West Sussex jujitsu students make the grade

The West Sussex club at their grading session
The West Sussex club at their grading session

MEMBERS of the Kyushin Ryu jujitsu club have been awarded new belts in their latest grading session.

The club meet on Mondays at St Wilfrids Church Hall, Ellesdale Road, Bognor, from 7.30pm to 8.30pm for five to 15-year-olds and 8.30 to 10pm for those aged 16-plus. They also meet at Wick Community Hall, Wick Street, Littlehampton, at the same times on Friday evenings

Gradings are held three times per year.

Sensei Sid Martin said: “I established the clubs in West Sussex in 1993 when I moved to Bognor. I’m putting together a display team as we’ve been invited to perform a display at the Will Adams Festival in Gillingham, Kent, in September.

“If there are any organisers of local events that would like us to put on a display for their schools or fetes, they can contact me and we will be glad to help free of charge.”

Those graded at the latest session were: Juniors – Teddy Varndell (orange belt), Brodie Lock (green/white), Aaron Banks (green), Isaac Rishman (green), Richard Rempell (blue/white), Chloe Rempell (blue/white); Sam Poulton (blue), Josh Carter (blue), Tristan Jones (purple/white), Anya Degenarro (brown). Seniors – Josh Finn (orange), Dave Lashwood (orange), Richard Rempell (blue), Paul Banks (brown).

Gradings were assessed by visiting head and founder of Kyushin Ryu ju-jitsu, Sensei Roger Wilkes (eighth dan), assisted by Sensei Diane Monk (third dan).

For information on the West Sussex clubs, contact Sid Martin on sid.jujitsu@btinternet.com or on 07835 956713.