Tone Zone runners pick up prizes

Tone Zone Runners at the New Forest race
Tone Zone Runners at the New Forest race

Bognor’s Tone Zone Runners held their annual meeting and awards night at Bognor FC. This well supported event saw several runners honoured for their efforts during the year.

A review of the year by head coach Keith Hardwell was a reminder of how committed Tone Zone Runners are. Hundreds of races have been entered, thousands of miles run and hundreds of shoes worn out through the year.

The annual awards saw several categories this year along with some amusing awards for runners with funny stories from the past year.

Most improved male and female were Paul Coe and Carolyn Stapely, who have both seen tremendous improvements in their running this year - both running many PBs.

Overall runners of the year were Danny Mahoney and Joan Wooley, who have both had great achievements with their running this year. Members of the year were Keith Hardwell and Karen Harrison for showing the most commitment to the club over the year.

Best new runners were Dale Stevens and Lisa Robinson, who have both shown they are no longer to be classed as beginners.

Special achievement awards went to Simon Gill, who continues to perform in his running, and Derek Winslow, who is a inspiration for all runners at the club.

As always, nominations made by the committee for every category were voted for by members. awards were given out to the two runners-up as well.

Most improved, winners: Paul Coe and Carolyn Stapley - runners up; Gary Pidgeon, Sam Miles, Luke Simmonds and Jackie Annals. Runner of year winners: Danny Mahoney and Joan Wooley - runners up; Peter Chittenden, Debs Pacey, Robert Little and Grace Natoli. Member of the year winners: Keith Hardwell and Karen Harrison. Best new runner Dale Stevens and Lisa Robinson. Special achievement: Simon Gill and Derek Winslow. Humorous: Kate O’Connor, Dan Hughes, Glenn Penfold, Stuart Thompson and Sarah Baker.

* The New Forest ten-miler has provided challenging conditions, including floods and heatwaves. This year was no different, with a hot race where hydration was an essential part of race strategy.

First Tone Zone runner home was Peter Lee. Despite suffering ankle problems, Lee ran well and finished in 1.08.27, closely followed by Michael Harris in 1.10.44. Overall, 22 Tone Zoners completed the race.

In other races, Paul Coe and Daniel Hughes ran the Bewl 15-mile race and Sam Yates and Peter Chittenden ran the Gibbert Hill 10k.

Race three of the Lakeside 5k series in Portsmouth saw Tony Hancock finishing in 22.48 and Debbie Patching in 27.34. The Southcoast half marathon was run by Tony Holcombe and the Barrathon half marathon was run by Peter Chittenden in 2.54.17.

Tone Zone times: Lakeside 5k - Tony Hancock 22.48, Debbie Patching 27.34.

South Coast Half Marathon - Tony Holcombe 1.39.39.

Bewl 15 - Paul Coe 2.19.00, Daniel ’Sheep’ Hughes 2.23.27.

Barrathon Half Marathon - Peter Chittenden 2.54.17.

New Forest 10 Mile - Peter Lee 1.08.27, Michael Harris 1.10.44, Jack Penfold 1.13.20, Stuart Thomson 1.27.42, Glenn Penfold 1.29.51, Paul Westwood 1.29.54, Laura Newell 1.30.01, Paul Coe 1.30.02, Daniel Hughes 1.30.44, Jessica Thomson 1.33.32, Sarah Baker 1.35.29, Paul Stevenson 1.35.39, Debbie Patching 1.37.12, Grace Natoli 1.38.32, Judith Bazeley 1.39.26, Pat Argent 1.39.35, Roy Webb 1.41.52, Dale Stevens 1.43.35, Alice Slater 1.43.41, Alan Argent 1.47.20, Nicky King 1.55.37, Jo Langrish 1.59.18. Bibbert Hill 10k - Sam Yates 1.09.14, Peter Chittenden 1.37.33.