Bognor basketball youngsters get chance in league with difference

A new basketball initiative is set to get under way across the south – and players in Bognor are among those gettting involved.

Sunday, 8th September 2019, 8:49 pm
One of the trial sessions for the new league
One of the trial sessions for the new league

It has been set up by Growth Sports Development, whose values revolve around the teaching of positive attitude, people skills and growth mindset. They try to integrate our values into sessions.

They try to teach players to compete like champions, giving 100 per cent effort at all times; encourage them to play hard but always treat each other and their competition with the utmost respect.

The Growth Sports Development Basketball Association will operate a league based across West Sussex, Hampshire and the outskirts of Surrey, targeting areas otherwise neglected for youth basketball. A maximum of six teams will play in the first season, which will run from September to April.

After this trial season they’ll look to expand the league and encourage entries from additional teams. Organisers say the most important thing is that teams within our league are all fully on board with their mission and understand what they’re trying to achieve.

David Morgan, founder, general manager and head coach at GSD, said: “Youth sport teaches a multitude of skills to children; many useful lessons that will most likely stay with them throughout their lives. “We believe at GSD that we have an obligation to teach our players the importance of sportsmanship, positive attitude and growth mindset.

“We know that it is possible to do this through sport and argue that there is no better way; that being said, in order to achieve this, we must ensure that our message is reinforced in all that we do.

“Entering our players and teams in to leagues in which their progress and success are solely measured using conventional league tables is counterproductive.

“We want to change the way coaches and leagues approach youth sport and we hope to do this through the Growth Sports Development Basketball Association (GSDBA). The GSDBA is a league fully committed to player development on and off the court.

“We will use a point system that not only rewards winning but also attitude and sportsmanship. Sportsman of the game will earn an additional league table point for their team. Awards will also be given for things such as “best post-game handshake” throughout tournaments.

“There are a number of additional rules and regulations that the league will have in place to further encourage teams and players to teach and develop skills beyond the game of basketball; full details of which to be publicised at a later date.

“Our first season will be just under-12s. This will be a trial season. We’ll assess what works well and identify what needs further evaluation. At the end of the season, we hope to have an understanding of how to best run the league moving forward and how we can expand it while ensuring we do not compromise our goals or values in any way.”

Anyone interested in finding out more should email [email protected]