Victory defeat for Arun - but then win can Egham on...

The pairs finalists at Lavant
The pairs finalists at Lavant
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Our latest bowls round-up includes news from Arun, Lavant, Southbourne, Donnington, Fittleworth and Hunston - plus an invite from the Observer to outdoor bowls clubs.


Victory 138 Arun 80

Arun travelled to Victory and as always the matches were hotly-contested. Just a few weeks ago, Arun won at home to Victory by a narrow margin, but this match was lost on five rinks and by 58 points. Brian Butler’s rink six were Arun’s only winners.

Scores: D Goodenough, D Taffureli, B Why, B Horsley lost 22-11; W Branford, B Sanford, D Winchester,R Gardner lost 32-12; N Waddock, B Fitch, K Burt, PJ White lost 27-9; P Green, D Fair, M Adams, J Pickard lost 17-16; K Moody, B Jones, J Brown, D Sayers lost 21-10; G Whittaker, M Kemp, I McRae, B Butler won 22-19.

Arun 125 Egham IBC 118

Arun entertained Egham and won on three rinks, winning overall by a slim margin of seven points.

Scores: F Smith, J Smith, A Avery, B Horsley won 24-14; P Lichfield, D Young, J Saunders, T Sayers won 22-11; J Watson, B Fitch, R Bishop, J Pickford lost 30-13; W Branford, G Herrington, B Sanford, R Gardner lost 23-22; C Chester, J Gilpin, K Burt, P White won 26-15; B Jones, I McRae, C Burnard, M Johnson lost 25-18.

The Arun Fives is a mixed competition made up of singles, pairs, triples and fours matches played in two-hour segments over the course of a day.

The fours game was won by the team on rink five. The singles was won on rink one by two points and they also took the pairs by a point.

Going into the fours at the end of the day the scores were very even. The eventual winners won their fours game on rink four by eight points and, having won all four games with eight match points and a score difference of 37, Colin Spicer, Bridget Collins, April Janman, Ray Leggett, Betty Spicer won the day.

Runners up were Michael Johnson, Daphne Anderson, Angus Anderson, Eric King and Maureen King and third were Mick Campbell, Peter Hannam, Denise Cooke, Peter Green and Daphne Green.

Thanks went to Matt Bonner for making the day go so smoothly.

Arun ladies played a friendly away to Whiteknights of Reading and lost 113-98.

Scores: C Levenden, A Blyth, I Brooker, J Lindley won 15-14; O Fidgeon, B Fitch, V Greenaway, S Blyth lost 19-9; P Rampton, K Young, E Cooke, I Morris lost 20-13; E Fitch, D Taffurelli, P Jones, M Phillips won 25-16; P Osbourn, D Young, S Stocker, M Brown lost 21-16; J Whitfield, S Simmonds, M Bacon, J Taffurelli lost 22-20.


Lavant held the finals of their club singles and pairs competitions.

The ladies singles final matched Clare Beardmore against current holder Jackie Lee. This was a game of two halves with Jackie taking an early lead to go 7-3 up before Clare hit back and ran out 12-8 winner.

In the men’s singles, current holder Peter Whale played Rob Peirce and was in dominant form. Whale quickly built up an 8-2 lead and despite a great effort, Peirce was unable to respond with Whale going on to retain his title 15-6.

In the pairs final, Yvonne Squires and Peter Whale played John Simms and Peter Winter. Whale continued in top form and the Squires/Whale partnership built up a 10-3 lead.

Simms and Winter fought back but were unable to close the gap significantly and Squires and Whale ran out 13-8 winners.

Lavant Blue had a tight finish at home to Norfolk after a topsy-turvy game.

Mat one scored six shots on end eight and took 11 of the remaining ends, scoring consistently while Norfolk struggled. Blue won by 13 shots.

Mat two saw the reverse, with Norfolk leading all the way, Blue struggling to score and Norfolk scoring eight shots for the last two ends, winning by 13 shots. The match score was 42-42. The friendly was more even, but Lavant won by seven shots.

Scores: B Wallsgrove, B Cooper, M Winter, J Lee won 27-14; T Boxall, P Massey, P Sharrod, J Conway lost 28-15; (friendly): P Beardmore, K Fancy, P Lee, C Martin won 25-18.

The County League KO competition had reached the stage where the next match would decide a semi-final place for the winner. Lavant A visited Arundel’s ‘slow’ mats and on mat one, Lavant started well but were five shots down at halfway. Not scoring for the next six ends, they lost by 14 shots.

On mat two, a seven-shot end from Arundel put them ten shots up at end five. Lavant fought back but could not improve and lost by five shots. Arundel won 44-25.

Scores: P Winter, D May, R Peirce, J Simms lost 23-9; P Whale, P Beardmore, J Sharrod, R Harding lost 21-16.


Southbourne 67 Storrington 15

In their final south west division one league match of the season, Southbourne had a convincing win on both mats to take all six points.

Congratulations go to the Southbourne team who, as a result of this win, ended top of their division.

Scores: Alan Shelley, Bill Coates, Robin Armstrong, Dave Walter (s) won 34-8; Audrey Bull, Alan Williams, Rodney Bull, Dave Alner (s) won 33-7.

Donnington 32 Southbourne 32

Southbourne went to Donnington for a friendly. The games were very close with Donnington just beating Southbourne on one mat and Southbourne narrowly winning on the other to give a drawn match. A pleasant evening of bowling was completed by an excellent supper.

Scores: Eileen Keane, John Staker, Dave Young, Rodney Bull (s) lost 16-15; Audrey Bull, Bill Coates, Malcolm Keane, Alan Shelley (s) won17-16.


In a friendly at home to Aldingbourne, Donnington lost by ten shots.

Scores: Marian Corbett, John Roberts, Trevor Wilson, Ron Beasley lost 29-12; Innes Taylor, Terry Taws, Maggie Maggs, Allan Banham won 19-12 .


Although Fittleworth lost on mat one against Nyetimber, they still won 67-36.

Scores: Murial Cook, Pauline Gilpin, Alan Jordan, Dave Herbert won 25-6; Arthur Ellcome, Jane Adsett, Sheila Allen, Gina Barnfield won 32-9; Audrey Hodgson, Peter Cook, Nancy Goodyer, Edna Henly lost 21-10.

A good tussle at Pulborough ended in a 51-51 draw for Fittleworth.

Scores; Arthur Ellcome, Dolly Helper, Peter Cook, Gina Barnfield lost 24-13; Pauline Gilpin, Pat Perry, Alvar Etherington, Alan Jordan won 22-12; Murial Cook, Simon Herbert, Tony Broughton, Dave Herbert won 16-15.


Hunston played their last match of the season against West Wittering and had an enjoyable afternoon, both teams winning a mat but Wittering winning 41-37.

Scores: P Franklin, T Wilson, F Franklin, A Hack lost 25-12; P Greenfield, J Stubbs, T Hack, S Clay won 25-16.


Calling all outdoor bowls clubs! The new season is nearly upon us and once again we want to cover your matches and activities this season in great detail.

Drop us a line by emailing with details of when your club’s season begins and tell us about any big matches or special events you’d like us to cover.


The club’s pre-season meeting will be held at 2.15pm on Wednesday, April 10, in the pavilion at Swansea Gardens, Bognor.