 23, Gregory 21 Ayton 9; Witterings v Fishbourne rained off – 3pts each; Pagahm 46 (6pts) Fishbourne 25 (0pts) Mayoss 29 Massey 10, Newell 17 Wallsgrove 15. Tables - Div 1- 1 Norfolk p10 38pts; 2 Chichester p10 33; 3 Southbourne p9 28; 4 Pulborough p10 28; 5 Hotham p9 27; 6 Storrington p10 20. Div 2 - 1 Fishbourne p10 36 (+55shots); 2 RAFA p10 36 (+29); 3 Crablands p9 36 (+22); 4 Pagham p9 27; 5 Middleton p10 26; 6. Witterings p10 13.

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