Trio of trios earn Bognor darts titles

The Bognor Friday Night Summer Darts League’s  divisional trebles knockouts took place at the Newtown Social Club with 25 teams in attendance.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 9:00 am
The division one winners
The division one winners

The Bognor Friday Night Summer Darts League’s divisional trebles knockouts took place at the Newtown Social Club with 25 teams in attendance.

In the division three event only six teams took to the oche, the second worst turnout on record.

The semi-finals saw Mark H Todd, Gary Bennett and Tina Bennett (Railway Sleepers) lose to Steve Perry, Neil Conn and Richard Hudson (Lamb), and Gary English, Gary Gardiner and Fred Hoare (Cabin) triumph over Glo Greene, Des Ling and Debbie Ling (Railway Sleepers).

The division two winners

In the final there were starts of 85 from English and Conn, and eventually English took the first leg. The second leg was finished off by Gardiner hitting double 17.

The third leg began with a Conn ton, but English and Hoare hit 80-plus scores to help keep up and Gardiner hit double nine, taking the leg and the division three trebles title for The Cabin.

The division two tournament had nine teams taking part.

In the semi-finals Adam Hall, Alex Richardson and Adam Judd (Aldingbourne Mavericks) lost 2-1 to the Benevolent League division three trebles champions Ashley Clements, Ian Dendy and Dave Coupland (Royal Oak).

The division three winners

Buster Barton, Ian Hackett and Derrick Longhurst (Lamb Nomads) beat Simon Mitchell, Jill Mitchell and Mark Wingate (Newtown Clubbers).

In the final Longhurst hit the double for the first leg. The second leg was secured by Coupland to make it 1-1.

Leg three culminated in Coupland hitting double ten for the leg. Leg four ended with Hackett having a chance at 102, and with single 20, bullseye and double 16, he took the match all the way.

In the decider 85 from Hackett and 81 and 92 from Barton meant they took the lead. With double five left, Longhurst stepped up, and hit the double right in the middle, taking the division two title for the Lamb Nomads.

In division one ten teams stepped up, a joint record for the division.

The semi-finals saw Dave Bourne, Larry Chant and Jamie Middleton (Little Legends) lose 2-1 to Gary Blackwood, Dave Juniper and Stuart Gray (Legends) and Alex Norgett, Ricky Clark and Lee Hellyer (Newtown Amity) defeat Chris Williams, Max Burton and Wayne Wadsworth (Lamb Shankers).

The final’s first leg ended with Blackwood hitting double 16. Leg two was finished by Clark with a double one.

Leg three was clinched by Blackwood. The fourth led to Clark taking the final to the last leg.

Blackwood started the final leg with 123, but Clark and Hellyer hit tons. Gray hit 95, Hellyer 99, before a ton from Blackwood. Clark needed one dart to hit double top to take the leg, the match 3-2, and the division one title for the Newtown Amity.