Uni basketball players enjoy their home swansong

The University of Chichester's women's basketball team
The University of Chichester's women's basketball team

The last home game of the season saw the University of Chichester’s women’s basketball team beat Kingston University 75-56 in BUCS South East 2A.

For half Chichester’s team, it would be their last-ever home game for the university and they were determined to go out on a high.

Vice-rresident Olivia Benger placed the first points of the game on to the board but it was a close first quarter that ended 20-18 to Chichester.

The second quarter was evenly matched. Chichester used a man-to-man defensive strategy which successfully limited Kingston’s shots and Chichester were still up by two - and the quarter ended 35-33.

Chichester knew it was within their reach to keep Kingston’s points to a minimum. Yet as the quarter progressed Chichester’s concentration seemed to falter. Team fouls and undisciplined defence allowed Kingston to keep the points difference at bay, scoring nine points alone from free throws, ending the quarter 52-46 behind.

Up by only six, Chichester took to the last quarter determined to put a points difference between them and Kingston which reflected their impressive seven-game victory this season.

Their defence once more became controlled and disciplined, limiting Kingston’s points with only two fouls called. Chichester once more had control.

Up by 19 in the last minutes, coach Stuart Hardyman let the leavers Doubleday, Benger, Graham, Shipton and Mckoy have full rein of the court. With the knowledge it was their last home game together as a team they continued to give 110 per cent, ending the quarter with an impressive buzzer shot from Benger.

Benger said: “It was a great win for the team, especially with it being the last home game for lots of us. The team spirit was high, our performance reflected this and we hope to continue our high standards.”