West Sussex 2011 is transformed into London 2012 by little Olypmians

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National School Sport Week saw primary and secondary schools across the Observer area experience a vast array of sports.

Many schools had their own sports day during the Lloyds TSB-sponsored week, inspiring all pupils to get involved in sport.

Each primary and secondary school that registered for the week received pledge cards which challenged individual students to go out and beat a personal best.

The West Sussex West School Sport Partnership hosted a sensational event promoting both National School Sport Week and next year’s Olympics and Paralympics, called Little London.

Chichester College hosted the event in conjunction with local schools, whose pupils took part in five events.

Students from each school were divided into different countries and merged with pupils from other schools.

They were sent to five different stations for 40 minutes each, where they took part in golf skills, learning to hurdle, introduction to judo, voting to decide who the ultimate Olympian was and sitting volleyball under the instruction of GB Paralympic volleyball captain Emma Wiggs, also a PE teacher at The Regis School.

All the students enjoyed the event as it brought the Olympic values alive and was an ideal opportunity to try new sports and meet students from other schools.

It was also a great opportunity to meet a real Olympian and see those competing in the Paralympic games are every bit as committed to their sports.

The ultimate Olympian chosen by the children was 1992 British athlete Derek Redmond, who completed the 400m after rupturing his hamstring with 175m to go.

Despite the crippling pain and the race already being won, he completed the race under the support of his father to a standing ovation of the stadium.

The children decided that his courage, determination, drive for excellence and inspirational role model made him an icon of the Olympic values.

The WSW School Sport Partnership are committed to providing sporting opportunities for all schools in the partnership.

As London 2012 draws closer, the Olympics will continue to be used to inspire young people.

Bourne Community College Year 7 student Samuel Hoolihan said: “I loved the hurdles, but enjoyed throwing my friend around in judo more!”

Phil Fowler, assistant director of learning for PE at Bourne, said: “What a positive day! It was so great to see so many talented students get such a memorable experience of what the Olympics are all about.”