VIDEO Goodwood experts out to get your fitness journey started

Ever wondered why you are not getting the fitness results you hoped for and where you are going wrong?

Friday, 11th December 2020, 1:00 pm

One of Goodwood Health Club’s personal trainers, Simon Webster, offers advice about the importance of planning your health journey correctly to ensure success.

Simon Webster believes taking time to prepare fully will give you the best start in your fitness journey.

“While sometimes it is fun to start a new journey, we tend to jump straight into the fast lane, only to realise we forgot the fundamentals,” he explains.

Plan things properly before you head out on your road to fitness

Here are the things we need to consider first: are we physically and mentally ready?

Physically - are we moving correctly?

Could we move better? What are the best exercises to perform?

At Goodwood Health Club we provide movement assessments, so you can understand if you have any movement restrictions. Can your routine be adjusted to get more movement into your daily routine?

Simon Webster

Mentally - do you have goals and objectives?

While this seem a lot to consider, it is relatively simple to achieve, and to action, our health coaches are great at objectively planning this for you, and setting you on the right journey.

In the meantime, here are some simple changes you can implement at home:

1 Write down your end goal – What is it you really want to achieve?

Using SMART acronym S-pecific M-easureable A-chievable R-ealistic T- ime goal.

2 Use technology or the best form for reminding you when to exercise and tracking your progress.

It can really help motivate you, plus by recording this a trainer can review this with you, if you are not a digital wizard, then use trusty pen and paper.

3 You don’t need any fancy equipment, using your own home and your own surroundings are a great start.

Please refer to our exercise routine guide below.

4 Kitchen detox. Now I know it’s that time of year where our cupboards are stocked up with naughty foods, but if you think this will help motivate you, how about removing that one go-to item, this might be that kickstart you need.

5 Increasing your water intake - 8-10 cups a day, based on a 200ml glass, or what you think you can achieve, increasing hydration can be a really good kick start in helping you start your health journey.

Last point, we tend to fail with our goals, because we start by achieving them all at once.

I have always recommended clients, pick one thing and then make their best efforts to build this into an achievable habit.

The Goodwood Health Club is more than just a gym.

With a comprehensive programme of fitness classes, state-of-the-art gym equipment and a team of personal trainers you will be sure to achieve your fitness goals.

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Exercise No 1 Squats - This will strengthen the legs.

Have your weight through the heels and shoulder width apart, hands where they are comfortable for you.

A chair can be placed behind you if you need extra support.

Push the hips back, looking up, back as straight as you can, chin up and chest open.

Drive down into a squat. Push back and back up. Aim for 10 to 12.

Exercise No 2 Working the upper back Shoulder blade pulls.

Choose your resistance with the band and gently retract the shoulders back and push forward.

Have a slight bend in the knees, squeeze and release.

Exercise No 3 Push exercise with band

Slight bend in the knees, you can step one leg forward.

Your back should be straight, shoulders back, chin up and gently press forward, squeezing the chest muscle groups and gently open back.

This is the reverse of Exercise No 2.

Exercise No 4 Waking up the shoulders

You can do this with or without the band. Gently take the band above the head and pull back the shoulders.

Chin up, chest open and squeeze between the shoulder blades. Breathe and roll back.

Exercise No 5 Roll down to release back tension

Pull in through the belly button, relax your arms, soft knees, chin down to chest, engage stomach muscles and roll down.

Chin to chest and gently roll up and my head and chin is the last point to lift.

Exercise No 6 Getting the body warm

Slight bend in the knees and rotate the body side to side.

Reach up over your head with your arms and down

Stretch up, reach with your arms and lengthen over to the side

Raise the knees up and down

Leg swings to wake up the hips

See fitness ideas and tips from the Goodwood team in the video above